Daily Blog #9

Well, okay Tuesday, today was fairly Thursday of you. I mean….Just what a day!

My goal is to get some rest tonight because not having at least 5 1/2-6 hours of sleep made everything harder. I drag pretty badly with less sleep but also have a lot of trouble getting up, which makes the rest of the day go even more sideways.

Jerks don’t help either, mind you. Like a freakin’ zombie apocalypse up in here. An entire day where I tried to not let the zombies get me down.

Some days you have nothing wanting to go right and whilst that is going on, you have the entire world to deal with. Think broken office supplies, uncooperative kettles, little things like that, but then add bigger things to it, plus the outside world. Even now, my keyboard fights me as I try to edit this blog.

So, today was tricky, to say the least, but I did take certain measures to at least not be a toxic force in the world, or become some sort of zombie. I left work early, afraid I would fester, and I came home to sort out some things. I biked ten miles on the stationary bike and just had dinner with Bret, now I’m watching a smidge of TV (AP Bio season one because we got the NBC app) then I’ll probably hop back on the bike and work on some ideas. I’m sitting on some creative writing before hitting post to make sure that is how I want to have certain things.

I also have been using my work out time to think, clear my head- and sort out plot points and story lines-

And sometimes, like right now, I can be logging miles while biking and also writing on the blog. Admittedly, I don’t think I will be hitting 20 or more like yesterday, but I do think I may do one or two more before I do a little light yoga and call it a night. I have a fair amount to still take care of this evening and don’t want to have my creative projects get delayed much more for working out.

Balance is key, or something.

Managed to hit 13.4 total miles- ultimately I could go for longer but I have other things to do, like I mentioned.


So, all in all my efforts to not get into a bad mood and let this day bother me was successful. I’ve done a face mask now and I am inching towards bed so I can get some proper sleep tonight. I am planning on scheduling a creative writing piece for tomorrow, so the next daily blog may be a day or two from now, so it may be a long one. This helps me not feel too bad for this blog being quite short…more so when we all know how long some of those Molly on the island pieces can get.

Photo by Emma Matthews on Unsplash

Tomorrow, or today, when this is posted, is Wednesday and I hope we all get up and crush it. I hope we all hump hump day, and don’t get humped by it. Remember: you are enough, you matter, and, every bad day eventually ends.

And every great day begins.

So let yesterday be the bad day, and today be the start of a great day!!





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