Thursdays, eh?

“I never could get the hang of Thursdays.”

I honestly don’t know if I am totally cursed, or what, but it seems Thursday is a day that I will always struggle with.

I have mentioned, on my blog, all social media, and nearly everyone I talk to on a Thursday, that I think I may have what I call the Douglas Adams curse. The Thursday Curse. Destined to have bad days, or if not bad days, days that are hard to get the hang of, that always leave you kind of sideways, scratching your head.

Yup. This curse. I love this movie.

I may watch it this weekend. Amazing books, different from the movie, yes, but the screenplay was written by the same author, so the movie is still pretty freakin’ terrific.

I tend to have these kind of Thursdays every week.

Now, before you think, “Well, Abbi, maybe you are manifesting those bad days.”

HA! I thought so too. So I made it a BIG POINT to not be in a bad mood. I did the whole wake up early, get an attack on the day thing. I have done the stay happy and positive no matter what, I have focused on and “manifested” many a good Thursday, but never can seem to have a good Thursday.

This Thursday problem isn’t new. This goes back for as long as I remember. The reason I frequently quote Douglas Adams is because this quote really resounded with me.

I could never get the hang of Thursdays.

Today, I woke up, and I felt the energy. Thankfully, my wonderful partner I think felt it too. Even though he rolls his eyes at my Thursday theory, I think he may have even felt the energy this morning, in the early hours of still in bed time, the bad energy of Thursday began to creep in, so Bret, being a great partner, got up and made my morning tea so I could snooze a few extra minutes. Bret is great. The day was not.

We had a peaceful morning, got to work safely, and without going into too many details, I wanted to scream and break down every second of my ding dong day. There was something weird in the air, sure, we felt it as soon as we woke up, but this? Such a random, and difficult, day.

Between a missing bullet journal, a forgotten vape pen, incredibly stupid people, horrifically mean, and worse yet, stupid, people, I was tired of the day, and this was all before noon.

The accounting software was having issues. Everyone needs the software to work, it’s the beginning of the month, people need invoices, people need to process payments. And this wasn’t the only issue. Without going into all the details, most of the stuff needed to do my job was not working properly, and I spent more time trouble shooting than actually working. Not to mention the frustration of having to do tedious busy troubleshooting versus real, actual, productive work.

People were jerks. Morons were everywhere. People were plenty rude.

Every time, or every time I caught myself, anyways, I’m only human, I followed my Sour Milk Theory Compromise, where I give myself ten seconds to be annoyed before letting the irritation go, of course, this was made harder by forgetting my vape pen, but still, I tried.

The day finally did come to an end, and as I sit here typing, trying to put my thoughts into intelligent, or at least competent, sentences, the Thursday curse continues to try and haunt me, and I continue to try and ignore it. Now I have my bong so I have an advantage.

I won’t let it win. Thursday is just a day. The atmosphere I am currently in can make my Thursday curse worse than usual. I am working on changing that, every day, so I just have to stay dedicated to my goals, big and small.

My goal for the day was to try and write up another short story for the blog, something in the Flake City world, or, possibly, a cannabis related blog, as I haven’t had a cannabis topic all week. I have a compromise I hope to write this evening, edit tomorrow, and release this weekend. Something that combines both my cannabis blogging and my Flake City short stories.

On the fumes of a bad Thursday, I will build a great weekend.

So, I ignore the annoying problems of yet another cursed Thursday and begin trying to manifest an amazing Friday. A legendary Friday. A wonderful Friday, that leads into an even better weekend.

My plan for this weekend is to write on Flake City, because I love Flake City, and I am working on another short story for Flake City.

Today’s zombies had me considering all sorts of fun things for Flake City, but namely, had me eager to get our move to Washington underway as fast as possible, so if anyone has a lead on a nice rental or a fun job in Washington State, feel free to let me know.

So, this weekend, I write. Be sure to check back and hold me accountable for the next short story installment of Flake City, who knows, maybe I will even publish some snippets from the main story I have been writing on for a good long while now. Let me know how you like Flake City.

I will not let the zombies get me down.

I will make a great weekend from the bad Thursday.

I will continue to actively work towards having better Thursdays next time.

On the fumes of a bad Thursday, I will build a great weekend.

I hope you have a great one too.





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