Daily Blog #40 “I am happy with my writing!”


Happy Wednesday everyone! Of course by the time you read this it will be Thursday morning, but the sentiment is the same! Happy Wednesday in my time, Happy Thursday in your time!

I hope I am avoiding the “Thursday curse” I fight so often. I bet I am.

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I am working very hard today to have a good Thursday, namely because today starts the rest of my week.

Today, I have to secure the money we need to take this trip, which is mostly handled but I need to speak to someone to finish it off. We have to book the car, and the hotel room. We need to finalize the schedule. Do the laundry, begin prepping the packing arrangements, go shopping for the pet food and a few other odds and ends we need around the house…

Basically, today is the second to last full day we have in town before leaving, and very little plans are finished, so here we are.

Additionally, we have decided to take next week four ourselves, as we desperately need a vacation, and we thankfully have vacation time we need to use. Not much, and we are both saving two days of the five we are given, to try and not hurt ourselves next week while we omit work from our day.

We will be renting the car for a full week and doing a stay-cation, hopefully hitting up some museums and maybe some day trips to nearby cities. Get some content, take tons of pictures, get our apartment in order…a nice productive, working on us, stay-cation.

It will also be good to spend some time writing, and really properly grieving my grandfather, and, admittedly, my grandmother as well. My mother and I are very similar in regards to how we grieve, and I don’t think either of us will start grieving either my grandma or my grandpa until after we have had the final memorial service.

As you may know from past blogs, my grandpa always encouraged me to write, and in fact some of his last words to me were encouraging me to write, so I won’t be slowing down any time soon…

Photo by Kat Stokes on Unsplash

But what you may or may not know, depending on how often you read my blog, is how excited I am for my writing, and this is my segue into the main topic of today’s blog, the fortieth of the Daily Blog style blogs. (I don’t know how many total blogs on the blog, I should check- Holy shit it’s over 70 blogs total)

I am excited about my writing!

I have been writing on some of the characters I love and have whimsical stories with fun all around them. Some have this whimsey despite crazy happenings around them.

I have also been writing and working on Flake City.

So, it is VERY fun to finally get back to Amy, Kiblah, and Kent. Amy is actually who this whole world started with, and it is a magical war that has been started between Amy and Miranda that has led to much of the action in my universe.

The war, like all of them, is largely stupid, starts from things someone calls unavoidable although it totally was, and makes everything more tricky.

So now I am going back to the Amy story. She has been unable to do much, being unable to really leave the house, due to the magical war that has broken out. The war has been in a standstill, with both sides consolidating power, and now, a truce is being formed, which allows Amy to finally leave the house.

But Miranda, despite being a bit more mature after a year of fighting, still will not yield Amy’s home, so Amy is still relatively stuck, but with the freedom to move beyond the house’s property lines. Amy is now able to move freely through out the state.

That is where the next part of this complex story begins to grow, and I have been waiting many years to finally get to this place. I finally have most of my stories (and the timelines) in place, so I can write from this point forward. From the truce.

War is a fine topic to write about, but the things that happen inside a truce (which is really more of a temporary cease fire, enforced by magic) are much more interesting…The things that happen from here on out really show us the full scope of the war.

Miranda and Amy, much as they may hold the blame for this war, actually have little to do with it.

This is all a part of what is to come.

So, I am very excited for my writing, which not every writer can proudly proclaim. This one can!

Later that night

Photo by Nick Morrison on Unsplash

So it’s prebed time, so I need to get the blog edited up and ready to post for tomorrow.

Anyways, I need to get to work on editing the blog, maybe doing a face mask, and going to bed.

Have an awesome Thursday, make sure we are connected on social media to see how it goes. The next few blogs will be either some topics I’ve picked to write about over the next week, or some travel blogs about the journey to see my family and our fun trip back.



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