Daily Blog #25 “Weekly prep, weekly goals, and time management discussions”

Sunday night

I had a weekend. Mostly spent it resting and trying to get to a healthier place, physically and mentally.

I have a few large projects I also spent a fair amount of time planning for, and overall, spent the weekend trying to get sorted. My Sunday is still full of “get sorted” stuff, like washing my hair, maybe doing my nails, finishing laundry, laying out tomorrow’s clothing, scheduling the blog, and a million other small things I try to do to be well prepared for Monday morning and the rest of the week.

flatlay photography of stuffs on white surface
Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

I spent some time working on my bullet journal lay out- I have been trying to sort out a perfect style for me to balance everything and make the best use of my time and that starts with a good layout that keeps me on track and accountable for my goals and progress. I am not using it for any work out type tracking- just making sure I stay on task.

My big goals for the week are to stay on top of cleaning WITHOUT it taking over my allotted “house” time because I have some massive decluttering I am hoping to achieve this week to get our place in better shape.

I want to work out, preferably every day, but at least every other day. I’m hoping to log cardio and yoga, to work on some toning and lung/heart health.

A blog, every day, obviously, with some content going to instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

Load any daily blogs not on Medium, onto Medium.

Shop for some much needed clothing items- after tossing or donating the clothes I have been holding onto until I do this declutter mission.

List at least five new items on Poshmrk, including measurements. Would really love this to be more like five a day, but if I get five listed and more photographed and measured, I will be able to list more during the week, so really my goal for Poshmark should be more like measure and photograph over ten items of clothing, because I have no small amount of items perfect for selling, without my decluttering purge I am doing. After going through my clothing I may even have more items, so, we shall see how big my pile of to be measured/photographed clothing gets.

three pens on white paper
Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash

I have other goals this week, like staying positive, getting some memory space issues sorted out on my computers, and continue making the apartment a little nicer by adding lights, some plants, and plan for some better organization in key areas of our place.

Because we know we will not be staying in this apartment, it can be hard to want to spend money to fix it up, so I have been looking into items that we could use in a temporary way that we could take with us in our next apartment.

This apartment drives us both nuts, but it is a great deal near our work, so we can save money while we prep for our futures- so I need to do what I can to make the next few months work for us. I don’t want to be fighting the apartment at every turn, I need some of it to be simple.

For example- the table we have in the bedroom for processing clothing is covered in stuff, so I can’t use it, and it’s too big, so I really can’t utilize it properly, it’s too big and the way. The room has become a catch all for storage, so I can no longer properly set up the lights to take pictures. We have furniture we need to toss, and tons of stuff we have been holding onto for no reason, so my goals this week for that room are to be ruthless and toss out as much unused stuff as possible, to make room and have that room not be a giant pain in my ass. Some extra lighting, not just the hot studio lights, would help, so I will be looking for a nice lamp or some led lights to hang up.

The room is not, that will only change when the weather does, but even then not much, so I have to do this all in spurts, as to not get too hot, so I imagine It’ll be slow and steady on getting the room sorted. Hopefully I can get enough done to at least measure and photograph some stuff so I can list, and make my goals.

So, these are my goals for the week, as you can probably tell, my bullet journal has gotten very full with plans already, but I am also trying to track my time and sort out any time sucks to make sure I am making the most of my time.

I am being slightly obsessive with some management right now, but that is only because I am trying to achieve a lot in a short period of time.

It’s not easy, and I need more time, so naturally I am becoming obsessed with how to save more time and make better use of the time I have.

Time management is one of those things I want to make sure I have perfected before I start working more from home, but also just as an adult.

white calendar
Photo by Mille Sanders on Unsplash

24 hours in a day. I only sleep around 6-7 hours a night, which means I have 18 or so hours in which to be productive. 8 of those hours get spent at work, sometimes 9, a day.

That’s 9-10 hours I can work with, in theory, right? 3 hours goes towards my morning schedule- I read a bunch, I drink tea, I make breakfast, I get dressed, do make up, one day I will manage to add “do morning yoga” to this routine, and I spend time on social media. I probably should cut social media time down and work in more yoga, but when it’s a small apartment with two adults both trying to get ready, something like peaceful yoga isn’t likely in the morning.

So, that leaves 6-7 hours of usable time in the evening. An hour or so goes to winding down, and sadly at least an hour or two gets lost to dinner prep and clean up- something I am addressing and hoping to look at, this week. An hour, minimum, goes to the blog and a work out easily adds an hour as well. Prepping for the next day can take a little time as well, depending on how scattered everything is. Time runs out quickly, and I rarely am able to even fit this much into my evenings, much less more, so I am aggressively watching my time, to find where I am losing it and be able to better manage it.

Speaking of time management, I am also running out of time for this evening. I still have to wash my hair, do some more dishes, prep for tomorrow…

Sadly I am also aware of where some of my time gets lost, and I don’t know how to address it, so I am hoping tracking my time will help me find a solution, because as anyone can tell once they hear a run down of my time, I don’t have time to not find a solution.

Pre bed

Well, it’s nearly midnight and I still have to edit this blog, add photos, and get ready for bed. Bret is working on music and realized that I needed to wrap up this blog. Time, my dears, slips from us all.

So, with this knowledge that I’m already running late, let us depart for bed. I wish you all a great evening and even better tomorrow. Of course, by the time this is published it will be Monday so, I hope you all slept well, and are having a beautifully wonderful Monday. I’m tracking my time and trying to keep myself from losing time, join me, if you want, by being more mindful of the things that take up your precious time.

Happy Monday!!


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