Daily Blog #43: “First full day on our spontaneous vacation in New Orleans”

I love how this picture turned out. I was very buzzed and had just taken two large shots. I may sell prints of it, and I am definitely looking into printing some for myself.

Tuesday? Night?

We tied one on tonight.

Now I’m gonna pass out out so I can edit blog number 42 on my phone and post it tomorrow and then get back on a schedule.


Thursday Morning

Okay!! Blog number 42 is now live, and in it I explain that I’ll need to do one or more blogs to adequately cover our time here in New Orleans. (Editing note, as I edit this, it is over 1,500 words, which means I was absolutely right.)

I fucking love this city. But sadly we leave today, and we are actually about to check out and get on the road, where I will work on those blog posts via my phone. I want us to play some video games when we get home so that means having some obligations covered first. Bret and I also want to do some writing this weekend, for the staycation part of our vacation time, so balance is key with the video gaming.

Bret will be back with the luggage cart any second now so I’m going to finish getting sorted and get out- check out is at 11, which is in three minutes.

Later, after check out

Alright, it’s a quarter till noon, and we are driving back to Houston. Despite me eating (plenty) this week, I’m hungry.

So, keeping an eye out for food and working on the blog is my current status.

Let’s talk about the trip, shall we?

Pretty statue in Shiloh National Park

So, Sunday night my mom was talking about wanting us to stay another night, and Billy, my dad, wanted to go to Shiloh park and do a driving tour with us. I will be covering this trip in another blog.

So the compromise, since we both really wanted to extend our trip but also maybe have that trip be something for the two of us, we opted to go see mom once more and follow Billy down to Shiloh so we could do the driving tour. From Shiloh, we had discussed on Sunday evening in our hotel, we could get to New Orleans in 6-8 hours. Bret found one hotel in our price range,) and on the trip down I found another, as you may recall from the last blog), which gave us the confidence to drive to New Orleans the day before pay day, and get a room late Monday night.

We stayed at a wonderful hotel we both really fell in love with, called the Lafayette Hotel, and decided Tuesday morning to stay, and maybe have some fun around the city.

And boy did we.

So, after going back and forth about our plans, we went to the French Quarter for a walk around. The idea was grab some food, and the people of the Quarter being the amazingly friendly awesome people they are pointed us in the direction of several delicious food options, including the one we went to, Deja Vu Bar & Grill.

So good. The stuffed crab shells were fucking fantastic and my omelette disappeared.

After this we decide to do some more walking, and we meander around searching for a smoke shop we had visited the night before, with our amazing Uber driver, Greg, who runs a dessert business. Check out my last blog for some information on that awesome Uber ride and the even better dessert he made for us.

Yeah I have a bunch more pictures, really, I need to do an entire blog.

The meandering, before I tell you about the smoke shop, was fun as fuck and probably warrants its own blog. We went two a few of the haunted spots and shops on the Quarter, grabbed some souvenirs from the vampire shop (I’ll be editing and adding the names later when I’m not writing this on my phone)(Future Abbi here, that last part is a lie, I think I am going to make a separate blog for that part of the day.) and then hit up Bloody Mary’s, did the tour upstairs, and wondered around a bit. I took some pictures, but was totally distracted by all of the “chatter” in the building to take the ones I wanted to. I’ll be adding some later, or possibly making a photo gallery, at some point. Definitely follow me on Instagram to not miss any of the pictures and details I’ll include for each one.

The tour was fun, and we got our friend Robin a nice little souvenir from Bloody Mary’s, that I won’t include here because she is the kind of friend who keeps up with my blog and I don’t want to ruin the surprise.

So after stopping in a few stores, getting some stuff, doing a haunted tour, we wanted to go freshen up at the hotels and check on Chance, and smoke again. Which brings us to the smoke shop part of the story.

The goal at the smoke shop was grab some smudge sticks, and a New Orleans pipe, for a souvenir but also to keep us from smoking what was left of our weed in joints, and running out before our little vacation was over.

We had budgeted to bring enough for a long weekend in Tennessee, plus to leave a little extra for my sister if she happened to pull her head out of her ass. She didn’t, so we had enough, if we got a pipe, and didn’t blow it all in joints.

