Daily Blog #13: “Enjoy the peace”

Tuesday Morning

It’s a beautiful day, or at least, I am saying it is. It’s probably miserably hot and entirely too sunny; but let’s just say it’s a lovely day because we all woke up and got to keep doing this thing we all call life.

Bret and I both hold #13 to be our lucky number so I wonder what this blog could hold.

Tuesday Evening

Probably nothing overly special, as it has been a fairly chill Tuesday.

The day was pretty calm and chill, the only major hiccup was the grocery shopping we had to do which was just tiring to say the least. All in all, however, the day was pretty great, albeit calm. I worked fairly diligently to try and get us sorted for the holiday time away from work, and I’m pleased with my labors last week and this week to ensure a peaceful time off. I can probably dick around most of tomorrow and still be fine, but I’ll probably work hard and leave early- I think Amber and Damon are coming over tomorrow, so it would be nice to have some time to get home and tidy up before they arrive… Which should be easy, because I worked hard.

The office was peaceful for entire chunks of the day too, which helped me do good work. I put on music, for parts of the day, and YouTube videos for the rest, and I got to work. In between work, I was able to share my closet on Poshmark, and do community shares, to help other people get sales too. I was able to write and work on the story for the radio station inside of Flake City, all while getting plenty done around the house, at my job, and even squeezing in a grocery trip.

Photo by Allie Smith on Unsplash

Tomorrow, the office looks to be even more calm, peaceful, and chill. Then we all have several days away from the office to recharge and regroup.

I honestly am having no small amount of trouble with everything that is positive. Sometimes, it is hard to remember that life is actually meant to be pretty damn cool.

Life, as it turns out, is supposed to be pretty chill, and cool. Even when you are balancing a lot, when you are around good people, or in a good environment, you can excel.

Today, for giant chunks of the day, I only worked with

, I only worked with good people. The loud, lazy, bullies were out of the office, and while some of the good employees I love working with were also out, I did enjoy some peace and quiet. Some of the bad people found their way to the office for brief periods, but over all, my day was spent with only the really positive people in my work place…and it was seriously fucking awesome.

I wonder how great my work could be if we could mimic these conditions everyday? Regardless, in addition to the great energy in the office today, we had nice weather, over cast with a cool breeze, a miracle for July in Houston. Other people all seemed to also be having productive positive days, too.

Sure, it is a short week for many people, I get that, but it is pretty cool when lots of people have chill days.

Better yet, today was “Thursday” if tomorrow is “Friday” for the week, but it came so early in the week that the ole Thursday curse couldn’t really mess with any of us.

Photo by Yoann Boyer on Unsplash

It was hard to enjoy the peace, when I am a bit of a paranoid person, but eventually, I was able to.

Of course, my left hand keeps cramping, so typing is pretty difficult, but alas, a good reminder to enjoy the peace while you have the peace.

Also my hand really hurts so, enjoy the peace, and have a great day.



2 thoughts on “Daily Blog #13: “Enjoy the peace”

  1. Amb

    Speaking on working conditions, I was just thinking this week that I need to “create” a better work environment for myself. A few people I work with are tainted with negativity and I have allowed that to enter into my space. Is it illegal to sage my office?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL! ANYTHING to cleanse the bad out of there! Smoke isn’t always allowed -but I WILL say essential oils have definitely helped me on the days with all the negative people- I’m actually thinking of blogging my “make my work space peaceful” redecoration I’m planning for my day job- because little things like a air purifying plant or rosemary and lavender essential oils misting can make a huge difference!


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