Daily Blog #2 Chill Sunday/Happy Monday morning

A chill Sunday, and rededicating some time to the Poshmark store.

So if you remember from the last daily blog, my plan was to make dinner and get ready for the upcoming week, and to that aim, I’m doing quite well!

Made dinner, and got my bullet journal set up in a nice way- better than I have had in weeks, certainly. Then, being the possesser of several boxes of clothing I could sell on the Poshmark store, I decided to dig into one of the boxes and photograph some of the items, and see about rededicating some energy to this particular side hustle, more so with more freedom to work on the blog now that I am also working on the daily blog on my phone.

So, I worked in a spurt of a little over an hour, as the bedroom we are using for our photography studio and Poshmark store doesn’t have working AC, it was hot, so my pores got good and opened up and I was able to put a mask on to really make the most use of my time blogging on my phone.

As you may know, I wear glasses, and I’m quite blind. I can type on my phone while the mask sets in on my face, without my glasses sliding down my nose and cheeks, wiping off the maskey goodness.

So, while the mask sets, Bret is working on some music for the week, and we are both hoping to have a good week. I think that the better time you spend on Sunday prepping for the week, the better time you have during the week.

For me, I’m fairly excited for what the week holds, and this daily blog is definitely a part of the reason!

I am really enjoying the “daily blog” idea and that has me pumped- it’s like I get to keep the blog magic going, in the moment, as life happens, just like my favorite vlogs do!

There are other reasons I am excited, of course, including finally having some time and energy to do the Poshmark store, now that I have gotten more used to that #bloglife. Now we also have much needed inventory!

We have needed new items for the Poshmark store for quite a while, and I am very happy to have some new items to photograph and list, even if it takes more time in a hot room- we have needed new listings, and even better, we were lucky enough to get these boxes of clothing for free. Several of these items are Target brand so while I may not have grabbed them while thrifting, I am over the moon to stock them in the store for a fair price so others can grab a good deal, same as any item I am lucky enough to get donated. Normally, when I shop Target brand clothing, I don’t give it up, unless it’s not my style or size, which is the case for the clothes I have seen so far.

Miss Meta, our dress form, however, is very miffed at the very idea of us selling some of the outfits she tried on today.

Either way, I am very happy to have items that we can sell, that we didn’t have to buy, because of the kindness of friend and coworker donations, even if my diva dress form steals some of the stuff.

Tomorrow is Monday, and I am hoping for a really peaceful chill day- none of them have been lately, and I would like a nice calm week so I’m not tempted to cash in my vacation time and chill at home for a week.

My goals for tomorrow are to take a bunch of pictures for the blog, and maybe some to post to the Instagram page. I am going to be taking notes on my little app I’m using for blogging so I can keep my blog productive on the go, and I’m hoping to not only crush it at work, but just crush it with my writing. Too often the day job work gets in the way of that.

So, speaking of being happy and crushing it at life, Bret and I have decided to save up some money for not only our previously mentioned move, but to buy a car, so in an effort to save money before the move, I am reorganizing the apartment and getting it to be a bit more efficient and bearable for the six months or so we need to continue to stay here. I’ll be researching some fun organization tips for small apartments, more so for people who are always making content, running side hustles, and creating art. If you have any great tips- let me know!!

Now I need to take off my aforementioned face mask and start getting ready for bed- my goal is to get to bed early to really kick tomorrow, and the entire week, square in the nads.

(As mentioned, I’m going the whole blog as a daily vlog thing, so imagine these lines are be “cutting” away from the camera.)

Getting ready for bed, just found out tomorrow is a full moon. Game on, that’s some weird energy for a Monday and I’m here for it. It’s not late yet, and as I mentioned, I’m trying to get to bed, so I’m going to probably smoke a bowl and do that. Night night, awesome blog people.

Monday morning!

I’m enjoying some tea and trying to wake up! Gonna throw something on the TV for background noise now that I have been awake for a while, and get ready for work. Gonna roll a joint before all of that, however.

Okay joint rolled, I put on AP Bio, which Hulu apparently took down season one of, but I love this damn show so…it is what it is.

I am trying to find a way to add working out to my daily schedule- but I also want to make sure I am making content, getting the Poshmark store steady again, and also writing a bunch- obviously the blog being my biggest goal right now, along with Flake City, so I am trying to find a 30 minute window for my stationary bike cardio- I may try blogging on my phone tonight while I ride the bike, see if that forces me into working out.

As you may know from other blogs, I want to work more yoga into my day as well, which I have failed at, pretty terribly. Doing the cardio is more important for my health, so I am going to try, incredibly hard, to work that into my evenings, if not every night, maybe every other? To start out? I gotta do something – time is a precious commodity, and so is a healthy life- both of these things can conflict with reality so I am trying to make my reality better.

Anyways, it’s nearkt 7:40 so I need to get ready for work.

See y’all later when I work on the next live blog. I’ll be recording my day as I have been, so hopefully I remember to take some fun footage to embed too. Oh snap that sounds like a fancy ass blog…let’s not get our hopes up.








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