Daily Blog #41 “Multi-tasking, travel prep, where the fuck did the time go?!”


(Note, as you discover by the end of this post, there is not editing, formatting or pictures to this blog, for reasons you will soon discover)

Holy crap if I manage to pull off today it will be a miracle.

It started early and I am holding on to dear life, desperately trying to catch up the day. My day is relatively locked up till six, here at work, but after, I have no small amount of stuff to do, more than usual, with less time than usual. We want to leave by 6:00AM which is nearly impossible, unless we go to bed very early.

We have to do laundry, get some shopping done, make sure the house is clean, have our snacks and other road trip stuff packed up, animals tended to, Chance travel bag packed, travel playlists made, final route actually decided, hotel rooms booked, pick up rental car, load car, have it all gassed up, two different shopping trips to pick up some things for my family that they can’t get there, plus my own trip to an Ulta for some products I need, oh, and do all of this before like nine or so, so we can get to bed early and wake up at like four or five to be on the road by six.

Yeah. Pretty impossible.

So, I am working on the blog between phone calls at work. Basically, if you put Abbi Grasso on hold today, Abbi Grasso is gonna work on her blog while you force her to listen to hold music.

I have some topics in my bullet journal to write about, and my goal is to get lots of writing done in a very long car ride.

I have done a few shorter blogs this week, short by my standards, not most bloggers. I know several daily bloggers or regular bloggers, will keep their blog posts to around 500 words, and maybe that is what you should do, but my post average is 1500 words per post. This week i have averaged around 800-1000. I have done these shorter posts to save myself time so I could get more done this week and not be as behind on Thursday since Abbi has rough luck on Thursdays, and life laughed at most of my plans, so now I am working my ass off to catch up, despite having spent time this week trying to avoid this very problem.

So, now it is a little under and hour until noon and I have a few work things to do before my next round of phone calls, so I am going to go do that, and I will be back later.

Friday morning

Hahahahahaha me thinking I was going to get to come back and finish the blog!!! Well, if you me follow on my Instagram or Twitter, you know that we ended up running very behind on going to bed, we woke up very late, and were late getting out the door for the trip.

The blog did not get finished and it’s now nearly 11:00AM, and I would love to at least get this blog up and start to work on the next one.

So, we are stopping for gas, I will load this blog up via my phone and work on the next one! Happy Friday!!


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