Daily Blog #42 “Driving to NOLA: A Spontaneous Vacation”

Monday early evening

We are driving! Into New Orleans! We have left my parents house after grieving, properly, for my grandfather and having a lovely weekend catching up with family.

I am going to gloss over….quite a bit about my family for reasons those close to me may understand, but also because Bret and I are headed to a city I LOVE on the way back to Houston and I am hella excited for it!!!

We are going to New Orleans for the evening, depending on the time we have, we may try and stay an extra day or so. We want to walk around, get some pictures, maybe check out a haunted tour or just enjoy the city.

I love New Orleans, and it features heavily in my writing, specifically my writing involving the characters, Kiblah, Amy, and Kent. I love the energy, the music, the spirits, of New Orleans, as well as the food and aesthetics, and I am very excited for us to be going into this amazingly awesome city.

We are a smidge over an hour from the city, and we are both pretty excited. I found a nice enough hotel deal, with a balcony, in the quarter, but the dog fees are no joke.

Traveling with pets is rough, y’all. Leaving him REALLY isn’t an option, nor is boarding, he gets terrible separation anxiety, but after days of fees in Tennessee we are walking into a pet fee that was the same cost as the hotel room was in Tennessee. Just about, anyways. It’s only about ten bucks more for the room than our room was, but still; it’s a struggle sometimes.

So, we are approaching the city and I need to finalize and book the hotel.


Found an amazing hotel, and after a bit of work, managed to find it, secure a good deal for a great room, and get settled!

Then the adventure began!

So Bret and I needed papers so we ordered an Uber and away we went, with the coolest Uber driver we have had yet. Not only did we have a great time, he offered to bring us back, (low key smoke a blunt in the car), and get a desert, all courtesy of him. He runs a fantastic business as a pastry chef.

I’ll be dropping the @ when I edit this.

LE’RHEA DESSERTS : @lerheadess

(Future Abbi here, I’m not doing much in edits as I’m having to post this on my phone, but I did make sure to include his Instagram @. Make sure you go follow him, his hustle is insane and his energy is sublime and divine.)

Now it’s late and we want to make the most of our day so we are going to head to bed and get a great nights sleep.

Ahhhh a beautiful morning at our hotel in New Orleans has begun!

The only major downside I’ve found to this hotel so far has been the car parking situation- IE- the car has to be retrieved anytime we want to use it, or, as the case would be, anytime we want to get something from the car.

Very annoying, but this hotel is lovely.

I do wish the bathroom didn’t have white tiles, I don’t do well with white tiles, but my anxiety is normally pretty low in this magical city.

I LOVE New Orleans, as I mentioned earlier, and I adore the magic that pulses through the city. This place is amazing, magical, and random as hell. Today we have plans to do….stuff? I think the plan is just go around the city. We did opt for another night, something Bret is arranging downstairs.

View from our balcony. Discreet but pretty. Perfect.

Bret’s back, and we are smoking a joint on the balcony. Love.


So, funny story I will blog later, there was a fire at the hotel and now it’s Tuesday afternoon. Around now I am realizing I will have to do a few blogs to cover this trip and also my posting schedule is OFF.

We’re gonna go grab a bite because the fire delayed us getting ready and we are both ready and starving. Going to go ahead and post this, sans edits, so I can get this blog up, and start fresh, because with the fire and whatever we encounter out there I need to get to writing.

Later again

I may also just start a new file and edit this one tonight and post it. We shall see.


Hey, future Abbi here, I am doing little in way of edits. Lots of footage of our trip has been covered on Bret and my own Instagram, @pfsrbret and @abbigrasso, respectively, so follow us there so you don’t miss the full picture of what is happening here. The blog is only one part of it. I will also be posting a LOT of pictures in the coming weeks, some related to creative pursuits & some related to the trip, so please make sure we are connected. I am also considering adding a gallery to the blog, so comment below if that is something you want to see.

I will be writing a larger blog, probably in two parts because my reading rates go down after 1,500 words, to cover the details of this trip, but I am also working on some writing, as I have mentioned, with Kiblah, Amy, & Kent, so it will be a balance. Stay tuned to see how that goes.

Sorry for the long ramble from future Abbi.

See you soon!


PS- Blog Number 42, hardly the answer to the life, the universe, and everything, but also not insignificant, because so little really is.


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