Daily Blog #12: “sincerity and reflections.”

Monday Morning

It’s 7:15 in the morning, I’ve been awake for about 45 minutes, I’m sipping tea and reading Medium articles, with a favorite show playing for background noise.

I’m reading an article about making money on Medium- it’s not a non unique article, but it isn’t the only one like it, either. It says something I’ve read in the past. The writer is talking about starting their blog, and how their friends scoffed and such…and I realized I couldn’t relate.

I mean, I could. I’ve not started a blog in the past, and my friends judgement was definitely a reason in it.

But currently, all my friends are supportive.

Is this because my friends are all beautiful miracles who truly love and care about others? Well, yes, I do have some of the very best people in the world in my life.

But it is also because I don’t have many friends. I’ve spent more time than I should lamenting my lack of friends, wishing I had a larger circle, before realizing that the friends I had were spectacular.

I don’t have unsupportive friends anymore. I don’t have friends who mock me, friends who openly don’t want me to succeed. I no longer have friends who view me as a tool to help them, or a person to use.

I don’t have leeches who are only interested in what I can do for them. I no longer have friends who have values that really don’t line up with mine.

When you list it out, you realize the lack of friends is actually really awesome. The ones I do have are amazing. All are brilliant, kind hearted, tenacious, talented, scrupulous, beautiful souls.

The only “unsupportive” friends I had to deal with, I actually dealt with last week, and I will speak openly and frankly about them here.

Sometimes, you will blindly support your friends, and cheer them on, love them, wish for them, always be there for them, but it won’t be enough. Those friends are either not meant to be in your life right now, or maybe they never were at all. The important thing is to not be bummed.

They are supporting your blog, you, or your friendship. You are supporting them, which is cool, but that makes you a fan, not a friend.

I want to be friends with those I’m a fan of. Not a fan of those I’m friends with.

So, I started “unfollowing” some of these people, be it physically, or mentally. As some of you know, I’ve changed my number recently, and I’m using this time to only really give the people who try to contact me my number. Admittedly, some people I don’t text or speak with often got my number as soon as I got it, we were already involved in various conversations online, etc.

Photo by Omar Lopez on Unsplash

With my new number, I’m not really making efforts to have friends have my new number. It’s not a personal attack, but it does make things easier. I’ve been putting reminders up about my new number on various social media’s, and have informed my family. My mother has kept her same number, as my closer friends can still get a hold of her should they need to speak to me. It’s just a bit more freeing to only have to people who want to speak to me have my number. It helps show me the scape of my garden. Best of all, it has helped me get my head on better about having less “friends.”

I would be lying, if course if I said that some of those friends weren’t a bit sad. I miss some of them.

But I also want them to be happy, and well. Perhaps a better time exists for us to be friends, or, more likely, I’m a weirdo, and there is some nice, basic, regular not weird person who would make for a better friend for them. They need that kind of person.

And that’s really okay. Because I have my friends who are mind blowingly awesome, I have my partner, and of course, I have my blog.

The support of random people time and space brought into my life for a brief period of time really doesn’t matter when you have all that, huh?

Anyways- this is my brief tangent brought on from reading a

Medium blog that mentioned that sometimes friends aren’t supportive of our blogs and I realized all MY friends were super beyond supportive.

It’s now 7:35 and I need to get ready for work.


I wonder if I should start putting subtitles to my “Daily Blog #___” titles.

I probably should, as I’m not JUST doing day to day blog stuff.

Okay, really gotta get ready for work now.

Later Monday Morning

As if to prove my point more, my friend Robin, who I was lucky enough to meet when she joined our company, got me a lovely set of presents and made me want to cry a bit. Beautiful enamel pin that says Feminist AF and some homemade bath salts – lavender scented, my favorite.

I’m really blessed.

Monday Afternoon

I made an iced coffee and my boss is kindly grabbing me a sammich for lunch so I can save my pizza for tomorrow or tonight.

Bret and I have planned on Alfredo for dinner, maybe some pizza on the side- which helps us stay on point with our desires to not order out.

I’ve kicked ass at work and have handeled everything that came up, so now I’m taking a second to update the blog! Looks like we may get Friday and Saturday off of work, which I already have off, but if we do, I can submit payroll information on Wednesday, causally double check it on Sunday, from home, and take Monday off. I have a lot to get done this weekend, so having that much extra time would really help me get not only caught up, but ahead on various projects around the apartment and also in the creative world I live in.

Currently watching YouTube videos, catching up on my favorite YouTubers who posted videos recently. My YouTube likes are a little all over the place, with a healthy variety of creators. I watch Gary Vee, like everyone does, I also enjoy watching the daily vlogs of both Alisha Marie and Ashley Nicole. I enjoy watching go getter women like Erin on demand (Erin Winters) and Vanessa Lau. When I need a cheer up, I watch Mr. Beast. I also love to watch WoW Such Gaming, and Film Comics Explained. For cannabis content I watch Positive Smash 420 and The Growers Network. With all of these bits of guidance, I will ask people for new YouTubers to check out, and inevitably, I get a slew of YouTube and vlog content I can’t stand.

If you happen to have a channel, one that falls into literally ANY of these random categories, please tell me, so I can check you out. If you don’t, well, you will probably tell me to check you out and I will probably do so anyways, but still, try to at least suggest someone other than JUST yourself.

