Daily Blog #26 “Monday, my mom’s birthday, and time passes”

Monday morning, 11:00 AM ish

Okay, Monday, can you not?

My morning has been very tedious, and it is starting to feel like Monday is coming for me.

Just…Damn Monday, could you not?


it is now 10 till noon, and I am sipping on a cold brew.

No caramel, as I forgot mine.

I am also missing my USB that I keep all my writing on.

So, I am trying to rebound my mood a bit, and get better on track for the day and week, so I am sipping my cold brew, and hoping to get this day back on course.

So, I need to find my USB so I can keep working on some writing projects. Props to me for being so calm about said missing USB.

Quarter till 4:00 PM

Well, some of my coworkers, including Bret, have to stay late tonight, so our boss took them out to lunch to thank them/bribe them for it. Some how, I was lucky enough to be included in this lunch trip, so I got a delicious bit of soup and salad for some lunch, which is great and gives me some energy to attack the rest of the day, because as delicious as the nachos my coworker gave me were, it wasn’t a huge amount and I was pretty hungry.

Photo by Jasmin Schreiber on Unsplash

So, after lunch, on the way back I spilled half my drink all over myself and Bret, as well as the back of my bosses car. Thankfully, I had a fairly natural lemonade with agave, so it wasn’t as sticky as it could have been. I guess. I still have half, which I am drinking, before I go back to coffee and my water.

Bret will be working late, so I think I may use that time to catch up on some stuff, and also do an intense work out.

I am a “work-out in private” kind of girl, and with out apartment being so small, and only one area being air conditioned, I work out in the living room. Both of our writing spaces are also in this living room, so if I am working out, I am doing it in front of Bret.

To make matters worse, I am quite noisy when I work out. I sing along to lyrics, sometimes quite loudly, and, funny enough, Bret doesn’t love hearing “Fuck you too bitch, call the cops!”-“I chimed in with a haven’t you people ever heard of-” “You can caaaaalll me al!”- “Oh Roxy? Don’t you love me?”- “These are my confessions-” medley that is my musical tastes and inclinations to sing.

S0, tonight, I think I will be hitting the bike and yoga mat hard, after doing the three or four dishes we have, and my little cleaning list. I would love to get a bag of old clothing together, like I mentioned in the blog that was published the same day I am writing this (blog #25) I am decluttering in our apartment this week, with the end goal of removing a lot of stuff we are no longer using, as well as a large dresser we need to get rid of.

So, I am at work, wrapping up some obligations, before packing up and leaving for the day! Then, I will hopefully get some working out done, as well as some cleaning.

Later- Start of the work out

Another blog entry from the stationary bike, another day closer to healthy living.

I’m getting better at making time for a work out- now I am convinced if I didn’t have to haul the bike out from behind baskets of clothing awaiting action of some sort, I would probably have an even easier time working out everyday. If I had a space that was cooler than this, and the bike was already set up ready to go, I would probably log even more time- same with yoga, for that matter!

But, it’s not like I should let those things get in the way. I have to just tough it out.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Talked to my mom today – it was her birthday.

I wish I could have been there for it but, I’m also glad she got some good ass dinner and her and my sister are getting ice cream cake, which is AMAZING because, c’mon, ice cream cake.

Anyways- I am biking on the cool down- which gives me a chance to blog a little more.

My day has been weird, including a weird phone snafu that led to my mom not getting my texts, but instead someone on iMessage getting them.

So, because we text fairly often, this was bothersome to me for sure, and I like to think to her too so- my mother got an Instagram!

Yeah, I know. I’m nervous too. What if she finds out her daughter is a hippie with a foul mouth who smokes a ton of cannabis?

HAHA! Just kidding, she definitely knew that already.

I don’t think she knows I have this blog, or that I am working on my writing “career”. I don’t think she knows that I create content, that I am launching several of my writing projects…

I never want to bore my Mom with this shit. She reads proper authors. Also has her own life going on. Hell she worked today on her birthday.

Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash

My mom works her ass off, and always has. She’s a total bitch, and she is the one who told me to always tell people that. She’s THE bitch. She’s THAT bitch. Now that Grandma is gone, she’s our family’s matriarch, or, the main bitch.

I wonder how many people just left my blog because of that last paragraph.

Look, these are my mother’s words. She’s awesome, and very sure of herself- my grandparents raised her that way. To always be strong as hell and the meanest, badest bitch in the room. Mom has also been able to handle more than most, because of this.

She raised my sister and I alone for quite some time before her husband, our dad, came into the picture. And she did a pretty damn good job.

So today my mother joined Instagram. Knowing my mom, she will end up being a homemade goods influencer or something.

Hell she may sell shit on Instagram she is CRAZY talented.

Anyways, my mom has joined Instagram, so hold onto your hats, millennials, our parents are for sure coming.

Photo by Allef Vinicius on Unsplash

Thankfully my mom knows exactly who I am and isn’t surprised by much I do anymore.

Anyways, I am winding down my cycling workout, going to try and squeeze in some yoga real quick before making something to eat and working on some writing. I’ve got a lot to do, and still have to edit and schedule this blog, so I think I will wrap it up here.

As far as time tracking goes, I still need more time, but I am trying to just make good use of my time before it runs out.

I guess that’s all any of us do, in the big picture, huh?

Thanks for reading- feel free to follow me here or on any social media- @abbigrasso



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