Daily Blog #31 “readjusting, picking urns, and trying to make helpful choices.”

Tuesday Night

I got Daily Blog #30 scheduled and it should go live tomorrow early in the morning. Now I’m chilling in bed waiting for Bret to finish up some notes he’s making for an upcoming music project.

My goal for tomorrow is to catch back up with myself and get prepare for the coming weeks.

So I’m going to head to sleep and get a good nights rest to ensure that happens.

Wednesday Morning

I may do a “beauty blog” type post this week- I’ve been upping my skin care game lately – I would love to share with y’all about my journey and results because I have found some great skin care products!!

Surprisingly, some of the best ones that I’m obsessed with were SUPER affordable!!

Of course at the moment I have to do my skin routine, and get ready for work. I’ve been having a ton of trouble getting up early, which is a bummer, considering how hard I worked to start getting up early, which leads to me being late getting ready for work.

On average, my morning routine takes three hours. Much of that is not spent getting ready. My actual getting dressed, teeth, hair, makeup, routine is around 30, maybe less. The remaining time is for tea time, reading time, catching up on the news, making breakfast, packing snacks/lunch, getting my morning buzz going, feeding the animals, making the bed, and just kind of glaring at the entire institution of mornings.

Lately I’ve been waking up with less than two hours to achieve all of this.

Today is no different, so I’m going to sip my tea, as it is now 10 till eight I have a smidge over an hour to get ready with a solid two hours left in my routine so! I need to put the blogging down and get ready for work.

Wednesday Afternoon

Well, I have been working fairly diligently for a while now, and I think I am nearly caught up on my work from my time I took off.

My mom called, and I got to pick out the urn I’ll be keeping some of grandpa’s ashes in.

Fun stuff.

Wednesday Night

Well I have the choice to stay up and force the writing or try and get a good nights sleep and try to not get fucked by Thursday.

I’m not saying I will give into the Thursday curse I tend to be afflicted with, no, this is me determined to beat it!

Hope you all have a fantastic Thursday too!


Editors note- I need to get to bed and it is already late, so, no pictures, sorry.


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