Roxy gets a letter by a tree

My creative writing got attacked by a monster i need to destroy. Here is a short-short story about Roxy getting a letter. It answers no questions.

Roxy approached the tree slowly, terrified of what she may find.

The clues had been scattered all through time, all through space, and she had been gathering the parts, diligently,  following clues left by herself, in other points in time.

Mostly, it seemed, Roxy would find the clue, and then travel in time to tell her where it had been, but Roxy had not been the one to find this spot.

Roxy had been told to come here, by herself, but she had been given the information from someone else, so she moved cautiously, terrified she was walking into a trap, or something worse. The whole world hung in the balance, and if the wrong person so much as knew the wrong thing, much less saw or was seen by the wrong thing, everything could so easily come crashing down around everyone.

Roxy refused to let that happen, so she moved slowly, keeping her eyes open for anything stranger than what was already around her.

Everything seemed to be glowing, a faint blue. Roxy could barely notice it, but as she walked, the grass, the sky, everything around her, all seemed to glow with a bluer hue than usual. Roxy followed the instructions she had been given, and slowly approached the spot.

A not especially foreboding or impressive tree stood before her. Stabbed into the tree, a terrifying looking dagger, and a note.

Roxy sighed, took the knife and the note, and promptly disappeared.

Narrator or not, Roxy was a part of it now.





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