Daily Blog #33 Sunday night after a different weekend schedule, and prepping for the week.”

Sunday Night

Had a fairly chill weekend where I tried a new experiment in balance and time management by being productive throughout the weekend while also resting.

Basically, normally on a Friday all the way until deep into Saturday night or Sunday morning I am fairly lazy and then I do all my productive stuff on Sunday.

Obviously this normally leads to things being left undone and going to bed late at night on Sunday, which leaves me tired on Monday. This makes it harder for me to wake up early Monday morning and really get an attack on my day. One of my goals this week is to get back on an earlier morning schedule so I can stop running late in the morning.

So this weekend I opted to be productive, I even did the bulk of my planned cleaning projects when Bret went into the office on Saturday to work on some stuff left undone from last week. This has let me relax a bit more today, (something I’m grateful for as my “Aunt Flow” arrived today) and I was able to just do some puttering around and basic cleaning, and get ready to attack Monday without working about running late.

Photo by Plush Design Studio on Unsplash

One of my other main goals for the week is to focus on creative writing, and of course the blog. The past week my focus was more on not overwhelming myself after my grandfathers death. This week I want to try and get back on track so my goals are to do more creative writing, as well as my dedicated blog writing. I want to work out at least three times this week. To achieve these goals, plus any extras I add onto it, will be aided by my final goal, waking up by 6:30 every day, at the latest, if not earlier, my goal of 6:00AM is optimum.

I had gotten good at waking up by 5:30, so I’m hoping I can rolling it back to earlier this week.

It’s nearly 7:00 Sunday evening, and I want to get a few more things sorted before tomorrow, but I also want to get to bed by a reasonable hour to guarantee I am well prepared for getting up early in the morning.

So, excuse me while I get sorted.

Later Sunday evening

So I did some dishes and tidied up a bit, got my cold brew prepped and my bullet journal set up for this upcoming week. Now I’m working on this blog and doing a face mask, after which I’ll probablt finish up the blog and schedule it, do any other odd cleaning I want to do, lay out my outfit for tomorrow, and head to bed as early as possible. I want to make my goal of getting up early.

So I have now done most of my productive stuff for the evening and with it being 10, I am going to wrap this blog up so I can attack tomorrow in full force. I have some longer blogs and creative writing planned for this week so, be ready for some reading, my dear readers.

Hope you have an amazing Monday and a wonderful week!



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