Daily Blog #32 “busy day avoiding the Thursday curse, a creative rant that turns into a plea, and a desperate need for a book light”

Thursday Afternoon

Fred Kloet Via Unsplash

Been going nonstop all day. The first of the month for accountants can be pretty crazy, and today was no exception. I have been been trying to not get swept up in the Thursday Curse, and while I have dealt with about ten condescending people, eleven straight up assholes, and about thirty duplicate invoices that make no sense.

So, it has been a very long day and I have no small amount of crap left to do either. I am also trying to figure out what to blog about today, other than how badly I want it to be Friday, and how desperate I am to get some work done around the house, some work on the blog, and more creative writing.

I have been brainstorming the second half of “Part of what is to come” which is called “is to come”. This is the second half of the story of Molly on the island, and I am VERY excited to finish that part up.

Junior Ferriera via Unsplash

I guess I can blog about THIS!

So, because I am working on a multi format mixed media universe, I am burying some MAJOR information for my main universe series, in the blog.

Yeah, like, MAJOR stuff, hidden in plain sight. Because I LOVE when writers leave me clues, so i am doing it too.

The second half of THIS part of Molly’s story on the is going to be full of some major information about the nature of the world around my characters, and because I am a meta writer…the world around you too.

It is some massive stuff, and it involves timelines and places in time, so this writing, while looking simple, and like a unique girl’s adventure on a mysterious island, it is actually much deeper and more complicated than that.

You see, my Narrator is Roxy, but Roxy is also the only one with a plane, and the uncanny ability to travel through time whilst doing do.

Roxy herself also has several mysteries about her, including her name, but her best friend is Molly. While Molly survives on this island, Roxy is arranging a lot of stuff, in fact, several Roxy’s in several points and places in time, are all doing things, and the responsibility of narration falls upon her best friend, and also the nice boy who works in the research lab in Flake City, Gordo.

So, without giving away TOO much information, I highly suggest reading the second part when I start releasing it onto this blog- hopefully this week or next, because if you like complicated stories with some fun spins from strong, smart, savvy females, then you will really like as some of these parts of the world start to come to light and begin to fall into place.

I am actually really excited about it, Molly and Roxy are some of my favorite characters, and I like Gordo so much I have “killed him” thrice.

For a small preview, Gordo has been one of Amy’s best friends for a long time. Gordo and Molly are about to start discussing the massive war that has taken over their lives, all starting with Amy, Gordo’s best friend, and Miranda.

I love that I can say heavy statements like that and still have all of the information contained in the story you will be reading soon. Feel free to check out the first half, which I divided into I think three parts, because “short” is debatable.

Photo by Zhimai Zhang on Unsplash

So, I am very pumped for the writing I am going to be releasing, and I think I may go ahead and toss up some more stuff from Flake City, including Damon picking up weed from his dealer at the airport, (Why yes, astute reader, Roxy is the dealer) and Sam, the Flake City Radio DJ running the radio as everything in Flake City begins to happen.

I hope someone reading loves this stuff as much as I do, because honestly this is the kind of content I have wished and hoped to see.

I hope that doesn’t offend anyone, or make me sound like an egotistical jerk, but they do say to create what you want to see, and that is overwhelmingly what I am doing.

Molly and her adventures on the island, more so when we get to the MAIN Molly story (You didn’t see that coming did you? That incredibly long not so short, “short story”? That isn’t even the main Molly on the Island story…

Yeah, we have a ways to go before the picture becomes a bit more clear, and again, this is the kind of content I would love to see, so I hope you love it.

If you have stuff weird and random like this, let me know. I want so badly to take in that kind of content, and more importantly, I want to support fellow creatives. Writers should support writers. Actually, all content creators should support content creators.

Yeah, I said what I said. I am not saying support things you don’t agree with, but if you like the content, tell them you do.

Tell them you do by supporting it.

We are all out here making art and shit, why not support each other?

So, sorry for the random artist/content creator rant, but I believe in this.

I am also finally really proud of my writing and universe, knowing I am creating the stuff I want to see, and that is a great feeling.

And I want others to feel it too. Please to write your stuff, or film it, or record it, or perform it…whatever your art is, please do it. Even if I don’t know about it, or it isn’t my style, it IS someone’s. Also you shouldn’t do art for anyone except yourself but I promise you someone out there NEEDS your art, so get to creating, please.

Thursday Night

I started reading a new book, it’s a compilation of short stories and it’s quite enjoyable.

I also need to buy a booklight. Our apartment is crazy dark, and I am in the process of adding more light, but only want to use temporary lighting supplies, so they can come with us when we move.

So, I need a book light. This isn’t the first time in my life I’ve needed one and kept forgetting to buy one. When I do remember, or am reminded, to buy one, the light inevitably doesn’t have a long life, and after an hour of reading every day, the book light is likely to die, leaving me looking for a fucking Radio Shack for an impossible battery. This will probably be no different. Here is hoping. Ugh.

Sometimes I really hate myself. My book light struggles should not be this hard.

Anyways, other than needing a book light and starting a new book, my evening is coming to a close. I was at work quite late, had to do updates to our some of our financial and point of sale programs, which led to me being there later than intended, so I’ve done very little cleaning. I’m working on some writing though, and I want to try and wrap that up so, I will end this blog here.

Tomorrow is Friday, and I can honestly say I’m so glad it is Friday.

Photo by Robin Benzrihem on Unsplash

I’ve been eager for Friday all week. I am hoping to have a fairly productive weekend, but also a restoring one. I lost my grandpa on Monday, so, I’ll probably also indulge myself by sleeping in and playing video games. May you also have a restive and productive weekend.

Happy Friday!

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