Daily Blog #16: “Productivity, universe building, and contentment from my content“

Just finished scheduling tomorrow’s blog, now I’m laying in bed watching a show I used to love on Hulu, called Better Off Ted.

Bret and I are getting ready for bed, but I figured hey, why not get a post started? And this is me doing that.

Anyways, I am going to go ahead and head to bed, and pick this up tomorrow! (Edit– Or Saturday night, as it turns out.)

Tomorrow is Friday! Huzzuh!

Saturday night

Well yesterday and today I spent puttering around the apartment and resting up from my working efforts. I really have been needing a lot of rest, so I have been trying to catch up- but now I am wanting to make sure I’m not resting too much.

Bret and I finally logged some serious time playing some video games, and while he works on the next of his awesome tracks, I’m working on building out my universe a bit, inside of Flake City.

I have the radio stations DJ, Sam, on campus, in the radio station, and I am now working on some other people alive on the campus. The college campus is next to the airport, which also has at least one survivor. The campus is also, notably, far away from the hospital and research and development facility that make up the two centers of ground zero for the outbreak, so naturally, we will see more survivors further away from that area. The fun comes later when we see what else is far from what we think is ground zero.

I LOVE writing Flake City stuff, probably in part because I know how much Flake City plays into the rest of my world.

Photo by Alexandru Ionas on Unsplash

Not to mention, I love zombie stories, and this is a big ole zombie story so, I have a lot of fun in Flake City.

So, I wanted to do a quick update to the ole blog, and say hey, this is what I am doing- universe building.

Later that night

Universe building is exhausting and fun and crucial and enjoyable and oh my gosh I’m tired.

I really love this project, as much as I love my blog, which is probably why I will work on both even when exhausted.

Because I truly do love it.

But now I need to get some sleep, so I can be at 100% tomorrow, in theory, so I can maybe do another organizational project or two or three around the apartment, as well as the writing and the general puttering. I want to make sure I use my time off well, but also rest, and I think I have figured out a nice balance.

Sunday evening

Man, ya girl has been busy.

You know how every season change, you want to deep clean your home? I finally got some deep cleaning done around the house, and I’m finally nearly happy with my efforts. I have one more day of my time off, and I am prepping for a productive day of writing and Poshmark work.

I’ve been writing, in between the cleaning, and I also spent some time before sitting down to finish this blog to go over and sort all the clothes I have to measure and photograph for the Poshmark store, so those are ready to be slowly listed, if I get enough done tomorrow.

I don’t know why I am so broken that I spend much of my time off being productive, but I’m happy I managed to balance it a bit this time. I spent every day doing some cleaning project or another, but I’ve also spent a ton of time writing, relaxing, reading, watching Hulu, and even playing video games for several hours. I slept in, I enjoyed plenty of smoking time, and I’m enjoying a clean apartment while I work on my blog for tomorrow. All in all, my long weekend was productive but also restorative.

All that being said, I’ve not finished EVERYTHING I wanted to do on my long weekend, but I have one more day off of work, and I have accomplished more than I thought I would by now.

Victory, I suppose.

Photo by Mike Petrucci on Unsplash

Anyways- I’m working on getting some lights and other small organizational supplies to finish off some projects in the apartment and hopefully make this apartment a bit more…pleasant, because we are both very tired of how dark and cluttered our apartment is, and it will be a few more months, at least, before we leave.

Hopefully, sometime in the next few weeks, I will be able to do a “redecorated” blog with some cute pictures of organized and well utilized small spaces in our apartment.

Photo by Robert Bye on Unsplash

I have been brainstorming different ideas for various parts of our place, with aesthetics, function, and livability, all being key. It has been a fun experiment, to brainstorm the perfect space, and then try to figure out how to fit it into our very small city apartment.

Anyways, it’s been a busy and productive weekend, and I have been working pretty hard on my universe building for Flake City. I find when I am getting ready to start another big spurt of writing, it helps to have nice looking surroundings, so I work hard to make everything nice before I lose myself in the world. I also like to have my materials ready and my stories prepped. Characters named and profiled, places determined on a map…stuff I have rarely taken the time to do in the past. In the past I wrote freely and then have to search for information within the text. I am trying to take my writing more serious, more so with the writing projects I love so much, like Flake City, so I have been working harder on having a better place to birth that writing.

Basically, I don’t have children, nor will we ever, but we have our fur babies and I have my writing…and this is me nesting before I go into the next giant section of Flake City.

I’m quite excited, if I stop and let myself think about it, about my writing. I’ve been wanting to have a regular blog for years, and I’ve wanted to be happy in my writing for even longer, finally I have both. I am working on making a perfect living place, perfect as we prepare for the next phase in our lives. I’m actively excited about my writing every day, and I’m able to actually allow myself to dream once again about things I used to enjoy.

For example, I used to live doing radio, and I loved the idea of having a radio show for creative people, or a talk show for artists. During the last big “podcast phase” of the content consumption and creation cycle – I loved podcasts, and now, as I work more and more on Flake City, the blog, and the rest of my entire creative writing universe, I realize I may even have enough to finally see that dream come true. Before, I wouldn’t even allow myself to dream of having that much creative work going on, but now, I do.

It’s very exciting.

Even if that excitement terrifies me.

It’s hard to be this excited for this much in your life when you’ve…well let’s just say when your me or someone like me.

Photo by Candice Picard on Unsplash

True, it is scary to be this happy and excited about doing what makes you happy. It is absolutely terrifying to just be doing something that makes me happy. A new challenge.

But I’m glad for it. The creative process isn’t always easy, so it’s fun to be riding this wave of happiness where you may not have the success that others have, but you have the contentment from making content you like. The entire point behind my #contentcontent hashtag- I believe in making original content that makes you content.

So, tomorrow is Monday, and I will be enjoying my last day off from my long weekend, while many people go back to work. I am hoping to be super productive, doing Poshmark stuff and writing, while also, hopefully, making an Instagram post or two. It’s been weeks, I’ve been talking about it, If I could manage to work out, there’s nothing I can’t do.

I hope today, being Monday by the time I post this, is amazing, as is the rest of your week. May you make content that makes you content. Feel free to use my hashtag if you so I can see it. I’m @AbbiGrasso on a social media, so come find me and let me know all about what makes you content- or tell me here. I think if we all start celebrating these things, we may start focusing more on them.

To contentment in our lives, and being content in the content we make.



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