Daily Blog #24 “head down, music up, that’s the way we like to-“

To fuck the b.s. known as Thursday.

Or unfuck it, rather.

flatlay photography of wireless headphones
Photo by Malte Wingen on Unsplash

That is actually how I got through the Thursday curse today. As you may know, the Thursday curse gets me nearly every Thursday, so this Thursday I kept my head down, I kept my music (or podcasts, depending which part of the day it was) loud, and I ignored everything I could and kept to my own tasks.

And I have very little to blog because of it.

I kept my music loud and avoided people, I spoke in short sentences and didn’t offer too many extras to many people. I didn’t give anyone much of a chance to disappoint me or be an asshole, and I didn’t allow myself anytime to accidentally (or otherwise) be disappointing or an asshole. I socialized in a small capacity with Robin, and a few other coworkers, keeping interactions under 10 minutes, closer to five. I drank two large cold brews, I did tons of exhaustive research on a few things at work, and worked my way through as much accounting crap as I could.

I didn’t write, I didn’t have many creative ideas, I didn’t connect with many people, and overall, my day was strictly boring and spent avoiding people noticing me by being so busy working no one paid me any mind.

It worked, in the big picture, but I didn’t particularly love the day either, looking back at it.

Sure, I didn’t get snapped at, and to my best knowledge I didn’t upset anyone, but the day was deeply…boring.

Not just boring but like- even my work itself was fairly uninventive. I wasn’t creatively engaged in a way that helped me see problems staring me right in the face.

No, like, literally, right now, I realized the solution to a problem, that was staring me in the face.

My creative brain is engaged and I saw it clear as day.

Wild, to me, that earlier I was working diligently and could not solve this problem but now at home working on the blog I have figured it out. I made a note of it and I’ll check it tomorrow, but it is a fun point.

Doing nothing but the basic stuff and keeping my head down avoided problems, but didn’t avoid the creative extra special that helps me be a little better at my day job.

But, I did enjoy a day of fairly little drama and what not, and I think I did a pretty okay job, so…I’m running with it being a victory on a Thursday.

I have big plans of being productive this weekend, starting with a pretty big workout tomorrow evening after work- so I’m going to wrap up this blog here, so I can rest up for this weekend.

My parting thoughts:

Sometimes, you need to put on your blinders and get to work, and sometimes you need to engage and take your punches. Know which is which, and act accordingly.

Happy Friday! (We made it!)



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