Daily Blog # 5


(Juneteenth. Should be a damn national holiday but okay.)

Woke up super late today, well, okay, not so much woke up super late as much as when I woke up I was dead ass tired and I went back to sleep.

It was bad. I straight up chugged two cups of tea and it did nothing. I mentioned in blog #4 that I was pretty tired, and I was gonna ask a coworker to pick up some breakfast and coffee and he totally did, which is amazing. Props to him for that one. I went ahead and grabbed an iced coffee because its officially hot as hell in Texas so I’m calling it officially summer, and therefore, iced coffee season.

Photo by Monet Garner on Unsplash

I used to not like iced coffee and then one day I needed coffee and it was hot as hell- I was on a road trip, alone, in my hot ass car, so I figured no one would judge me for being “basic” and I grabbed one. I decided two sips in, two things.

1: Iced coffee makes all the sense in the world when it’s hot

2: why should another persons opinion matter? It doesn’t. Fuck them.

I can’t believe how much of my life I have missed out on because of other people and what they may think. I sure as hell hope anyone reading this takes that little lesson to heart.

And if you are the kind of person who makes people feel bad for things they like? You suck. Let people enjoy things.

If someone “likes” racism, sure, then by all means, tell them what they like is stupid.

But don’t tell someone who happens to enjoy a drink, or a show, or a movie, that it’s stupid, even if you don’t like it.

Let people enjoy things

Anyways- I’m at work, with a huge pile of work to get done today. Additionally I have two blogs I need to write, one all about my time in the podcast yesterday & also finishing the second cannabinoids blog in the series, which while nearly finished, I want to post by tomorrow. I also have this blog to finish, and I want to get all of these done today, but also, low key, really need some chill gaming time with Bret, and my apartment desperately wishes I would clean it… all this while, as I mentioned, being SUPER tired.

Ugh. OKAY I’m gonna stay positive and get it done! Why?

Because I actually enjoy the blog obligations, so I can tolerate the work ones a little more.

I’m also hoping to write some more on Flake City, and I need to post the final part to “Part of what” with Molly on the island.

Thankfully, I have lots of content for the blog, which makes me happy. They say of you want to be an every day blogger for your daily life, (or vlogger, YouTuber etc) to put up content of value every single day- so knowing I have several blogs to go up, all of which different people get different value from makes me very happy, because nothing sounds better than working on my blog and bringing more writing to you guys.

I’ve come to this super zen place of not really caring if it makes much money- the freedom of being able to post my content how, where, when I like, as I like, is so amazing, and having people genuinely enjoy it? Amazing.

Anyways- I do need some money so I’m gonna get back to work. More later.


Been trying to get done today- now more hungry than anything but im still crazy tired. Still need to do a bunch of writing, which makes chilling this evening tricky, but I’m hopeful!

Munching on some veggie straws and hummus at the moment, don’t know what to make for dinner and also I’m tired and don’t want to do all the cleaning I know I need to do at home. Adult problems.

Need more Vloggers to watch. Vlog channel style. NOT produced content. And also not overly staged crap. Suggestions that follow these guidelines are greatly encouraged.

I really also need to work out. I’m worried at how exhausted I was this morning and I don’t want that again so I have been very aggressively focusing on my hydration today and I know my muscles could use some stretching and I should do some cardio…but I’m hella lazy and extra busy so…UGH

I know I need to make my health a bigger priority, or else it will become a bigger problem, but damn, it’s pretty fucking annoying. I just need more time. Like less time at work, or a faster system for certain parts of my day. Even with how much I do on the go, and how much I have automated or scheduled parts of my life, I still have things that get missed. I wanted to post a new Poshmark listing every day this week and so far I’ve managed one listing, on Monday. Sure, I can make these up, but I should have been able to get them up and I didn’t.

Additionally, while I have been updating my blog, and Instagram, as often as is my goal, I haven’t posted my LinkedIn post yet. I managed to do PFF shares on Poshmark, but I’ve only self shared a couple of times. Thankfully, my wonderful PFFs are good about sharing back so at least there’s that.

So, I NEED to do some working out, I need to do a bunch of writing, and I need to do some cleaning. IF I do things in a good way, maybe I can get it all done? Iuno. How much weed do we have at the house?

Real results require real buzzes, y’all.


Well, the walk home was strangely pleasant, and when I got home I did a little bit of cleaning. We’re gonna do salads for dinner so currently I am hard boiling some eggs for our salads for dinner but also for some salads for tomorrow. I made sure to buy plenty of lettuce and spinach so, with any luck we will have some super good salads.

I still need to do more writing and also working out, so I’m thinking while I eat I’ll work on finishing part two of the cannabinoid and you blog and then I’ll try and stretch or stationary bike for a little while, maybe blog at the same time, and then edit the blog. Then I can schedule it, and maybe schedule this one too- my goal is to kick tomorrow in the ass.

I do not want to let Thursday get me like it always does.

And I also want to make sure I get everything done, in my list, because I think that may help me be less exhausted tomorrow in the big picture kind of way.


Well surprise surprise, Abbi hasn’t worked out and probably won’t.

Ugh. Okay. Seriously. I have to. I haven’t written before about fresh start Mondays- maybe I need to aggressively get at if on a Monday and I will actually succeed.

But I don’t went to dwell on it and make myself feel bad so- I will focus on the good stuff.

I have actually had a decent amount of water today. I finished and scheduled the second cannabinoid blog, I’m finishing this one so I can schedule it too- that’s right- TWO blogs tomorrow.

It must be Thursday. I could never get the hang of Thursdays.
We gonna beat Thursday, y’all.

Why, you ask? Because tomorrow is Thursday and I want to beat it. As you may or may not know, (I have done blogs on it) I have bad luck on Thursdays – and I am always on a quest to not have a miserable Thursday. Tomorrow I am attacking the day with two scheduled blogs and with any luck, maybe some decent sleep. To that aim, I need to drink some more water, at very least do some mild stretching, and get to bed ASAP, so I should end this soon.

Our goals for today, since when you read this, it will be Thursday morning, is this. LETS KICK TODAY’S ASS!






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