Daily Blog #38 “Whatever your art is, do it”

Monday Afternoon

I had this thought for this blog yesterday, and it works, thematically, with one of my biggest “things”.

Are you working on your art?

No? Why the fuck not?

So, I say this all the time, and I thought this would be a great chance to discuss what *is* art and what working on it means.

Photo by Anna Kolosyuk on Unsplash

I know some people have lofty ideas as to what art “truly” is, and what aren’t “isn’t”.

For example, some say this blog isn’t art. Some more say that writing meta fantasy, isn’t art.

Some argue that pop music isn’t art, it is truly only entertainment.

Or say movies aren’t art, only theatre.

Whereas other people will say only movies, where people make proper money, is art.

Some say the second you take money it isn’t art.

A couple of “art experts” explain that unless it is in a museum, it isn’t art.

These people all have something in common?

Their art? Is making artists down themselves. Talented, these little fuckers are incredibly talented at making you think, your art? “It ain’t it, sis.” “It’ a no from me.”

It. Isn’t. Art.

Those people are all incredibly talented at making you, a creative spirit, feel like shit.

And those people suck.

With the exception of people who make bringing others down their art, I want everyone to work on their art.

Unless your art is being an asshole, I want you to work on your art every spare second you have.

Got twenty minutes on the tube during your commute? Work on your art.

Got a five minute break? Work on your art.

Photo by Alex Jones on Unsplash

Got an evening alone because someone canceled on you? This person didn’t just cancel on you, they GIFTED YOU an evening of working on your art.

Vacation time, but no vacation spot? Hello working on your art vacation.

Got a lunch break? Work on your art.

child smile GIF

Got a boss that doesn’t realize how well you work? Work on your art, get paid that much faster for your art.

So, in case you missed it from all my social media posts, or the first bit of this blog….I want everyone to work on their art.

So what is art?

We talked about people who may discourage you from working on your art, or people who may try to claim your art isn’t art.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Fuck them, they don’t matter. They need to go work on their art, not pass judgments on what art is.

Art is subjective, as any truly educated in the arts person will readily accept and even tell you.

But art, for my purpsoses, can be a number of things.

Writing? Painting? Scultping? All art.

Blogs, novels, poems? All relevant forms of writing.

Finger paints, acrylic paints, water colors…all relevant painting.

Marble? Clay? Glass Blowing? All art.

Guess what?? Art doesn’t have to be limited to traditional types of art, either.

Found object art? LOVE IT.

Photo by Raoul Ortega on Unsplash

Mixed media art? OBSESSED WITH IT.

Photography? ART!

Embroidery? Beat Boxing? YouTube Videos? Art, Art, Art!

Podcasters, Medium writers, graffiti taggers…Just call them what they are: Artists, Artists, Artists.

Later, whilst working out

So, when we left off on my “whatever your art is, do it” I was tangenting about artist. Now, as I begin to work up a sweat on my work out, allow me to continue my point.

It’s all art.

All of it.

Photo by Taylor Franz on Unsplash

Whatever it is that makes you so happy, that creative thing you love so much. For me it’s writing, creating, destroying the fourth wall of art. For Bret, it is composing brilliant change the game music. For some people it is their scrapbooking, their blog, their YouTube channel, their sandcastle making, their sky diving, their rock climbing, their cosplay…whatever it is that is their art.

Work on it. Whatever it is. Unless it’s something like being a racist or just a mean asshole.

In this big wide world there are so many better ways to spend your time. I highly suggest spending it making your art, whatever that is.

Don’t let someone tell you your art isn’t significant either. Your art matters.

Go fucking make it.

Okay so that was the big bulk of my blog topic for today, but, to update you all in true daily blog fashion, let’s talk about Monday!

So, for all the ways I am bad at Thursdays, I fucking kick ass at Mondays.

Not to be too cocky, but really, I am pretty fucking good at Monday. I think if I had Wednesday off every week I would be able to undo the Thursday curse be size much of what gives me my success on Sunday is my time to prep for the next day. By Sunday evening I am generally caught up. I’ve had a day or so to clean, to prep in any way for the week.

Plus, I know Mondays tend to come for people so I find it helps to be extra positive on Monday.

Today was a pretty good Monday, obviously, other than the hotel/Airbnb situation being pretty tricky.

It’s proving to be tricky to find a place that is clean, allows dogs, and isn’t a ton of fucking money.

Photo by Gianandrea Villa on Unsplash

Travel is fucking stressful.

But I’ve discussed that stuff previously- instead I’ll say that this week is all about getting prepped for the trip.

But I have managed to squeeze in some cleaning, and I’m working out, plus the blog. Oh, and kind of kicking ass at work.

So, all in all, good stuff. I like Monday and I am hoping tomorrow, Tuesday, which is really just Monday part two, goes the same, but with more results on travel arrangements.

I’m gonna kick it up a notch on the bike, and it’s pretty late already so I need to make some food and edit this. Bret is stuck on a job site, which sucks. Anyways, I’m going to kick this into gear because I have other things I want to write.



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