Quest to not be a Lazy P.O.S. (technically) Part the sixth.

Or: a Long blog post in which Abbi makes some choices about the future of not being a Lazy P.O.S.

In the quest to not be a lazy P.O.S. I have been also trying to find the perfect job and career path for me. The job I currently have makes me want to scream and blow my brains out, and there is no advancement, no forward movement, no anything, other than misery and crap. SO I need a new job, but I am sick and tired of bouncing from one job to the next.

I don’t just go job to job, no, much worse, I tend to spend a few years at each one, to be responsible. This is a dangerous trap. I have been at this current job for over three years.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, “HiiiiYAH! Searching for Breadcrumbs”, I never wanted to be an accountant, and, this is in fact, the one job I swore I would never take, consistently, in my entire life. In a life that included career aspirations including attorney, politician, writer, Ninja, and Robin Hood, the one thing I always knew I would never want to do?


And here I am. Doing it. The reasons are long and tedious, but the simple of it is, stability, woo!

Everyone loves stability. A regular paycheck, enough money to keep you going, and just buzzed enough to not be driven crazy. It has been helpful, even pleasant, to have a regular income, to know we can pay our bills, but our stress has been only slightly less, but the misery has been more. I smoke more weed because I am even more miserable than when I didn’t have as much money. Mind you, I don’t exactly want to be broke, either.

So the plan becomes, how to make money and work a schedule you love. How to wake up, and enjoy every second of your life. I think the first steps involve taking control of your time, and deciding how you want to spend it.

If you have been following along in this blog, you know that I have been getting up earlier and adding more healthy habits to my morning schedule. I have been drinking a full 32 ounces in the first three hours of being awake, at least one cup of tea, reading several medium articles, doing some light stretching (and yes, if you HAVE been paying attention, you know that I have been trying to make this into doing proper yoga. It is a process to not be lazy, and I am not there in all of it. Trust and love the process, people), and basically just doing all I can to be in my best mindset when I leave the house in the morning.

I have been trying to add more content creation time to my schedule, writing more, not only in this blog, but also in my writing projects, like Flake City. Ideally, when I don’t have to go to this job, I will have habits set up and established that allow me to flourish as a self-employed writer, creative, and reseller.

Overall, I am making good use of my time, and I am finding more pockets of what I like to do. Turns out, I really do enjoy writing. It isn’t just something I should do because I have an over active imagination, no, this is something should do because not only am I pretty damn good at it, I truly enjoy it. I enjoy crafting new blog posts, I enjoy looking at my world thorough a writer’s lens, as well as enjoying the documentation of the journey through all these lessons. I am enjoying much of this process, and I am learning what I like to do. I am also learning what other people enjoy of my writing.

I had always thought I could only write my fantasy stories, but that more realistic writing wouldn’t be as enjoyed. Sadly, fantasy books aren’t as frequently read as Game of Thrones or Harry Potter would lead you to believe.  Discovering that some other types of things I enjoy writing are well received has been exciting. Following the breadcrumbs left by friends and family, as well as from people who have been reading what I put out, has proven helpful.

A Twitter friend, Joey, mentioned when I began tweeting about my 4/20 plans, that I hadn’t been tweeting about weed as much lately. I was shocked that I hadn’t been tweeting about it as much, more so when I was sure as hell smoking more than I was when I was growing and working towards the legalization. We haven’t achieved legalization yet, fully, so I should be just as adamant about the pursuit of legalization, but I should also be doing my part in the culture I love so much. Plenty of people have backed off from legalization, knowing it is close to legal, but it think my issue has been just staying focused on the rat race. If we as people are not careful, we will be blinded by the race our whole life. We have to pay attention to bread crumbs when our friends or family leave them for us, because they guide us home.

I love weed, something anyone who knows me can tell you, and I believe in weed’s ability to help us as humans be better, healthier beings. Sure, it isn’t for everyone, but for those of us it is for, it is great, and for the others, just because inhalation isn’t their ideal situation, the balms, edibles, salves, are all useful. The medicine, as in the oils, the tinctures, the CBD, all the treatments being tested and created, I believe in all of it. I truly believe the cures to many of our more deadly diseases are in weed, yet, I was discovering that I hadn’t been talking about it as much, publicly on social media.

That is some serious crap. Why on earth had I stopped talking about something that meant so much to me, and what was I going to do to fix it. That is part of what I am here to talk about, and a key part of this journey. More so when we have more people than ever innovating one of my favorite plants? People are making bath bombs out of weed, y’all, c’mon!

There is a YouTuber that my partner Bret likes, named Teddy. I don’t know Teddy’s stuff as well as Bret (or any of Teddy’s fans), but I love his girlfriend Alex’s artwork. Teddy is also seriously cool, but he is more of Bret’s artist, than mine, in terms of people we are fans of/support.

Anyways, I do like Teddy’s stuff, because he is at least semi honest (I don’t know him personally or anything, so I can’t verify anything, technically) about his weed usage. He doesn’t hide his use, he doesn’t worry about the taboo, or the legalities. Teddy lives in a legal place, but still, he faces stigma related issues, so I am still impressed by his honesty. I told Bret if we ever did vlogs, we needed to be very honest about that too, because we are both so pro weed. Teddy doesn’t get his videos monetized, or if he does, it isn’t for as much as it should be, despite him having great video content. This is from the stigma of weed, and is lame as fuck, yet Teddy stays honest. That is dope as fuck.

