Amy Needs A Shower, a short story.

(Short Story, enjoy. No “Daily Blog” today. This is the short story I wrote today that I mentioned on Twitter. Enjoy. @abbigrasso)

“She is part fairy and doesn’t even know it.” Roxy said to Kiblah quietly, from the darkness of the backyard. Across the yard, a soft lavender purple glow came from a flower bed. Roxy inhaled deeply on her joint, looking to Kiblah.

Kiblah’s quick eyes, known for beautiful and sometimes terrifying eye changes, seemed to fade from a deep topaz to a glowing gold in the dark, boring into Roxy’s own eyes.

Not many people could hold Roxy’s gaze for long, but Kiblah could. Roxy figured Kiblah could do it all night. Kiblah had nothing to fear, and nothing to hide. Roxy also had nothing to fear, and while she hid plenty, she hid nothing from Kiblah in this time line.

“Fairy, or Fae?” Kiblah asked, arching one eyebrow in a challenge to Roxy.

“Depends who you ask.” Roxy quipped. “She is human, but she has…other stuff in there. Spirits don’t mess with her, fairies, fae, even a demon, they all leave her alone.”

“So she is Peace…Peacefully cracking coconuts on a magical island.”

“She has to be.” Roxy nodded. “And I know who Truth is, and Consequences.”

“So we know who Peace, Truth, and Consequences are, from that prophecy.”

“The Prophecy we told ourselves about.” Kiblah replied, taking a long drag of her own joint. “I swear, this stuff gets tricky when-“

Kiblah stopped talking and listened carefully, and then began speaking, louder. “With the war how is, I swear, I can only make sense of it with the weed, you know.” Kiblah chuckled. “I should call Amy, see if she wants to hit this.” Kiblah said with a dead pan face to Roxy as the back door to the house opened.

“We should call her war.” Roxy quipped.

“War would look better; I don’t know what she is.” Kiblah joked in retort.

Amy’s silhouette darkened the doorway, her thick hair pulled into a messy mass on her head, and a cigarette hanging from her lips. Amy was sweaty, wearing a loosely fitting tank top and a pair of sweatpants of highly suspect cleanliness.

“Amy, you look fucking homeless.” Roxy said with a snort. Kiblah and Amy both looked to Roxy, shocked that the normally incredibly kind Roxy would blurt out such a truthful statement.

“I can’t leave my fucking house.” Amy said as response. “Oh, wait, sorry, it isn’t even my house. It is Kiblah’s, and I get to stay here, because I basically am homeless, Roxy.”

Roxy nodded. “Okay, but like…You could shower?”

Amy rolled her eyes and smelled herself. “You may have a point. Can I hit that first?”

Kiblah rolled her eyes and handed her old friend her joint.  “Ams…I have known you a long time…Roxy is not wrong.”

“At least I shower and use a washcloth. I could be much worse.”

“Yes, you clean yourself, but you could also try and look clean.”

Amy rolled her eyes again, taking a seat on the edge of the porch. “I never leave the house. All I do is photograph used clothes and sell them online. I can’t even take packages to the post office, because if I do, one of Miranda’s little friends comes and tries to kill me.” Amy inhaled the joint. “Remember the werewolf last week? Oh, and the vampire, who is literally camped outside of this fence!” Said Amy raising her voice so the asshole vampire that had been “staked” outside, on the off chance Amy walked outside in the front, could hear her.

“I hate that guy.” Kiblah muttered. “He’s strong. He can’t break the barrier, old magic works so well against old vampires, but damn, annoying.”

“He’s waiting for something.” Amy muttered. “Probably for me to slip up.”

“No…I think I know…” Roxy said, handing her joint to Amy, Roxy turned on her heels, and with one quick hop and a flip , was over the backyard fence, face to face with Victor, who was in fact a very old vampire, and was in fact camped out, waiting.

Roxy locked eyes with Victor, considering his eyes carefully.

“Not even gonna try and bite me, eh?” Roxy said with a smirk, pushing some purple hair from her eyes.

“Why. I like my meals alive.”

Roxy smiled. “Then leave Amy alone.”

Victor smiled a grin that made Roxy uncomfortable. “She didn’t stay dead. Seems to me she may be even fresher than some children.”

Roxy worked hard to keep her face from revealing how gross she found this sentiment, and was able to put a cocky look on her face. “Well, maybe you should go for some children who aren’t as smart as she is. Or as smart as Kiblah is. We aren’t letting you get her. So, you are wasting your time.”

Victor smiled, “for a narrator, you still don’t know everything.” Victor smiled a large smile, one that looked genuine, but also threatening, with teeth that were elongating with the smile.

Roxy eyed Victor, waiting for a clue, before she spotted something behind Victor.

Quick movements and a heavy thud startled Roxy, and before Roxy could react, an unconscious Victor was in her arms. “What the fuck?” Roxy asked, incredulously, setting down the unconscious vampire.

“Sorry, I thought he may have been trying to hurt you.” Roxy, a much younger Roxy, said to Roxy.

Roxy, the one we have been with, with purple hair, stared, in disbelief, at her much younger self. The Roxy from before Lake Ponchartrain.

“I have to do, we aren’t supposed to meet up yet, I was supposed to just walk by, I thought…” the younger Roxy with pink, purple, and blue hair said.

“Uh, yeah, you should, uh, keep doing that.” The older Roxy quickly looked over the top of the fence to check on Kiblah and Amy. Kiblah stood half way between the fence and the porch, and Amy sat on the porch, brandishing a weapon of some sort.

“So why did you-“ Roxy turned back around and nearly jumped out of her skin. A younger Victor stood, as If nothing had happened, and held a note in his hand. Roxy looked down, her Victor was still unconscious. The other Roxy was gone.

“What the fuck.” Roxy said, now shocked, even for her own standards, this was weird.

“I was told by you to wait until…” The younger Victor looked at his watch, “three…two…one… now,” Victor handed the envelope to Roxy, “To give you this. Please remember, this is a part of what is to come.” Victor said with a dark smile, before turning on his heels and vanishing.

Roxy leapt back over the fence again and looked back. Young Victor had vanished, Roxy blinked in disbelief, then gasped when she looked down, and saw that older, unconscious Victor was also gone. Roxy stared into the night as the older Victor appeared once more, returning to his spot, unaware of any duplicate Roxy’s, or any duplicate Victor’s, any secret notes, or any meta messages about being a narrator. “What the actual fuck is going on…” Roxy said looking down at the envelope. A small gasp escaped her lips, when she realized the letter was one of the letters she had written to herself.

Photo by Siora Photography on Unsplash

“Is that a Roxy letter?” Kiblah asked, familiar with the notes. Roxy had spread crucial information all over time and space, including to herself, so everyone had information they would trust…Including the time traveling Roxy. This Roxy with purple hair, however, had always thought she was the “oldest” and therefore most informed…This letter, however indicated that there was another Roxy, and this Roxy knew a key piece to the puzzle.

“What does it say?” Asked Kiblah.

Roxy unfolded the letter and read it silently.

“There is a way for Amy to leave the house…to get a cease fire, a truce for this war.” Roxy said reading the letter. “We just need to find Hope.”


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