Daily Blog #45 “back from vacation, trying to catch up, and observing the lessons I learned.”

Sunday night

There are many things I need to do before Monday arrives, but much of that also involves an aggressive look at my time. I have a lot to do and my priorities are shifting to where they need to be shifted but I have to find a way to make the priories all work 
I have a direction I want to take my blog, for example, and I have a desire to expand it a bit. Some of the plans I have will require a longer editing process, for example, using my own pictures instead of pictures from Unsplash. I have some other plans I won’t mention for now that will also add time to the process, which means time is spent away from other things.

Sometimes you just need to look at stuff.

I have to go back to rising early, that much is clear to me. I also have to find more writing time, because I love my blog and I don’t want to reduce the days I update it, I would rather find a way to continue to do daily blogs at least five times a week. 
Micro blogs, Instagram, assorted social media’s allow a degree of “blogging” sure but I want all of that content to be housed on my website, which of course means tech changes to the website and also to my own methods. I have to learn skills I don’t have and also improve upon the skills I have all while also writing a large amount of my creative writing, so my days need to have more writing time in them. I can squeeze time here and there at work, sure, but I also have to find a way to make better use of my time at home, too.

Little things, like working on the blog while Bret takes the dog out, for example, are small changes I am making. Bret and Chance are back and I am going to hang with them and get some cleaning done. 

Monday Afternoon!

Well, as anyone could expect, I was off of work for a full week and now I have no small amount of work to catch up on. Thankfully, through the power of cold brew and will power, I have attacked the better half of my emails and voicemails.

I still have plenty to do, but I am trying to balance everything out, which is always my biggest goal. Balance.

That being said, it is 4:35 PM, and I still have a small pile of crap to do, and I wanted to leave by 5:00 PM. Ha.

So, I have a large pile of crap to do here at work, and a pile of crap at home, so I am short on time. Big surprise. But, I do have some lessons from our vacation, and namely, being back from vacation, that I wanted to pass on.

First: I loved our trip, and even with all the stress we had at points, I loved it.
Bret and I needed this break, more than we had realized, for sure.

The trip to my families was nicer than expected, and good for my parents and I.

I mean, c’mon. I smoked with my parents. My dad got high. That, alone, was fun and awesome.

So, now it is after five, and I need to get home. My plan is to make a roux for a gumbo, meal prep some breakfast tacos (bean and cheese), work out, work on the blog, oh and writing my creative stuff.

Busy busy busy.

So, let’s talk about the lessons from our vacation, and how we are applying those, moving forward.

Monday, a little after 9:00 P.M.

This isn’t the gumbo I made but it is a gumbo that inspired me to figure out how to make it.

I have made gumbo. That’s it. 

I am behind for the day, for sure. Admittedly I did bite off a lot for today, and it was my first day back, so I guess I should cut myself a break. 

Anyways, back to the lessons from vacation. 

Spontaneity can be a good thing. Planing could have improved some parts of the trip, but also could have prevented it from being as fun as it was. 

Relaxing, is important. We could have done more of this, but all in all we did manage to rest a bit. 

Getting out of the city is really important. Aside from Bret and I both being quite tired of the city, getting out of the same area was a great change of pace. 

I still love New Orleans. Not really a lesson, but a true statement none the less. 

Travel boosts creativity. For myself, for Bret, for many I know. There is a reason so many people grab notebooks before embarking on adventure.

Wanderlust, or something.

From these lessons, moving forward, I am trying to find close or cheap trips we can go to, in the near areas, and maybe plan out places that are further away. 

I am also having to cook more for us to afford that. And we have a small apartment in downtown. We have to clean up after cooking, it isn’t exactly optional. 

So, that adds time to the evening. Work has us busy, and my plans for the blog will add hours to my evening. Add a desire to not drop dead from a heart attack at 35, therefore needing to work out, and I don’t know how’ll I’ll fit in any sleeping.

But I know what I am working for, and I trust what I am working for. The time away from the daily grind helped me get a taste of that, and breath of fresh air, so, here I am, at 10:00 P.M. with a pile of chores to get done and leftovers to put up. I still haven’t prepped tomorrow’s breakfast and I am exhausted.

So, instead of wasting time whining about it, I am going to go listen to music and work on my list of crap to do while I mentally go over how to find more time in my day. 
Tomorrow is Tuesday, and I am hoping it is my day to really catch up on everything, and actually get home around five, so i can attack the evening and not get behind. Here’s hoping. 


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