Daily Blog #39 “Dear Medium, please don’t curate my writing.”

Tuesday evening

Well, was busy most of the day and im just now getting to my blog writing for the day.

I did spend some time writing, creatively. Worked on some Amy stuff. Anyways, I did do some reading on Medium, which is what led to this blog

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

I read an article and saw it had several comments. I was curious what kind of comments it had been left, being a fairly innocent article, and was mortified.

Some people are horrible. I mean just miserable.

Like holy mother of all that is holy, that is some crazy hate for a very innocent topic. It wasn’t a hot button issue, nothing political, (politics was mentioned, but just as something that can be “too much”, it was hardly the topic) nothing religious, nothing about video games, movies, comics, nothing that would lead to incredibly rude comments I found.

Depressingly, it wasn’t even “just one or two” mean comments in a sea of positive ones.

This was fifteen comments, over ten of which were some level of incredibly rude and condescending with the remaining five being thinly vieled condescendion, with a couple sparsely sprinkled “not bad”’s as a way of a compliment.

Amazing. The top comment dared say “1500 words just to talk about ____” and it blew my mind. In a world with thirty minute reads about Marvel movies, video reviews that last LONGER THAN THE MOVIE, this jerk had a problem with someone writing.

And the comment had over 40 “Claps”.

Why do people feel the need to be angry? I can speculate, but that isn’t the point of this blog.

If 15 comments of varying shades of asshole are what getting one of your precious blog posts curated gets you, I want none of it.

I mean it. I honestly may go back and remove the “eligibile for monetization” for all my past blogs because I don’t want to ever risk ANY of my writing being curated. Not if that’s what it gets you.

If it’s just your “fans” reacting to the writing, you don’t get senseless hateful comments from people who were never going to do anything but negative stuff or at least, you have people who came to read your “1500 words on ____”.

Because it’s pretty shitty to me that in 15 comments not one person could find a decent thing to say.

Photo by Trent Erwin on Unsplash

I don’t see any of my blog posts getting curated anyways, with my frequent mention of cannabis and love of course words, so I’ve never bothered to opt out of being “behind the paywall”. I’ve never imagined I wouldn’t have a shot in hell if getting curated. Now I don’t think I want to be curated at all.

Because as you recall from my past blog, I don’t want to have a false audience and I don’t want to trick people into liking me, which probably includes Medium curation.

Daily Blog #35 “likes don’t matter, you matter!”

I want people who like it, not fifteen comments that are horribly reductive. The fucked up thing about those comments is most of them were never going to judge the writing anyways. They came to be an asshole, the content didn’t matter.

I don’t want access to that audience.

In the end, I’ll probably keep Medium curation on, because I would love to make the money I spend back on it, but I really don’t want to get Medium curation. It seems like it opens a horrible door of nasty comments.

Mind you, I am no fool, I know that whatever writing I publish is subject to scrutiny, and yes, some people may opt to being a jackass. I know that I will, eventually, deal with my own fair share of mean comments. I can’t avoid that.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

But still, hey, Medium, please don’t curate my writing…I really don’t feel like “ignoring the trolls” for that many rude assholes.

It’s not that I blame Medium, no, I know the problems are layered, and have little to do with Medium at all, but, to see a well written article receive such hate, when it’s only visible crime was to be curated by the Medium team, certainly undoes much of the allure to a curated piece. 

So, I wrote most of that whilst on the stationary bike and now I’m watching Golden Girls, working on this blog, and trying to talk myself into doing some cleaning.



Well now I’ve done a new face mask and I added a sleeping mask after to help my skin which does not like being in the sun, it does not like the heat, and overall, needs extra help in the Houston sun. Now Bret and I are enjoying a joint and winding down for bed. We have a very long day ahead of us tomorrow and we need to be well rested, which is why I am going to wrap up this blog.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, let’s all do our very best.

I’m really hoping everything goes as planned tomorrow so I’m going to bed. May you all have a great Wednesday.


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