Daily Blog #28 “Using time well, finding my tribe, & life gives zero fucks about my time management plans.”

Wednesday late morning

Well, I finally got the blog for today up, and have reasonably caught up with work. Now I am munching on my breakfast, sipping some cold brew, and trying to finish waking up for the day.

In yesterday’s blog I talked (in between running late) about the habit I have formed of doing at least one thing ever day to better help my future. Today, I will be expanding on this a little, while also discussing some of the better “uses” of your time, even when “goofing” off.

Yesterday, I mentioned that I do a thing every day that helps my future, be it working out, decluttering a room, working on my art, or even just working on the blog, every day, to develop my writing habit. I also mentioned that come Friday, I stop tracking time and being productive and I nearly stand still.

To Be Continued

My mother and sister have informed me that my grandfather is in critical care for brain hemorrhages. There is no way to stop the bleeding, without nuerosurgery, which the surgeon said he wont survive.

He has signed a DNR, ages ago, and my mother and sister are on their way to say goodbye to my grandfather. It is about a 40 minute drive, probably 30 the way my sister drives.

If you recall from blog #20, this is bound to be an emotional situation for me.

I am waiting for the next call from my mom, after she speaks to the doctor in person at the hospital, to let me know what is going on, so I can see what my plans need to be.

Rent is due out of this check, so that should be fun.

Life, sometimes it laughs at your time management.


So the news is terrible and I’m going to just ignore it for the moment and continue writing like I know Grandpa would want.


I do these daily things to help my future but there is the kicker.

They aren’t always overly productive looking things.

Being social isn’t considered something one does for the future, but it is if you consider that you are building friendships for the future.

This is compounded when you add people that make you feel inspired. People who inspire you to hustle, to chase dreams, to be bold, to be recklessly kind, to be all the things you want to be. Hanging with those friends, and searching for them if you don’t have them, is important.

The friends get you through. The friends will encourage you when the creative well runs dry. The friends can even end up being your team, that you work with, if you do it right, and surround yourself with people you work well with.

For me I want those friends, the ones who are bettering themselves and doing this for their futures. I don’t have many friends but the ones I have I value and treasure. The friends I have are top notch quality who I would gladly work with and collaborate with.

Spending time with them is something that makes me better in so many ways.

What you do with your time matters.

Sorry that last bit kind of got to me, with the news of my grandfather.

To conclude- it is great to maximize your time, but that also means when we do fun things they are also good for us. Be it hanging with friends who inspire us to do better, rock climbing after work because it makes us happy, or working on a blog when you could easily spend the time grieving, and no one would blame you. Do things that are good for you, and your future, every day.

I expect a call today about my grandpa, so I’m still in limbo but I’m trying to get stuff done in the interim.

In the meantime, I wanted to get this blog up, because grandpa has always encouraged my writing and tells me to write everything down so, I’m going to go post this, and start the next daily blog.

Have a happy Thursday everyone.

(Yea, I’m worried the Thursday curse is gonna bite me- more so with grandpa- low expectations are easy to manage)

PS- I am not editing this blog. Nor am I adding pictures, I hope you understand.


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