Go read something!

The importance of reading.

Strap in, its time for another writer to tell you, why you, someone who obviously is reading should read.

It’s a fun world.

Photo by 2Photo Pots on Unsplash

But, I did just buy two pins from two different wonderful people on Poshmark, and I wanted to share pictures of these pins, with a blog about why these pins meant enough to shovel out hard earned cash for.

(But not too much cash, because both people, @blushandbelle and @crescentgypsy gave me some awesome deals on my bundles)

So, sit back and read a quick little blog about why this budget shopping, pin loving, content creating, avid reader, writer and blogger, thinks you, a reader, should read more.

The first is probably obvious, and is the most self-serving, so let’s get it out of the way quick.

I write. Therefore, I want more people to read. Pretty self-serving, I know, but I have more reasons, and I do want you to reap those benefits too.

Number two, still a little self-serving, but also helps others.

I like to read; I like to read good quality. Good writing only comes from writers who read often, normally more than they write. I want more people to read, so I may read better quality writing.

I assume others want to read good, well written stuff, so please, read more, even if you are a writer and you don’t think you have much time.

What’s that quote from Stephen king again?

(*Note to self, it isn’t a “read more” blog unless you quote SK, make it that super obvious one everyone quotes, so you look legit.*)

“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that”

-Stephen King

Look, this man knows his stuff, love him or hate him, he knows the fundamental truths. Without reading, you can’t write well. And I really want to read good stuff, and I want more people to read good stuff, so please read more, so better stuff is out there.

This next reason is so big it warrants its own pin.

Photo is courtesy of me. I purchased this one from @blushandbelle on Poshmark
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A reader lives a thousand lives.

We can’t always do everything we want to do. Sadly, I have found, often we can’t even get the things we want until long after we want them. With reading, however, you can live a thousand lives, as many as you want to read, and experience any experience, be anyone, anything, go anywhere.

We can’t always do that, limitations in life, or worse yet, reality, stop us from living thrilling lives as pirates, princesses, battle warriors, magical mages…But books encourage it, books let us fly on the wings of our own fancy, and the imagination of others, taking us places we hadn’t dared dream of.

Next, is a great reason, it expands our mind, makes us better overall.

It is no secret that our brains are a muscle, and that muscle needs a workout. Reading, even for an hour a day, can be that workout, to keep us sharp, focused and creative, not only all day, but studies suggest it helps our minds last longer in life too.

Reading can help slow and stave off the effects of aging on the mind, including signs of dementia.

Not only can reading help your brain, in a physical way, it helps your brain in a mental way, which is the next main reason I would suggest everyone reads as often as possible.

Reading encourages growth in our brains and enriches our minds with ideas and worlds they never may have discovered without it. From this reading, your own brain develops is own ability to create new ideas and worlds.

Reading helps you be creative. It’s like a super trippy drug that makes you super creative (Sound familiar?) Only this? Reading? Totally legal, in every state, at every age.

Not every country, for everyone, however, so educate yourself on the privilege that is reading, and maybe consider reading about the world around you. This is another reason to read. To know what is happening in the world around you and know when you need to speak up against social injustice in the world.

Another photo by me. This pin came from @crescentgypsy also on Poshmark!
No. Poshmark is not sponsoring this nor paying me.

Another good reason is to buck the stigma around reading. Growing up, many people, myself included, were told reading wasn’t cool, wasn’t hip, or was a waste a time. All those people were wrong. Reading is awesome. Being a book worm is awesome. Just like me and my cannabis blogging, we must buck the stigma.

So, read to change the stigma against reading. If you don’t see a stigma, then I guess it must have worked, go read something to celebrate.

As you can tell, I believe, deeply, in the fact that everyone should read, as often as possible.

But, aside from myself, there are so many writers out there who need you to read as often as possible. Earlier, I quoted Stephen King to prove a point about quality of writing from reading, but this, this last reason is bigger than that, I think. This reason is bigger than me, as a writer, hoping you read, like, comment, share, whatever, a blog post or two of mine.

No, the next reason is not for me. Don’t bother to read for me. Read for someone, anyone, who is reading, and writing all the things that are created from the beautiful words they are reading. The world is a big beautiful place full of some amazing stuff, and when you read, you help contribute to that, even if you never write a word.

Every time you read, you embolden another writer to dare to write, to dream, to do the impossible.

You encourage them to do this crazy thing, of putting tangible words to the stuff in their heads. Putting emotion, feelings, people, stories, into reality, from their minds.

Every time you read, you may also not only encourage other writers and other universes, but you may encourage your own universe of writing, so entire worlds are literally depending on you.

Photo by iam Se7en on Unsplash

Get to reading.


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