Daily Blog #22 “back from being sick (while still sick), projects, and productivity assessments”

Monday night

Well, I have tomorrow’s blog scheduled, and I am trying to be ready for tomorrow. I still don’t feel great but I know I won’t exactly rest anyways so I need to just go to work and fake it till I make it in regards to my health. Besides, I have things to do.

I am trying to find a nice cabin in a camp ground somewhere so Bret and I can get away for a long weekend creative retreat, with maybe some fun and delicious s’mores round the campfire fun with some friends. I am also, as always, trying to add more healthy living by way of working out into my lifestyle and day to day activities, and of course, build a little creative empire, so…I guess it is wise to lay down and get some quality rest, so I can kick ass tomorrow.

Tuesday Afternoon

I have spent my morning riding a really good caffeine buzz that has been backed up by a liberal dose of willpower.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Work has been busy, and instead of taking my little outside break to stretch my legs, I posted older Daily Blogs to Medium, which I had intended to do this past weekend, and I did not.

So, in doing that I learned that Medium has a limit on the number of posts you can post in a day, which I did not know until today, and now I do know, so I scheduled the ones that could not get posted today, and the remainder of my Daily blogs should be loaded onto Medium tomorrow. I will schedule this blog to also go up to Medium tomorrow, after it loads to the WordPress.

Anyways, I am trying to wrap up and get home for the day, so, I shall update more later.


So Bret and I went to the grocery store to grab a few things, after staying later than intended at work, and when we got home, making dinner was a quick, catch as you can kind of thing. I’m scrambling to get things done this evening and my head is in a cloud of congestion. My soup was incredibly helpful, and I added a bunch of avocado which made it basically awesome.

Photo by timJ on Unsplash

Now I’m working on some arrangements for some plans Bret and I are making. Bret and I have a few projects we really can’t talk about just yet, and sadly for blog content, most of our conversations were about those things this evening.

So, after grocery shopping and eating, Bret and I are working on getting ourselves sorted for tomorrow. I desperately want to try and get some Poshmark clothing up, but I also have so much cleaning so much more writing so I don’t know if I’ll get time before this weekend, but I am trying to find time.

Sometimes, with life, you have to find balance. It’s incredibly difficult to finish work, cook, eat, clean, work out, write, update the blog, all in the few hours before falling asleep to get enough sleep to do it all again.

Photo by Matheus Vinicius on Unsplash

For me, I need 5-6 hours when healthy, but when sick or healing, I need a solid 7-8. That means I have less than one hour to write, finish this blog, work out, and clean. Even if Bret helps clean, and the blog edits go fast, something will likely get left undone. If you follow the blog (extra special hello to those of you who do, comment, say hi, let me get to know you, eh?) then you know I’ve been slowly molding my day into what I need…but now I need more changes if I will be able to balance this load, much less the extras Bret and I are adding with our projects so, I am now back to the grind of “attempting to not be a lazy P.O.S.” with productivity changes coming to my day. My mornings are normally spent reading and getting ready for work, so most of my attention comes in the evening.

Working out takes minimum 30 minutes but I prefer a full hour, to an hour and a half. I always drink a lot of water before, as well clas a bit of cannabis consumption as a preworkout. During I drink water and during my warm up/cool down- aka slow biking time, I Blog, but during the fast pace stuff I think about plot points and I work on various writing elements while jamming to music.

Cooking takes, even conservatively, thirty minutes, clean up takes at least that long as well, no dishwasher.

Writing of the blog, depending on how much writing I have left from my days rfforts of blogging during the day on my phone, takes on average at least an hour, with another hour or so in photo searches and edits. Sometimes both of these tasks take much more.

Any other cleaning in the apartment I limit to under an hour, and anyone who has rented an apartment in the city knows how vital the cleaning is, and also how easy it can get messy and leave you with more cleaning than you expected.

Little side things, like playing with and paying attention to our three pets, two cats and one dog, can also take up time.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

So, all of this has me searching for more productivity hacks. Multitasking hacks are fun to me, with stuff like chores, and I think light blogging while working out is also an extremely great use of time and resources, and from these ideas I am hoping to find some fun hacks to make all of these goals in the evening possible, but also sustainable- people need to be able to also chill and relax, so much of this is sorting out a schedule in which to try and accomplish all of this stuff in a reasonable fashion, so the stuff we aren’t talking about yet also has time.

Productivity – because there isn’t enough time in the day.

Watch the journey in real time by following me on social media, and say hello there or here, if crippling social anxiety doesn’t prevent it. @abbigrasso on everything I am on.


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