Daily Blog #14 “The Mid-Week Friday”


The internet is spotty at work, but I have unlimited data on my phone…

Ironically, a perfect time to work on some Instagram content, take a picture or two, edit them, make some nice micro blog posts, link my blog in the caption….

But Instagram is down. Hah! Life is funny. I guess that is more of my world trying to make me work on the blog, instead of social media.

I know in the world of trying to put out hundreds of pieces of content to build you personal brand, it is easy to lose sight of the main goal, but my problem seems to be more and more neglecting the other stuff. For example, I haven’t really allowed myself to miss a post on the blog, and I have my blog set to post a link to LinkedIn and Twitter automatically, but it has been over a WEEK since I last posted in Instagram.

I try to do one to three a day, and here I am, not adding for over a week. I wonder if this is maybe a good thing, however, as lots of people have been complaining about the new changes to the algorithm.

I don’t think it is actually changed to limiting reach, I think it has tightened to encourage people to actually interact and engage, not just treat it as a one day content creation road.

Which, you may know, I have been growing more and more annoyed with. Too many content creators are only interested in putting out content, not taking in content. I can’t believe I have to say this, but yes, believe it or not, content is a two way street.

You have to engage with others, not just expect others to take you in.

Come on.

I have a few content creators on my “I may have to unfollow you” list, because they refuse to engage with others. They want everyone to watch their videos, like, comment, subscribe. They want you to turn on notifications, like every post, comment, DM them, share with friends, tag your friends, tweet about them, share the post, don’t forget to email this link to any friends some how not on social media…..

But they won’t follow, comment, or even like, a single person’s post. Not their fans, not smaller accounts, not bigger accounts…They don’t “share the love.”

Ironically, these are the wannabe influencers who are always talking about having “some big stuff coming up” and “will be adding more when things get less busy” and a million other excuses as to why their content isn’t quality…or even consistent.

They are constantly “Fronting” for the gram, hell, they even have #blogger, #inflencer, #YouTuber and #Hustler in their bio’s, but when you click the link in the profile, you see maybe one or two posts, a couple of videos posted months apart, and a IG page full of text plates about working hard, short videos full of excuses, and a bunch of nonsense that equates to: They are talking about working, not working.

And they don’t bother to engage with others.

The short change themselves, because when you engage, you learn all about how to make it happen, you learn all about editing videos, skills to use so you don’t need to buy expensive equipment…

You also lose out on friends and supporters who will encourage you to get that post up, even when you are tired. I can’t tell you how often i don’t want to post something, and I think “Yo, Abbi, you can just get it up at some point, don’t worry about scheduling it” (Editing note- This will be funny at the the end of the blog) and then I think about the few daily readers I have, and the times they have told me they love the consistency, so I get up and do the damn thing, even if it is shorter. I make it happen. (Even if I have to do it the next morning at make myself late for other things, I do everything I can to make it happen, and make note of when I don’t to get better.)

Those amazing people I am engaging with, give me the strength.

Stop thinking that engaging with other content creators is taking up your time. I promise, it is a time bank. You are depositing time you will get back in them supporting you, encouraging you, when you need it most, when you don’t have the energy to create. Engaging with fellow creators keeps the creative well full.

Don’t let your well run dry.

*steps off of soap box she didn’t realize she had stepped on*

TL;DR- I don’t think IG is forcing no one to see your posts, I think you aren’t engaging with others. Try engaging with others, and maybe using the story feature, so people see you as a person, and not some weird wannabe influencer who is being so fake, you don’t want to engage at all. Engaging with others helps you grow and be better, so just stop being selfish, and participate in the two way street that is content creation/consumption. I keep gaining followers and having interactions and I haven’t posted a new post in a week.

I say all of this, because with Instagram down, I can’t post my content anyways, but it doesn’t change much for me. I am still able to take in some content and engage with people, and even when images weren’t showing up, captions were.

People should read captions more, said the writer, who posts long captions. *smirk*

Anyways, new topic.

It is Wednesday afternoon, and I think the day is trying to drag on, but I can’t be too bothered by it. Only a few more hours until I have some glorious time away from here to work on the apartment, the blog, and all the writing. The Poshmark store is also getting some attention this long weekend, in the hopes of getting some new listings up, and also some new content on the @TheDBAMeta Instagram page. This page is eventually going to be a place with more artistic content, but for now, it is a bit more for the Poshmark store, because we are trying to use Poshmark to help pay for and support our art.

I am over the moon excited about this upcoming weekend, I am even excited about the work I have scheduled. I always like when I take these productive breaks from work to get my life in order, it always helps me get my head on right, and even better, I get my shit together.

Wednesday Evening

Amber and Damon came over- had a super amazing time with them- honest to goodness there are some people in the world who make the world better and they are two of them.

Anyways- it’s nearly ten, Bret and I are relaxing, contemplating our evening – we are considering a scary movie but we are both super tired so who knows.

Thursday Morning

Well, Bret and I watched two episodes of a three part mini series called the Enfield Haunting, which was pretty good but when Bret started to doze off, we called it a night, and I did not schedule the blog for today, and, of course, I slept in.

Now, Bret’s family is having a celebration for his mother’s birthday and, presumably, also the holiday today. His Uncle is on his way to pick us up and save us on Uber fee’s, so I need to get ready, having spent no small amount of time reading this morning.

I will be mobile blogging on my phone, and I hope to get a bit of blogging done, as well as the projects I have mentioned, so, see you all then.



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