The pipe we got is GORGEOUS. Madly in love with it. While at the smoke shop, I spotted a mug pipe, which I’ve been eyeing online for years now.

It was only $20.00 so I copped that too. Tomorrow when I’m home and have my usual tea, I plan on having a delightful cup of high tea.

After the smoke shop, we head back to the hotel, as mentioned, smoke some, take care of chance, and freshen up for a fun evening.

Later, update time

Small update. Earlier, we were driving home from New Orleans and I was in the process of recounting the first two days in New Orleans, and now we are home! So, brief daily blogger style update!

We got home and unpacked most of the car. We have to return the car tomorrow so we made use of the time with it and went out to eat. We should be responsible and go grab some groceries but we are kind of stupid in that way. Also exhausted and neither of us would make great grocery decisions anyways.

Maybe tomorrow before we return the car. I have a small list I’ve been working on, so we shall see.

Now that we are home I want us to play Left 4 Dead 2, because we haven’t played in over a week, if not two weeks, which irks me, and also we were just in Louisanna, visiting stops just like the ones in the game, including a rain storm.

So, we are smoking a joint and then we will fire up the game and play a few chapters, then I need to hop back on this and finish up the blog. I’m not sure if I’ll tell all the details of that day, but I’ll try to squeeze it into this one. I have some pictures and such, so the editing process will take longer than usual, so I may have to omit some stuff until the next one. If I do that, I’ll let you know. Follow me on other social media if you wanna see the “whole story” as it were. Lots of this trip was on my Instagram stories so…if you wanna see anything I don’t include here you know what to do. @abbigrasso everywhere I am.

Now, to play our game.


My goal was to finish this blog the same way I started it: discussing our drunken night in New Orleans.

Us, in the elevator on the way out

So after our time in the quarter we both agreed we needed clean clothes and more socks and such, so we hit up target, which turned into a whole shopping thing at Ross and Marshall’s before finally getting back to the hotel, getting dressed, and heading to Pat O’Brian’s for dinner.

Disclaimer time!

I have decided to finish this properly tomorrow with pictures, and not short change anyone reading, my goal is tomorrow. Bret is passed out already and I’m not far behind him. With this full disclosure, I’ll keep telling the story, guilt free.

Pictured here is our food, my salmon had an amazing sauce under it that was mind blowing and the mango shrimp was also mind blowing. you can see a little bit of whats left in this picture.

So we hit up Pat O’Brian’s and have a lovely meal, Bret got some gumbo and I threw down on some blackened salmon and mash potatoes. We shared some mango shrimp which were amazing, and also got two hurricanes, and I took mine to go.

The hurricane. Super delicious, and crucial to a night of drinking in the Quarter.
Small life hack that still leads to you being drunk, in all honesty. Plus when you do finish your drink…

Why? Because people ask you to come in and grab a drink at their bar less if you have a drink from another bar in your hand. Life back, sort of.

This rule does not, it would seem, apply to shot ladies.

More so when I finished my drink.

Y’all, the shot ladies in New Orleans are determined ladies. Determined to get you drunk and get that money. I’m glad to have been a part of it.

Bret and I rarely drink, to the point of having never been drunk together. The shot ladies of New Orleans ended that, and together, Bret and I had damn fun time.

Bret and I finally ended up back at Pat O’Brian’s, and caught an Uber back to the hotel. Overall, we had a blast, even though neither of us are really big “party” people.

New Orleans is a damn fun time and I’m so glad we finally learned what it was like to be drunk around each other. We still aren’t big drinkers but it was fun.

Now, I have a sleepy passed out Bret next to me, because it’s late and we are both tired so I will wrap this blog up.

Next blog will cover Wednesday in New Orleans and whatever else comes to mind after I edit the pictures and sort out my thoughts, possibly our time in Bloody Mary’s or at Shiloh. I may make those separate posts, independent on their own, more so with Bloody Mary’s. If you have any input on what you would rather read, comment below or let me know on any of the social media’s I am on.



PS- I am working on some editing technique’s and layout designs. I want to start using more of my own photo’s, which makes for trickier formatting, as this blog has taught me. Which is why it is coming out Saturday morning. Have a great weekend!

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