“Daily Blogs”

So I absolutely love daily Vlogs, day in the life vlogs, basically, I like watching people do stuff. I don’t know if I’m ready for a Vlog, but as I’ve mentioned, I do like the idea of a daily vlog style blog to build my blog following and also relate more to you guys. I enjoy the open honesty, and I also like the idea of taking things I enjoy seeing and making them into my own medium. In the days of not too far past, we used to have more bloggers, the way we have vloggers, but I didn’t see as much “Day in the life” stuff the way I do in daily vlogs on YouTube so, here I am, deciding to add that to my blog!

Today is Sunday, and it’s a pretty chill day.

I’m working on this blog on my phone, to test an app I have been working with and also to see if I’m more likely to “live blog” stuff if I can do it on my phone.

In theory, I should be able to draft the entire blog and even post it, from my phone, which I think may let me hack my blog a bit, allowing for me to do more blogs like this, while also working on my “main content” stuff, like my cannabis blogs, or large lessons on productivity, writing, etc.

I still want to post “article” type content, and my writing projects, but by using my phone and this app, I am hoping to draft more of these “daily blog” types of blog. I’ll be making a category on the blog to separate out these blogs, which I hope will solidify the “daily blog” style posts from the “produced content” type stuff.

So, on this chill Sunday while I blog, Bret and I are prepping for the week. We have ordered some dope ass sandwiches and are smoking a bit, plan is to keep working until food arrives, plan the rest of our content goals, and then spend the rest of Sunday getting ready for the upcoming week.

I want to make dinner tonight, more so I can pack lunch tomorrow, and I need to work on some writing, not just the daily blogs but also some more creative writing. This week I will be releasing the final part to part one of “Part of what-“ with Molly on the Island, and from there I am trying to decide what creative writing would be most interesting to post. This is the part where I would normally ask people to give me their suggestions- so please do! I have tons of social media you can use to contact me or you can even comment below. A few of my more loyal readers are friends I know in real life (shout out to Amber), and y’all can text me.

Let me know what story you are liking- I may also post one involving another of my main ladies, Amy- so if you have input, gimme input!

Anyways, our delicious sandwiches are almost here, and I want to test posting on my phone, so I’m going to give this a shot. See you on the other side if this works!








You can find me on all social media’s – @abbigrasso

P.S. – So- based on copy and paste it seems that maybe my emojis will also transfer. If so, HUZZUH I will definitely be considering this addition!!

P.P.S- I got on my laptop to categorize this. Full transparency.


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