Happy Friday!

Some thoughts on a Friday, in a true blog update form.

“I don’t know what to write” I tell my partner, Bret.

“Hrmmm?” He says, looking up from his basketball game. First in the series, Warriors Vs. Raptors.

“I have too much research still needed for the cannabis content about vlogs blog, and I am still deep into the terpene article. Hell, it may be a multi-parter.”

“So, just do some fluff. An update. Some Friday Fluff-OH! The Friday Fluffer!”

I rolled my eyes.

“It’s a meta blog! Why not?”

I opened my blog and got to work.

Photo by Nicole Honeywill on Unsplash

Work was incredible insane today, its that time of the month and year, so it was pretty tricky, but thankfully, tomorrow (today, by the time this blog is published) is Friday, and then I have a weekend with Bret planned.

We have agreed to spend part of the weekend having a “gyst” day, “Getting Your Shit Together” and tackle some projects around the house. I have several writing projects, like the aforementioned blogs and also some creative writing, to tackle as well, so we are both dedicated to tackling some stuff, and hopefully also getting some vlogging and content creation done.

I need to write a few more blogs, I am trying really hard to strike a nice balance between personal blogs like this, in which I discuss current goings-on and goals, and more article friendly type blogs, which are a bit more friendly to post on Medium, which can, in the long run, earn me some money.

But then again, considering how cannabis gets regulated on social media and for content creators, I often wonder if I will ever see a dime for those types of writing.

All of this is probably why I want to make sure I update my blog frequently, and post every single piece to this blog, my site, not Medium, to ensure people can always read it, without needing an account or to pay for anything.

I have no problem with people paying me money, but I have a big problem with people having to pay to follow and support my blog, I guess is what I am saying. I also think it sucks when people must log in to read and support you. This way, someone can go to the site, and read my writing, which is pretty awesome, and greatly appreciated.

Anyways, hoping to have a productive, but also fun weekend. I am hoping to maybe see some friends, or at very least catch up with them in between “gysting” and writing.

I need to work on the Poshmark store, and the room we use for Poshing is Bret’s project, so I may work on trying to grab any clothes I plan on selling on the Poshmark store, from my own personal closet, photographed. Miss Meta, our dressform, has been aching to do some modeling, and our business page, @TheDBAMeta, needs content.

We plan on diversifying our content on that page, but for the time being, the Poshmark store helps pay for art and our move, so we do need to make sure we have new content for the Instagram page, which for now, is easier to do by posting pictures of new listings, and also it is better for the store, so, I need new listings.

So, my plan, I think, is to wrap up the blog, read a few articles I have saved for the terpene article I am working on, and then maybe gather up some clothing from my personal closet that I’m not wearing anymore, to get some more listings in the Poshmark store.

I am also working on the blog- I am trying to put a Poshmark Widget on it so people can see my favorite Poshers. I also may put like, some polls, or news articles, on here, in the side bars. I tried earlier in the week, but it ended with me yelling at the computer “I don’t know how to correct HTML!!”

Andrew Neel Via Unsplash

 I would like to build abbigrasso.com to have a bit more content, which is why I am cutting up some projects and finishing some short stories so I can post them here to flesh out the blog, to make for a more encompassing experience on my blog.

Just seems like the sort of thing that one does, but also, and more importantly, I really am enjoying this blog thing. Even the “building it” side of having a blog.

It’s fun, and it forces me to write, every single day, and in conclusive enough ways, to post, daily.

I also like having a place I can put my writing, and I can build. It’s like building a little city in a video game only with art, and it’s my own.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

And that is pretty damn sweet.

I will be working on the terpene article (may end up being a series) as well as one on cannabis content creators, and some of the struggles that plague the community.

Hope this Friday is awesome and the weekend swell!


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