Daily Blog #18 “Thanking Past Abbi, while Present Abbi gets distrac-“

Tuesday Evening

Today was a fun day back, I was able to catch up on work pretty early so all in all, good news. Really, today was a prime example of “Past Abbi” helping out Future/Present Abbi. 

I mentioned to some coworkers today, in a comment that probably came off more douchey than insightful, about how I had really done myself a great service by working so hard last week, because I was able to come back to work after a long weekend, in which I took an extra day off from, and not have my ass handed to me. 

two coffee lattes in yellow cup with saucer on brown wooden table
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash
Why exhale the past? Because sometimes we do past things like NOT prepare, but there is no point in being mad. Read on for more.

So, despite me realizing after the fact that I may have sounded like a giant jerk, I am VERY glad I did take so much extra time last week to get ahead. So, this is me, formally thanking Past Abbi for every sacrifice in fun that she makes so present me, or future me, from her perspective, is happy and able to enjoy things. 

Because of Past Abbi, I get to play video games once in a while. Because of Past Abbi, I can hang out with Bret more. Because of Past Abbi, I get to do so many things. 
But in the bigger picture, because of Past Abbi, I started this blog. 

Thanks, Past Abbi!

Now, Present Abbi is trying, incredibly hard, to focus on the blogging at hand, and not the dishes she needs to do, nor the creative writing she also wants to write. I have heard plenty of friends say that they are their most productive when listening to podcasts, so I am giving that a try. I don’t know if it is for me, because I have been having this trouble of finishing sentences and getting the writing done, but that may be me, being distracted and having other things i need to do. Who knows. Maybe the content is just that damn good. 

Who knows. 

All I do know is I am having tons of trouble focusing on this, because I have several things pulling my attention, and also on my mind. 

My writing is weighing heavy, as well as a few ideas for blog posts I have been kind of just…ruminating on several thoughts. 

Anyways, I don’t want to force it, or be disingenuous with my blogging, so I am going to update you guys, and sign off, so I can actually be rested for tomorrow!

This is the awesome stamp I got today! (Yesterday, by the time this blog is published) it works SO well. Follow me to see art work I make.

So, I was productive at work and am not behind from my time off. I managed to do some social media stuff, and I worked on some blog notes for some more article type blogs, and overall, I had a pretty dope little day. I did more practice vlogging as well, so who knows, maybe one day, this blog will be joined by a video friend. 

Or not. Not is also a serious possibility, considering I have so much Flake City content I would rather have filmed for YouTube, I don’t know if I will work on a YouTube channel of my own, I would rather work on the Flake City vlog content I have written for people inside Flake City. 

If you are some YouTube person and you wanna know more, let me know. 
When I got home from work, I checked the mail and saw that the Harriet Tubman Stamp came in. I have already stamped a 20, my bullet journal, and I am planning a few various art projects involving post it notes,because as you may or may not know, I love office supply art. 

Bret and I had dinner, and kind of just hung out, and I then sat down to write the blog. A full hour later, I have managed to type out this much, because that is how much i have gotten distracted or wondered away from this. 

And that is where we are now. It took me twelve minutes to type up the last two sentences, 

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash
I love that this picture looks kind of like my desk right now, with the journal, mini instant photos, laptop, etc. Ha!

Not really, but damn, there are entire parts of this blog that did take that long, and I need to go do dishes and get some productive stuff done before I go to bed, and i am so mad at myself for not cleaning as soon as I got home. 

So, deep apologies to anyone wanting a long blog, but if you want more, you can always follow me on my various social media. I have Twitter and an Instagram that is fairly popular, and I am even lucky enough to be in the invited few on the invite only platform, Speekin’. My Pinterest boards are popping, and I post fairly often on LinkedIn too. If you want more of these words, I am happy to accommodate. Who knows, maybe I will even have a podcast to promote eventually. @AbbiGrasso on anything I am on.

Who knows. I do know I have stuff to clean, and Flake City writing I desperately need to get out of my head, or else I may have more really weird dreams. If you have followed any of the #DontForgetFlakeCity assorted writing, you know, the weird dream for the creator potential is high. If you are close enough to me to be one of the people who knows all about Flake City, and the bigger picture of “what is to come” you know the dreams are really fuckin’ weird. 

flat ray photography of book, pencil, camera, and with lens
Photo by Dariusz Sankowski on Unsplash
The lesson, if you were reading captions, is sometimes past you screws you, but you should focus on the good. Earlier today I screwed myself. I am focusing on the times I haven’t. Be kind to yourself.

So, I hope you have a Past self that has worked hard for you to enjoy some time reading, or whatever it is you are off to do after this blog. 





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