Daily Blog #17 “Writing, balance, and hair considerations.”

I enjoy the life of a writer because there is always more to write, more to do, and those things never bother me.

Photo by Kat Stokes on Unsplash

Yes, searching for free images to post on your blog takes time, but it makes it look nicer.

Yes, editing old blog posts when you spot typing errors is tedious.

Yes, everyone gets tired of #amwriting tweets.

But I have been really enjoying today, my day home from the day job, and have been treating it as a day to focus on writing- it’s been pretty damn great. I can work on one project, bounce to another project, then back to another, all while blogging about it, tweeting, maintaining the social media machine…it’s all pretty damn fun. Yeah, it’s also maddening because I feel I constantly have more words, but I don’t have as many interruptions to the tasks at hand, and when I get bored of something, or stuck, I can go clean something, or work on the Poshmark store, without wasting any time. It’s pretty damn cool. I wish I could have days like this more often, but admittedly, that is my end goal, all of this stuff is me putting in the work so that can be schedule.

You may recall from my earlier blogs, just over 50 blogs ago (can you believe it? Over 50 already!) I had begun making a list of what my ideal day would include, so I could start working towards those goals. I know my day job takes 7-10 hours every day, and I am working on balancing the other hours each day for other stuff.

It’s all one big process, and it is good to know I do really want these types of days.

Anyways, today I have been working on some of the Flake City stuff, specifically stuff from the radio station on the college campus in Flake City. I just made myself another cold brew, and I am trying to decide what to work on next. I have some cleaning I could do, and some Poshmarking I should do, both of which should help me think for the next phase of the writing.

So, I’m going to go be productive, and I’ll check back later.

Later that evening

Well, it’s a smidge after 8, and I’m on the stationary bike to get a work out in. I made Bret and I dinner when he got home, had some yummy Alfredo, and even got the kitchen clean after dinner- I’m amazed with myself. I still need to try and get some poshmarking done tonight, but I prioritized working out, and writing, over the Poshmark- and I promised myself I would try and squeeze an item or two into the evening, measuring and photographing, if I had time.

I want to get new items up, and I’m lucky enough to have some great items I was able to get donated, but I need to get them measured, steamed, and listed- and time is short.

Although, if we are honest, I did try this morning and afternoon, but there is no AC in that room, and if you know anything about Texas in July, you know all you need to know about why I did not get any Poshmark work done. There is rain in the forecast, however, with a potential tropical storm even, so I do predict being able to get some work done this week, as the room tends to cool off to the 80s when it rains, and I can handle processing the clothing.

It’s not just the heat, remember, it’s the super hot studio lights I turn on to be able to see clearly and also take decent photos- because our apartment has ZERO (and I do mean zero) natural lighting. It gets hot, and If I’m going to sweat that much, it can be while working out, at least first.

Yes, I realize this means I am not only prioritizing my tasks, but also my sweats, but hey, that’s *like* adulting, right?

Nah, it is probably more gross than anything but that’s life. A little gross. Even the stuff that’s good for you, can be gross.

Anyways, I’ve been slowly biking faster and faster, working up to a full all out fast speed to get my thumpa-thumpa pumping, so I’m gonna put my phone down now and work to undo the damage I have done to myself by before quitting smoking cigarettes and being pretty damn lazy for the better part of nearly two decades.

So, I’m gonna get sweaty, see you on the cool down.

Post Working-Out

Well, now I’m drinking water and cooling off- did a nice 12 and some change miles, and made it fun by hitting my vape pen.

Photo by Tricia Galvin on Unsplash

I really don’t like working out, at all. I do like cannabis, and I do like how it can truly help me breathe better during work outs, important considering the years of cigarette damage and how hard it can be to breath when trying to get a work out in with those conditions, more so when you really just CAN NOT STAND working out.

Anyways, my vape pen helped, and now I’m drinking water and cooling off before taking a shower and washing my hair, which always takes forever and exhausts my arms, so I’m not doing any other working out- long, thick, wet, hair does that for me.

Speaking of hair- I have been seriously contemplating dying my hair again. I’ve always had a style I’ve wanted to do, of course back in high school I don’t think we had a name for it. Now, I have entire Pinterest boards dedicated to wanting some purple heavy galaxy hair, and my job would be okay with it, my hair is healthy enough, and I can afford it…but I don’t hair a hair stylist to talk to abouT it, because I have trust issues.

For me, it’s important to have a good hair dresser, someone who not only can do amazing dying, but cut, style, and general maintenance of hair. Moreover, I hate when my hair dresser can’t work on my friends hair, and to be totally honest, I don’t think people who can’t work on ALL hair types are truly professionals….this, along with wanting non animal tested, preferably vegan products, makes finding a hair salon, much less a stylist, very difficult.

Still, I do think I may start taking some leaps of faith- it’s 2019, and people have instagrams that tell me if they are competent…I also have some recommendations, so I guess that is somewhere to start. Anyways, I really want to dye my hair, but we will see if o actually do. Here’s hoping I do. Feel free to comment if you like the idea of it- and if you want to see my Pinterest board – my screen name is @abbigrasso (as it is on all social media) and the board is called “goals”.

I’m going to go shower now, I’ll be back later, maybe while I do face mask.


Pre bed

Was literally laying down, realized I hadn’t actually finished the blog or scheduled it and leapt out of bed.

It’s late, I finished up for the night, and I hope tomorrow, my “back to work day” is awesome. Sorry for the abrupt end, but we all need rest!!

Kick ass today!



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