Trying to not be a lazy P.O.S.-Part the Second

Well, I am now on day three of the rising earlier, having managed to turn the 6:00AM wake up time to 5:00 AM (being awake and cuddling my cat) and up by 5:30.

This is my cat, Schrödinger, she is a rescue who loves to cuddle her mom.

We had to take a (what ended up being pointless) trip to the DPS, yesterday, so I had to get up earlier anyways, so I thought, let’s build on that momentum today, and also rise early.

Despite rising earlier, I was late to work, but I did pack what qualifies as a lunch, and I know where I lost most of my time, so I can adjust again tomorrow. I can be late to my job, as I am very blessed with my job, but I want to get there early, to grind out more work and get out sooner, to work on my evening work, which are all the things we are using to get out of the rat race that is the day job.

I didn’t manage to do yoga yesterday or today, and I think to fix that I will start doing it in the evenings at least, to try and build the muscle memory of doing yoga again, so I can get myself doing it in the morning. If nothing else, I will do some yoga, and maybe I will build on that habit to reach my goal of some yoga in the morning and some in the evening.

So, now that I know that A: I can wake up early, B: I do enjoy my life more and finally C: I have more time, I can look at how to best use and utilize the full scope of time I now have in my life. If you recall from Part the First, I started this journey by writing down what I wanted my ideal day to look like, and now I am fine tuning that list. I think in true Bullet Journal fashion, I may redo the page in a super cute lay out, with fine point markers and stencils, to make it nice and postable. It would make for some good content for my Instagram page as well as for this blog, so that is my current project.

I know at the immediate start of this, I want, no I need, to add more creative time. Not just for my writing, with my Universe building, with my blog, with whatever random short story that pops into my head, no, I need to also create visual or other mediums of creative art. I need creative and original content anyways, but I want to use this time to help build my universe, and also maybe get people interested in my little world.

I am focusing much of my current creative energy on one of my favorite projects, Flake City, and I am looking forward to sharing more with everyone, or no one, depending on who reads this and sticks around for more. (Thanks!)

Flake City is a fun story, and I do think the details of it will probably be leaked to this blog or my Instagram page, so I guess if I were any good at this thing I would say “make sure you are following me there, too.” (@Abbigrasso) But really, do whatever you want, just make sure it makes you happy.

So, my plans are to try and work some yoga into the schedule, and some more visual art making, on top of my daily writing. Plus the Poshmark store, my knitting, and my full time day job.

As far as the Poshmark store goes, Bret and I are working on loading some sneakers to it, just couple pieces of heat, but some nice kicks that may make some people happy and get us that much closer to moving to Washington. I will probably be doing an entire blog about that, but first I wanted to do the update to trying to not be a lazy POS series. Anyways, that is about it, as far as updates go, I suppose the main lesson is this: waking up on the morning thing it helpful, I need to do more art, and I must work some yoga into my routine.

Making changes is creating changes, and I am glad for it.

I am glad for you too.

❤ Abbi




For those of you still reading, because I mentioned “Rabbit Rabbit Day” on Twitter, here is the reason, in brief.

Rabbit Rabbit Day- A holiday Nickelodeon pushed back in the 90’s, where if you said “Happy Rabbit Rabbit Day!” first thing in the morning, you had good luck all month. They had fun commercials to remind you to do it, and I have no idea why they did this. Were they selling something? I have no idea. I just remember the saying the phrase first thing in the morning at the first of the month, to get my luck for the month. I have tried to remember every month, and while I didn’t always say it first thing, I do remember it every month, and try to get the good luck, because hey, sure, it is just a random thing, but it makes me smile. 🙂

This is Marceline- she gets jealous when her sister gets a picture posted & she doesn’t.

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