Daily Blog #47 “The Enneagram test attacked me, the on-going time management discussion involving my bullet journal.”

Wednesday Morning

In the quest to better understand myself, to continue to better myself, and, of course, to enter into the public conversation on the topic of Enneagram tests, i took one.

And when the results felt like they were straight up attacking me, I decided to take another.

Continuing that conversation about original content, I made this with a post it note and a marker.

And got the same results.


So I am a five, with a wing six.


So, now I can say I know what my Enneagram type is. I am going to get some work done, then I will be back to work on this blog!

Wednesday Afternoon

So, let’s talk about making progress on our goals and things we do to make shit happen, shall we?

If you recall from yesterdays blog, I have a lot to do this week, and more specifically, everyday, so I am having to reevaluate how to get more done in less time.

This morning i was able to get to work within fifteen minutes of my goal. Progress.

With waking early, I have been slowly working the time backwards, yesterday I managed 6:45 A.M., today i was up by 6:30 A.M.

Last night, Bret and I cooked up the beans for the breakfast burritos this morning, and Bret handled most of the assembly this morning that we didn’t get to, which took so much stress away from us this morning, and added time, so meal prep is clearly a key to the time goals. Having Bret help more around the house (no overt shade being thrown here, but you know how it is when two people work full time) also helps, so I am hoping we keep making positive progress in taking on the projects we are best suited for, and that we can get done. Dividing up the work load at home helps us both get more done, which we need to accomplish everything.

Plus the projects we are launching. So, all in all, we have lots to do, and we are slowly getting better at sharing the obligations to get more done.

Also in this pursuit, last night when I got home from work I allowed myself very little down time, really only stopping my productivity to respond to direct messages or texts, which I think helped me a ton more.

I will say that once we are able to move and get a dishwasher (Or fix this fucking sink leak) washing dishes wont take as long…But it is still a time suck. Still, 30 minutes to an hour every evening is what I can get back, so I am honestly trying to think of a way to justify buying the counter top dishwashers.

I did not get to working out, but the blog yesterday had original photos and was over 2,000 words, so I am quite pleased with the results. My goal today is to try and get everything I got done yesterday, again today. I have decided to save working out for Sunday, when I begin yet another “Fresh Start Sunday/Monday”.

The poor bullet journal. If you look close you can see the last two pages I am on, and also how bulging the little folder in the back is.

I will be starting a new bullet journal on the first, because mine is bursting at the seams- I am on the last two pages, so I am coasting right into the new one. Bret and I are starting a new prepping Sunday process, so, to keep myself from being too disappointed and hard on myself, I will be working on the work out plans, come the first. I am also including habit trackers in my new bullet journal, to force more accountability. I plan on doing one for blog posts, working out, staying hydrated, and doing my creative writing, and I am leaving myself open to up to eight daily habit’s to track, but I may not add all eight, again, I don’t want to stress myself out and get myself discouraged with everything I have going on.

Because why stress and make everything harder on myself when i can be kind and make it all doable?

Let’s get real, a full time, big girl job, a daily blog, an entire freaking magical universe, a Poshmark store, an apartment in the city I want to keep clean, a fiance, desire to work out, eat at home…I am busy, so having a bullet journal be optimized to help me get it all done is key. Having a doable list, or a doable page of skills and habits I am working on, is doable, sustainable….Why try and torture myself with habits I will never be able to sustain and make a part of my life. I want to always be able to squeeze in a work out, not just to hit some target weight, which I don’t even have. I want to always be hydrated, always update my blog, always find time to creatively write…I don’t need to set myself up for failure for habits I don’t want to keep for life/foreseeable future.

So, my goal for tonight is to do the same, get home, and just not stop working until I finish everything…And also try and squeeze some more stuff in, because I always want to add more time.

I am very fortunate to have some people in my online tribe of friends that are helping in small ways to try and get my shit together. I mentioned yesterday that one of them, Quay, had been inspiring me with recipes and such to actually meal prep, and another one of the lovely ladies I call online friends, Samantha, of @whaleysweetscents (Instagram) is also sending me some, so I am looking forward to trying to work some of those into the mix, and get better at meal prep.

With any luck, by September, I will have some major hacks and be able to get some time back in my life.

Turns out, it’s true what they say.

Time is Money.


Time is even more important than money. If I could pay for extra time I wouldn’t think twice about it. I am viewing time, and things that waste my time, the same way.

Am I charging for dumb conversations?

Fuck no, I LIVE for good, fun, even, pointless, conversations.

But I DO actively avoid people who are negative, lazy, or aren’t a part of the world I am building.

Sorry, old friends, but if we haven’t talked in over six months, you probably know you are to blame.

Because I can say with confidence, I tried to keep up with all of you, I tried to give many flying fucks about your life, but you kept wasting my time. it wasn’t hard to cut these lazy, negative people from my life either. I literally just didn’t talk to them. I stopped reaching out and inviting them over. I stopped texting because my calendar (not my Facebook because I don’t have one) told me they had a birthday. I stopped considering their birthday important enough to take up time in my bullet journal.

Funny enough, my life has only gotten better. I love my life every day and I look forward to my future with excited clarity.The friends who remain are truly wonderful people. Without being too rude, the new friends I find more than make up for the ones I lost.

Time is important, and who you chose to spend it with, and what you spend your time on, matters.

So, it is close to the ole quittin’ time at work, and I am trying desperately to finish up some work here, so I can spend a few more minutes on this blog before leaving my awesome work computer and desk, and resign myself to my very small laptop in my fairly dimly lit apartment.


Okay, officially done with the day, and trying to wrap up here while the rain and storming weather outside comes to a slow down.It has been storming for the better part of the afternoon, so I will probably be walking in the rain, but if I can walk during the slower rain parts, I will be better off, I think.

Several small power outages later

Well the power went off at work and kept going off when I was typing that and then a coworker gave me a ride home, thankfully, because it was POURING.

But, hey, it’s evening. I got home, worked on some stuff and made dinner and now it’s 20 till nine.

Let’s wrap up the blog, shall we?

I have quite a bit to do, and Bret is passed out on the couch, and he still needs to shower, so I need to finish up the blog in order to not be ruined tomorrow, time or sleep wise.

Image result for never could get the hang of thursdays gif
Never could.

Tomorrow is Thursday, and as you may know, Thursday’s tend to be tricky. I call it the Douglas Adams curse, or the Thursday curse, but that sounds quite sinister. In actuality, it is much more innocent. I simply can’t get the hang of Thursdays, just like Arthur Dent. The world is being blown up, and of course it’s on a Thursday, he never could get the hang of Thursdays. The same has been true for me for some time. So, I don’t want to behind or tired, and I have some reading and face masking to do still so, I will bring this to a close. Tomorrow, I plan on discussing my thoughts on the Enneagram test, after I sleep on my results and do some more reading on it, and I don’t know what else we will discuss. Until then, may you all have an amazing Thursday, or whatever day it is when you read this!


P.S. Shit. I just read the title back and realized that stupid test is probably super correct about my personality being a 5w6.

Ugh. Attacked, attacked I say!


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