Daily Blog #4

6/18/19 (& a tiny bit of 6/19/19)

Hey guys- currently at work- have had a fun interesting morning and I am forcing time for blogging!! Huzzuh to the mobile setup!

So, I slept in Bc I was tired and enjoying a chill morning, so I didn’t rush myself, thinking I had a pretty chill day scheduled, which according to my bullet journal, was all I had for the day- a chill low key short day.

And then everything started happening, as if to laugh in my face. But, alas, I am keeping a positive face on! My cannabinoid article is up on WordPress, and I want to put it up on Medium as well, which I haven’t posted on in a about a week I think. Also have the daily blog number 3 going up later today, probably around the afternoon after I put up my LinkedIn post, and maybe my IG post as well. Hrmmm we shall see! Anyways, now I’m munching on my breakfast and trying to catch up on work so I’m going to get to that!


I’m in the middle of the work, but – I’m watching Alisha Marie in the background and she got a typo on her coffee cup- instead of vlogmas 13 they wrote blogmas 13.

Alisha goes “blogmas could be a thing”

It will. Imma do blogmas. You heard it here first. And that will be right after NaNoWriMo, in November so – that should be fun!

Back to work.



Okay so where to even begin? I’ll HAVE to post this ASAP Bc what a crazy day I’ve had- and I still need to post yesterday’s daily blog!

I had a childhood friend randomly find me, after she has spent years searching! CRAZY.

Best part is, it’s a friend I actually am happy looked me up, versus some mean asshole.



Okay, crazy day is winding down at work- I’m downstairs helping out in the store front while the day winds down trying to finish this dope ass salad I got for lunch. Brets family came out to see him and take us for a quick shopping trip for produce- it was so amazing to see them.

My family is a dysfunctional damn mess- as in, we really do fun in dysfunctional. Brets family, while I’m sure they have their own issues, is still this super chill great family full of love, faith, and support, so it’s always so weird for me to be around them, because our families are so different.

For example, I’ve smoked tons of weed with my grandfather, and I’ve had drinks with my grandma. My whole family curses, smokes, drinks, no one is really religious, although some have faith in something higher than themselves, and our idea of a family good time is not killing each other. Literally- I try and keep the peace with my family by passing around strong weed.

It normally works.

Brets family PRAYS before eating. That is BEAUTIFUL. My parents used to do a generic prayer before the meal that they would make my sister or I say but it was never a big thing.

SO, got to see Bret’s family, who are very, very different from my family, but in a beautiful way. Our differences as humans make us pretty special.

Also found out that apparently Bret’s mother had found this blog, but probably haven’t read this- so, that’s cool- super hope she hasn’t because I know they don’t curse and I’ve had a few curse words, plus all the cannabis talk so….

Hi Bret’s mom! (Omitted your name for your privacy) Don’t hate me! I love your son! Thanks for having him!

Just in case she is reading.

Bret’s siblings have gotten HUGE- they have a huge age difference, so they are all still growing, whereas Bret hasn’t in years, as he is 30. Those kids are growing like weeds.

But not weed. Although cannabis also grows fast.

Just ten minutes until I can leave work and head home- the plan is to have a quick dinner and prep for the podcast tonight because…..

Biggs asked me to be back on the podcast tonight! Super excited!! I’ll be trying to live blog as we chat, so we shall see how that goes!!

Tonight we are talking autism and cannabis- so it should be a good convo.


Oh wow I did NOT have time to blog during the podcast! I will do another blog, like I did last time, about my time on the podcast- probably tomorrow for the personal daily blog, but, for now, I want to say I really had a great time and enjoyed myself!

Now, I have to race to get ready for bed because it’s already well past when I wanted to sleep and I don’t want to get caught up and stay up even later! So I will end this- I may update tomorrow morning and then post, to really bring this whole thing to a close.


Well, I really probably don’t have time to blog this morning, because I woke up super late and am super dead ass tired. I have 15 minutes to get dressed, do makeup, do hair, get all my “ready” for the day and then walk to work.

Safe to say? I’m gonna be late.

I’m chugging my second cup of tea, and hoping to get awake enough to put on clothes and at least brush my hair, because that is crucial to getting to work.

I don’t know why I am so tired but I am going to try and just drink a ton of water today- I’m hoping maybe I’m just dehydrated. I’m also low key hoping I can convince a coworker to grab me breakfast on the way in.


Okay! Final update before I post! I managed to get to work within a decent amount of time- I was late but it’s not a huge deal I can make it work. I have a TON more to do than I expected so I need to dig into that. My goals are to stay hella hydrated and also make sure I keep up with some momentum I’ve been having every day, so, I need to get to it!!

If you have social media- connect with me- tell me you found me from the blog- even if you don’t have a wordpress account and can’t comment- come find me on Instagram, Twitter, whatever, let’s talk. I wanna make sure I give you lov, more so if you have read this far down. You rock.


-You can find me on every social media that I am on with the screen name @abbigrasso


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