Daily Blog #3


So, I’m at work, and I’m in love with my packed breakfast! Watermelon and banana!! Literally the only good thing I can think of about summer- watermelon is in season.

Got to work, and boom! Got to WORK!

Now it’s afternoon, 2:43 PM approximately, and I am actually, totally crushing my day! My goals for social media have been pretty much met or scheduled, and on top of work to boot.

I keep waiting for the other shoe to fall or whatever- but finally I did enough planning to sort out my Monday! Admittedly the office has been empty and that is probably why I have had so much more success today than other days.

So, in the afternoon it tends to slow down around my office so my hope is to try and catch my boss up on some stuff he needs to finish up- and then, with any luck, bounce out of work at five.

I haven’t taken a ton of pictures today, but I am hoping to grab a few fun pics on the way home, even though I have taken several (probably hundred) photos on the walk home- the cool thing about city life is the landscape is always changing. Plus, it’s been raining for two days and the city always feels cleaner after the rain washes some dirt off.

I’m wanting to add more pictures to my blog, more so the daily blog series, to really make it feel like a written vlog.

I KNOW that vlogs came after blogs, but blogs were not doing the same style as “daily vlog style” and vloggers are not doing this, so, I LIKE ago think this is a somewhat new take on blogging. I really want to bring something new to blogging, and I want to create the kind of content I like consuming.

I mean I am LITERALLY typing this blog while watching Alisha Marie’s vlog channel on YouTube, and then I’ll go check out her sister, Ashley Nicole’s channel.

Why? Do I enjoy watching blondes drink coffee?

Okay, yes, as it turns out, but I really like watching anyone’s day in the life footage. I like seeing people do their lives- go about their business, and watch the big macro of their life come together.

I LOVE being able to watch someone over time build an empire, create some art, or just decorate their apartment! I love watching people clean, prep for the week, and journal. Hell, I even like watching video game play throughs, because I like watching other people do stuff.

I also like doing stuff, and I want to record my own journey, with all my random tangents as they come, in written form.

Less video editing that way.


I was hella pumped for these new face wipes I ordered, I saw them on Alisha Marie’s channel and I’ve had my eye on them for a while before that so I really wanted to try them out.

Y’all. We’ve had TV’s, vlog cameras, laptops, phones, groceries, and literally TONS of other stuff, delivered to our door, NO PROBLEM.

So now my wipes have been stolen. Ugh. Seriously.

I AM grateful it wasn’t a more expensive item but one- why the fuck didn’t amazon put them in the mail box, we didn’t have ANY MAIL so it would have fit, and two- how are people gonna have big expensive TV’s packaged in super obvious packaging that says LED TV in front of our door, literally no problems. Small two pack of Olay wipes? Swiper gotta swipe, apparently. The picture showed the package at the door- now it’s gone.

Some people…I just…I hope they really fucking needed them, because I can’t stand thieves, but I also always want to be a good person, and not judge people for shit…but damn it pisses me off when people take things that don’t belong to them.

Like that’s a rage that sits in my soul.

Like, someone stole cash out of my room years ago, back when I was stupid enough to allow jobless morons to live in my home, and I’m STILL mad about it, even though the money isn’t missed now.

Like BRING BACK MY WIPES IT ISN’T a phone! It isn’t ANYTHING fancy. You can’t flip it.

Ugh. This, after finding out that Hulu had to pull season one of AP Bio from streaming.

It’s been a good day, but between the AP Bio news and some asshole stealing my new makeup wipes I’m low key irritated. First world problems, I know. But, it’s like 20 minutes until I leave for the day, so…at least there is that!

I’m home! Smoked a little bit, watching AP Bio (season two), while waiting for my dinner to arrive. Bret and I ordered Taco Bell because we have a serious addiction.

I’m pretty sure plenty of people who have craved Taco Bell around me in the past are annoyed at how much I love it now, but those folks failed to show me how much better it tastes when you get the vegetarian hacks of Taco Bell-namely the beans as protein! Super delicious!

Probably not overly nutritious, but, that is my choice.

So, waiting on some Taco Bell, then I plan on finalizing the Cannabinoids and you blog part one, scheduling that for tomorrow, then either finishing this blog up or finishing it tomorrow, I’ll decide later. I’m hoping to also write part two of the cannabinoid series tonight, so, here’s hoping I can get this done.

We will know more later, won’t we?

Pre-bed update!!

So, I got Part one of Cannabinoids and you scheduled for tomorrow, and I will probably toss this blog up after as well, so I wanted to update everyone on how the rest of the evening went! Not only did I schedule the blog, I also got hard at work on the next one in the series, and got most of the next one written as well!

As we went to wind down for dinner, my face wipes, the missing stolen ones, reappeared, despite going missing after being delivered. (For the record the delivery came with the picture proving it had been delivered, then the package was missing, then returned, all without the contents being opened. However it happened, I got to try the new wipes, (although my makeup was already off, I did get to test the rest of the cloths abilities) and so far I’m in love!! So, all around, decent news, now we I need to get to sleep so I won’t be tired tomorrow.

Until then,








-if you want to connect on social media my name is @abbigrasso on every social media platform I am on, come say hello.

P.S. I need to find a good daily blog posting time- any ideas?

P.S.S. I am not sure about pictures in the daily blogs because it may require additional desktop editing, so…stay tuned to see what i decide.

Shout out to anyone who made it this far, probably Amber, Biggs, and Pam. Maybe Ash.


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