Daily Blog #6

Well, Thursday…just…damn.

I’m fighting back- this –

Sorry- got cut off/ I started typing that earlier today, around 11:00 AM or so, and now it’s 9:00PM.

Eating dinner now- been so hungry all day so I’m gorging myself on salad.

It was a bit of a long day, obviously, but, I didn’t fall victim to the usual Thursday, for the most part. I mean, things came for me, sure, but I also got aggressive and struck back against anything like that- and while I didn’t love it, I was able to have a slightly better day and not be as miserable as usual, more so for s Thursday.

It’s late, obviously I wasn’t even eating dinner until 9, and now I’m tired. I was super tired yesterday and I thought that may have been due to some dehydration so I’ve been more on top of that today which has helped, but now, I’m super exhausted and desperate for sleep, so I may go get ready for bed.

Got ready for bed- gonna go to sleep now and write more tomorrow. Till then!

Friday, Friday, Friday! Just when you think you’ll never see the weekend again, Friday shows up and reminds you that the average work week in America is 40+ hours, but you have “served your time” for this week and are granted yard time for two blessed days, to clean your home, spend time with family, etc.

When that sentence started, it wasn’t planning on being the indictment of the American work week that it turned into but oh well.

We should have more time to pursue dreams, to spend with family, to be ourselves. Our life is not meant to be spent wasted.

Also? If like IS meant to be wasted, I’ve NEVER been good at doing something as intended anyways so, I don’t plan on wasting my life, nor do I want anyone to risk theirs.

I understand that people need to work, but they also, truly, need time to be themselves. I guess I don’t see what’s wrong with everyone working between 30-40 fairly paid hours, instead of 40+ sometimes unfairly paid hours. We should all want everyone else to succeed, and be happy chasing their dreams.

Let people be happy. Let people enjoy things.

So, it’s Friday morning, obviously, and I am finishing up the blog tonpost it- then I’ll toss on some makeup and get my ass to work.

I should also try and make some breakfast or at least pack a lunch. Plus getting dressed. It’s 15 till 8, so…I may be running late.

It’s all though though- it’s FRIDAY!!


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