Daily Blog #44: “Second travel blog from New Orleans- we turn it into a proper vacation.”

Friday night

Currently it is Friday night and I am trying to catch up from our time away, so that Monday doesn’t bite Bret and I firmly on the ass. That also means catching up on the blog. As well as the cleaning.

But, catching up on the blog includes finishing up our time in New Orleans, and also scheduling some posts for this week.

Bret and I were pretty good about recording stuff for our own content goals and for our independent art projects. I had several pictures I wanted for the blog and for my micro blog posts on Instagram, not to mention illustrations for my creative writing, all of which is very good news, but also requires time. The some pictures are included in the last blog and I am working on editing some more for this blog.

The Plantation Bret wanted to visit: The Nottoway Plantation

So, in the last blog, I left off on us drinking. The next day was Wednesday, and we had agreed to have a calm day touring a plantation Bret knew about and wanted to revisit, and go to bed early so we would be better rested for the trip home on Thursday, so we had a calm morning, slowly getting ready and grabbing breakfast.

Much more calm than the day before, when our hotel was on fire. I didn’t mention this in the last blog, and last blog was quite long, so now I’ll mention it. We were slowly getting ready, enjoying a vacation feeling, total vibe, and the FIRE ALARM went off. Small fire on the fifth floor. Nothing major, but it was stressful.

So, Wednesday we had a calm morning and were delightfully NOT hungover.

Entirely thanks to the magic of New Orleans, considering how drunk we were and that neither of us was very well hydrated.

Despite not being very hungover, breakfast was crucial. Bret knew about this plantation he had visited when he was younger, and it had a great restaurant on site so we opted for a late breakfast and then we could have an early dinner to get back to the hotel early enough to have a nice early evening, as mentioned to be better rested for the trip back.

Behold, my breakfast. The shrimps could have been better but the whole thing was amazing.

We ordered some food from a local spot but we used Uber so we could use the delivery time to get ready and such, and also not have to bother the valet to bring our car around. Bret got a BLT and I got shrimp and cheesy grits which came with home fries/country potatoes and scrambled eggs. I couldn’t even finish it all but I made a brave effort.

After breakfast we loaded up into the rental car and drove over an hour away to go see a plantation that was, admittedly beautiful, despite being home to slaves, and in my opinion, did not honor the legacy of these people enough in the museum. I could go on for a while on this topic, something Bret, and anyone near enough to us to hear me, can attest to.

Anyways, without going on a tangent that I have been trying to avoid since Shiloh, I’ll continue. (The north won, suck it, assholes.)

The plantation was, admittedly, beautiful, and a truly commendable accomplishment of building. The slaves, servants, and underpaid contractors all deserve effusive notes. The names mentioned are the main contractor and the owner of the home.

The railing that was made from wood, not metal. Please excuse the marks on the window, we wren’t allowed out there. Also, hey look, a boat. The daughters all loved looking at passing boats, so, there is something special there, I think.

I will say I was struck by some details, despite being irritated by them. For example, the original owner, Randolph, didn’t want his wife and three daughters to burn their hands on a wrought iron banister so they made it from wood.

The beautiful detailing in the wood work was absolutely stunning, and the careful work done to accomplish various details were impressive. The beautiful carvings and moldings were truly gorgeous and impressive.

In addition to the detailing in the wood work, the crown molding, the entire home, the house itself had lots of beautiful details, like a curved ball room in the white room, which being made from cypress, required six years of bending and soaking the wood.

A lot of thought went into the home, and a lot of careful work and consideration made it come to life. The whole house was a great lesson in planning, imaging the entire home, really thinking about every possible detail.

With Bret and I always actively working on honing in on an ideal future for us, it’s nice to see someone have so many details considered.

Okay, so I took one selfie in the room, I call this the “audio tour selfie” that I took when resting the sore feet. Oh well.

Even if I find the bell system for slaves barbaric, no matter how “advanced” it may have been for the times.

After we finished our audio self guided tour of the plantation, including stopping in on the on site museum and resting our feet with a movie about the plantation.

New shoes. Who dis?

Side note, which may interest shoe people- I think my loyalty and dedication to converse has finally been broken. All the walking Tuesday morning and afternoon, in the converse, led to blisters on my feet. They aren’t good shoes for that, we all know that.

Part of our small shopping trip included a trip to Ross and I found two pairs of Puma shoes, which helped us get around the Quarter for our evening of drinking. That and those shot girls.

So after we finished our tour we head to the restaurant that Bret had remembered so fondly, and I can’t wait to go back again either. Delicious.

The Mansion Restaurant was fantastic. we had wonderful crab cakes for an appetizer and then Bret got the gumbo he had been missing for 15 years, while I dove into a crab and Brie bisque.

The creme brûlée with berries we shared. Delicious.

We had both realized we would stay up until midnight or one, and would both be hungry before bed, so since our first night in town had gifted us with finding a great pizza and salad place that delivered, we wanted to order from them again, so a smaller dinner sounded great. We finished our meal with a fantastic creme brûlée and left with our souvenirs from the gift shop.

I got a pin and a scarf, as you will see from some pictures on the blog and also my Instagram pin of the day posts, (editing note, haven’t taken those yet, follow my Instagram to see them) Bret grabbed a black glass and I insisted on getting the book that the daughter of the creator of the plantation wrote. She didn’t publish until much later in her life, after her father passed away, and it covered the place from her perspective. I will let you guys know how I like it when I’m done reading it, and maybe I’ll even do a review of it. If you want that, as always, let me know by commenting or connecting on social media in some fashion so you can tell me.

After dinner we drove back to the city, enjoying the kind of conversation the two of us always enjoy. When we arrived back at the hotel, we both had no small amount of pictures and video to go over, and we spent much of the evening doing that while the TV in the bottle played Friends reruns.

The next day, of course, we had to leave, but of course, I talked about that in the last blog.

I still have parts of this trip to show, including some creative writing, but I also need to get to that writing, so I’ll draw this to a close. It’s Friday night and I already have tomorrow’s blog scheduled, this one will go up Sunday or Monday, and I’ll be editing it tomorrow. My goal is to get back ahead on my blogs, as well as all my creative writing and content, but I need to work at it to stay ahead, which is why I am blogging this now.

So, in an effort to make this all happen I will bring this to a close, as I have many pictures to edit and include in this blog.

Sunday night

Well, this was my brief summation of events for the remainder of our trip. I have my next blog started, in which i will talk about my “back from vacation” lesson’s I have learned from the trip, and whatever else Monday after a week off, holds for me. As many of you know, I have a few more blogs from this trip to write up, so expect more soon enough. Until then!

Have a wonderful week!


@abbigrasso everywhere I am


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