Fresh Start Mondays

Respecting everyone’s personal journey.

I am hardly the first person to try and re-frame their mindset about a given topic. I am hardly the first person to re-frame Mondays. Still, I try to do it, because everyone should try and improve their mindset on anything that brings them negative energy.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

When I was younger, I would always start every new “thing” on a Monday, giving me time to prep for any given new choice on a Sunday.

Normally, due to my own super low self-esteem, it was some insane diet that involved eating nothing, because I was a moron who thought that was how I would be super skinny, and that being super skinny would make me happy.

I would begin Monday morning, bright and early, with whatever new diet strategy I was taking on, and sure, I normally blazed out by Wednesday. (This was a good thing, as normally I would try some new version of not eating anything, and that was, as I have mentioned, stupid.) If I was turning over a new leaf as a student, starting a new planner, new notebook, new mindset for how to deal with my idiot peers…Monday, Monday, Monday.

Always Monday, I would start a new thing on a Monday.

As I got into college, I adapted to a more “Screw Mondays” mindset, until I graduated and worked a number of crappy jobs, which allowed me to have Mondays off.

And I loved Mondays once again, but I wasn’t really improving myself much in my twenties. Quite the opposite, really. I wasn’t seizing the day on my Monday’s off, no, I was sleeping in, playing video games, and wondering how I would pay for my next pack of cigarettes.

This all changed, of course. I am now in my thirties, I don’t smoke cigarettes anymore, and while I do play video games, I balance them with a responsible adult like day job.

Now that I have spent a few years in upper management/admin and over a year as an accountant, I fully hate Mondays once again, but for the past few weeks, have been trying to reduce this hatred.

No, no extreme diets, I have a much healthier attitude towards food, if not always about my body, I always love food.

Photo by Jan Kahánek on Unsplash

No, now I view every Monday as the start of me trying again. I try hard every day to be a better version of myself, and Sunday ends up being a great day of self-reflection to launch into a new week of being a better version of myself.

Monday is a new start for any new habits I need. Any new bullet journal weekly layouts I want to try begin on Monday. Any new productivity tips I want to try, start on a Monday.

Any new lunch hacks, any attitude adjustments, wake up routines, workout schedules, mindfulness exercises, time tracking, content goals…All begin on Mondays.

I try to make Mondays awesome, a fresh start to what very well may be the best parts of my life, because it is, without a doubt, the start to the REST of my life, so why not make that as positive as possible.

That being said, I did mention at the very start of this that I am hardly the first person to do this.

I am hardly the first person to have Monday’s be the fresh start of the rest of their lives, or the first start to a new habit, a new job, a new hobby, a new diet…

Photo by Drew Beamer on Unsplash

People quit smoking on Mondays.

People give up carbs on Mondays.

People give up coffee on Mondays.

People track their time and find out that yes, they do in fact, spend that much time in meaningless meetings: on a Monday.

People are trying to be their best selves on a day where everyone else is also trying to do their best and start new habits. Everyone is trying a new thing to be a better person, a new thing they haven’t tried, and may not have the knowledge to even do.

On top of all of this, some people didn’t bother to change anything, and they want to get to the grind, why can’t you people stop changing and get with the program? These people don’t know why everyone has trouble on Monday’s, they think it’s all pretty easy, because they do the same thing every day, they don’t try new things, and their inconveniences come from others not having their lives together.

And of course, the Monday Madness wouldn’t be complete without someone there who isn’t trying anything new, isn’t particularly bothered by anyone trying new things, and didn’t spend the days leading up to Monday preparing for Monday. No, these people bumbled into Monday confused, lost, and contributing to our traffic, in one way or another.

They never mean it, and it’s not (I assume) malicious, but these people don’t plan at all, or just got into the happy flow of the weekend, leaving them feeling tired and slow on Monday.

Some work hard all weekend, exhausted to start a fresh, not so fresh.

Mondays, as it turns out, are brutal, because everyone is either not prepared, prepared and not really trying anything new, or, trying a new habit to better themselves, which is more than likely, hard.

It seems obvious why so many of us have troubles on Mondays, eh?

Photo from me, with a longer caption on my Instagram Page- @abbigrasso
Respect the Journey
(No, I don’t mean the band.)

We are all on a journey, and Monday can be a part of it. Be it a metaphorical Monday that occurs on a Thursday, or a real one, with a meal prepped diet and a stocked bullet journal.

We are all on a journey, and we should all respect that journey.

Monday’s can suck, but if we all remember we are all just trying to survive our individual journeys, maybe Mondays can go back to regular old days.

Or at very least, we can all survive Monday’s easier.





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