I want to make sure I am doing my part to undo the lame stigma behind weed, and to help showcase the better side of cannabis culture, and that is a key part of how I went to form my journey. No, all my writing is not, nor will it be about, weed, however, it will have weed in it, if it pertains to it. But it might.

This is the beautiful bong we bought for the 4/20 holiday, but I didn’t post a picture to my Instagram for fear of the stigma. I need to work to undo this stigma.
(For those wondering, it smokes wonderfully)

I have characters in my writing that smoke weed, I also have many stories that will be featured in my blogs that involve smoking. In a world where many people, myself included, use this as a medicine, as well as recreational use, we must work to normalize this culture. Smoking weed in a show should be as normal as the characters grabbing a drink in a bar. Why wouldn’t it?

Also, on the topic of stigma, groups of people smoking together aren’t a bunch of burn outs with no job and no life. Professional human beings smoke weed, in fact, some smoke all day every day, some smoke heavily, and some smoke regularly. Some don’t smoke at all. Some eat edibles. Some are only CBD. Some only take it as needed, and others take nothing at all. And all of these choices are fine, which is why I want to work to normalize the culture and stigma a bit.

Read that part again. Smoking never, all the way up to always, is fine. All, some, nothing, it is ALL fine. Stop the stigma that smoking makes you a bum, or that not smoking makes you less cool. The only thing that isn’t cool is being a judgmental person who doesn’t let others be happy.

Weed is awesome. If it isn’t for you? That’s fine, the cool thing about weed is, you can be not involved and be totally fine. How do I know? Because before I was in my mid-twenties, I didn’t smoke weed, but most of my closest friends did. I was fine, and you will be too.

So, I know I want to write, which includes not only my fictional writing, like my current work in progress, Flake City, but also this blog. I am wanting to expand to cover many types of cannabis information as well as cannabis culture and do my part in encouraging this community. A few people do Cannabis Blogging, and I will be adding my own voice to it, to help normalize cannabis use and culture, but also to help grow my own writing style, skill, and voice, for my nonfiction writing. A good writer shouldn’t only write stuff in their magical universe.

I did some research, and found that where many topics were still uncovered, and undiscussed, more so in this style of writing, so why not discuss it openly? Cannabis is the future of much of our society, and a huge part of my own life.

If you don’t enjoy using cannabis, that is still fine, because I feel anyone can enjoy any sort of entertainment. I personally don’t drink, (very occasionally) but I have no problem reading about people having drinks, I even enjoy reading wine articles. People who don’t drink watch shows like “How I Met Your Mother” which has much of the action revolving around a bar. These are staples of our culture that evolved over time, and the time for weed is now.

Thanks Joey, for your contributions to this. Sometimes, you need friends to remind you of how important things are.

Thanks to my partner, Bret, who encourages my writing more than any partner I have ever had and is glad to help me “research” too.

I know it sounds silly, to try and find a career path based on things you enjoy doing, and are good at, but I think that is the New American Dream, and why not? Human beings are remarkable, so why wouldn’t humans figure out a way to have this kind of wonderful fulfilling lifestyle?

I enjoy writing, and cannabis culture. I will continue to write, and also work on more cannabis culture writing, while I consider other avenues to make this my career. It is steps, all in all, and this, the discovery of what I like and am good at, is a key part of it.

So, where does all this self-discovery lead me?

Well, this is a process, and a process in a series, hence the tag line of these blogs. I am trying to not be a lazy P.O.S., and this step involves discovering what I want to spend all my time doing. I have optimized my time well, now I need to build the career I want. If I have the career I want, it stands to reason I will never be lazy again.

I am working on connecting with various people in the cannabis industry, I have been taking online classes about cannabis, to gain as much information as possible, and to get as much knowledge as possible. I plan on taking some in person courses, as well as consulting with some more seasoned and experienced people in the industry, like my personal hero, Todd McCormick. My hope is that I can create content that helps other people who love cannabis, but also helps normalize weed and the culture around it, to promote further legalization, research, and use of cannabis.

I understand that not everyone wants to be high but educating people in the non-psychoactive bits of the plant can help so many people and is also part of the stigma I want to attack. I want to educate people on the many ways this plant family can be used and help educate anyone who wants to know anything.

Will I be able to make this into a career? Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe I will make a video series, maybe I will land a job as a grower, but I believe this honesty in what I want to do, is the next key step in my adventure. Thank you for joining me in this journey.

How many blog series do you follow that begin with waking up early and learning productivity tips for time management, just to find a way to make their love of writing, cannabis and cannabis culture their career? This alone, I hope, will provide for a nice perspective and reason to keep you coming back to this blog.

But the journey is far from over. Sure, I have gained more time from my day and developed a plan for my days, but Bret and I are still working on some pretty big goals, not just my own cannabis culture job, but we want to move across the country, and produce several large pieces of art. The breadcrumbs have led me this far, and I hope my following the crumbs has helped you find you own.

Feel free to follow me on all the social medias, and watch this journey: @AbbiGrasso on Twitter, Instagram, Speekin’, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WordPress, Medium, YouTube, WeedTV, and anything else I have forgotten.

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