Early Monday Evening

So as I was getting ready to leave work my dear friend Amber was like “hey you busy” and I was like “what’s busy you are my friend so who cares” and she and her husband Damon came over. I was so freaking happy to see them and it was awesome! We made plans to see them again this week- super hoping we are able to- because we love seeing them.

And that is what I meant earlier – now that I have removed the friends who really don’t want to be in my life, or they removed themselves, I am able to have to energy to say “uh of course I’m free” even when I have lots to do. Because I have the energy to dedicate to people who are awesome, who are positive, encouraging, and walking in a positive life in general. So, we were all able to hang for a little bit, and then I dove into getting some work done. I got most of the cleaning done and I am about to drag out to bike- but I wanted to try and get some of the blog down- in an effort to find that whole “balance” thing. I sill have a couple things I want to clean – but why mop a floor when you are about to drag your stationary bike across it to try and hit ten miles real quick?

So, now it’s right at 8:30 and I have my work out, actual dinner (had a slice of left over pizza- that may be dinner if I get too busy), and finishing up the blog. I also want to work on some content for tomorrow- I haven’t posted on my Instagram in over a week so I need to at least do a pin of the day post with the amazing post Robin got me today. With me trying to actually do my job well and still update my social media every once and a while- I try to schedule and prep my posts as much as possible. For example, I will try and write out my captions for pictures on Instagram ahead of time, or at least have a note or two saved on what I want to say. For my blogs, I schedule them the night before so I don’t do frazzled trying to get ready for work and also getting a blog post up.

So, I need to prep content, on top of everything, and my phone needs to charge, so I’m going to go charge my phone and try and get some stuff done – more later when we see how much I was able to get done.

Mid workout Monday Evening

I am sure plenty of workout fitness people will talk about the greatness of the the runners high, or the naturally occurring high that happens when working out. I like it because it’s how our bodies can fill our cannabinoid receptors. Filling your cannabinoid receptors and also getting that awesome work out high, is fucking awesome.

I’ve never liked working out, but lemme tell ya, this is awesome. I only wish I had wax to do a nice wax dab instead of what I call flower dabs, or gravities. The gravity is awesome, and anyone who knows me and has been around me, knows I love my gravity bong, but I do like taking a big ole dab and then jumping on the bike, instead I had to spend a few extra minutes taking a few gravities.

Twas worth the extra effort, mind you, because this is a superior way to work out and it really does help me breathe; with the natural elements that occur in cannabis that help the lungs expansion and is a bronchodilator, meaning it helps with the expansion of your lungs.

Cannabis as a breathing treatment, anyone?

Either way, it’s getting my lazy ass to work out, so…shove off everyone that says cannabis makes you lazy.

It doesn’t. You just wanna be lazy.

Anyways- time to kick it up on the stationary bike, which means setting the phone down and jamming out to playlist so- be back later

After the work out

Back to it. Well I managed to hit a solid ten miles, then grabbed a quick shower. Bret needed a face mask and I could use one too, so we are masking right now, and I’m grabbing a free second to blog. The working out felt great, and I’m glad I did it. I haven’t had time to make a proper dinner so I’m gonna probably have a toasted turkey sammich, since I allow myself meat some days, and turkey before bed with milk always helps me sleep better.

But first, I need to do this mask, then finish getting ready for bed. Bret’s mask is a longer 15-20 minute mask, mine is a quick three, so I’m gonna try and get some more stuff done. In the meantime I need to rinse this off because this has been more than three minutes. More so when I was on twitter for a second before jumping over and opening the blog file on my mobile blogging app.

Okay, gonna go rinse my face, and then probably make my awesome night time sammich and get ready for bed.

In summation: Monday Evening, just before bed.

So, it was a very productive day, and shockingly, I was able to get nearly everything I wanted to get done, and I was able to hang with friends. All of this is only possible because of the choices I made to make sure I was making myself available for the right friends. Having a few, quality friends, means you get to have amazing friends who never really let you down in fundamental ways. You never had friends who don’t support you in your blogging, like so many writers have, if you are lucky.

I, as it turns out, am very lucky.

I am getting better at balancing all my obligations, and better yet, I am getting better at giving the right people, who have the right kind of mindset and attitude, more and more attention, and cutting out those who aren’t supportive. None of us need to be around toxic people, and we all deserve to be happy. You may be toxic to them, if they are toxic to you, so you should always be willing to part ways for the sake of everyone involved. The goal is to be happy. I am blissfully happy and incredibly blessed to have the friends I have.

Anyways, this has been a usual Daily Blog, with a random fun rant about how awesome my friends are, and how having a few quality friends is a great way to ensure you never have to search Medium in search of articles to cope with friends not supporting your writing career.

Sometimes you can get lucky enough to stumble on one of these and find the idea of unsupportive friends shocking. Writer goals, am I right?



2 thoughts on “Daily Blog #12: “sincerity and reflections.”

  1. I used to have friends that only supported the bad side of me , maybe because we did lots if negative things together but when I became a new person I had to just let them go . I don’t have friends , more of a one man person but I talk to lots of people . I tend to be careful with people . its actually good to cut off people who are not in any way adding to you only taking from you . love them from afar . that’s exactly what I’m doing . loving people from afar and being there for them when they need me .


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