Daily Blog #49: “Holiday weekend of productive efforts”

Friday Morning

Well, someone slept like shit, had bad dreams, and could not get out of bed this morning.

So I arrived at work late, and while I did take the time to pack some food and get ready, I look tired and such, BUT I am pumped for the weekend.

I mentioned earlier in the week that Bret and I were wanting to reapproach how with we work with weekends to set ourselves up for better weeks.

Our goal is to work on our art, and to also spend one full day meal prepping as much as possible with the groceries we have (it is before payday after all), and work on our content for the week. Bret has the vlog to edit, I have a few lengthy article type blogs I want to work on, plus several creative writing projects I would like to work on, like several thousand words in New Orleans, with Kiblah, Amy, and Kent.

I also have some writing for Molly, as well as for Roxy.

For those who don’t know, Roxy is my narrator, and her best friend is Molly. You can read about some of Molly’s adventures on the island on some previous posts of mine, that I will link for you. (Note to self link the stories!)

They are long, because I am setting some other stuff up, which is some of the stuff I will be writing this weekend so please feel free to check it out.


I’m at work but our phones are down, and the internet keeps going out. Additionally, my main task today is held up by information from my boss and he isn’t giving it.


So, I may start setting up my new bullet journal, while I think about some blog topics. I want to make sure I set up the very best one I’ve done yet, so I’m pretty excited.

I need more coffee though, I’ll tell you that.

But, regardless, I am going to do my best to get as much done as possible today and get home to have a fun awesome weekend. I definitely want to play Left 4 Dead 1&2, and I have some YouTube to catch up on, although I can get some of that later done at work if the internet starts work again.

In the meantime, I’ll leave this open ended and blog some more later- this may end up being a long weekend blog for Monday, or another daily blog to post tomorrow, who knows.

I just know I’ll be blogging.

So, at work, the internet stayed spotty and the phones never came back up so much of my day was wasted. I did some busy work but I couldn’t even blog much on my computer because the app I use isn’t downloaded on my work computer for obvious reasons. I will use the website version, but with the internet down…womp womp. I didn’t wanna use my phone much because it is a pain in the ass to type sometimes.

Anyways, that being said I’m literally on my phone on the couch blogging instead of on my laptop- which is less than one foot away from me.

Saturday Night

Well, I opted to chill a bit last night after dinner and play some video games with Bret, and then this morning I had a pretty lazy morning…

So then this afternoon hit and here I am, working my ass off.

It has been pretty productive, and I have managed to catch up on quite a few projects and get myself sorted.

Bret helped me get my MacBook all set up and ready to go, which is what I am typing to you on- huzzah, a keyboard I like much more!

I was also able to load videos from vlogging onto this computer and I am hoping to teach myself how to edit.

I taught myself how to blog, right? Haha.

I also cleared off my desk a bit, so I could vlog, or, as I am doing now, I can blog while I vlog. Just you wait till I get a podcast going.

I am hoping to get that started soon, which would be a spoiler if I hadn’t mentioned it a bit. I do have a small project involved within the podcast I am wanting to start, however, which will be the surprise I (hopefully) can announce on my 100th blog.

100th blog or 100th daily blog, I don’t know, my ability to do the damn thing will probably dictate which one it is.

Anyways, now it is nearly eleven at night, and I am trying to decide between staying up later and working some more or wrapping up and heading to bed. I have been working in the bedroom to try and get it back to a workable space.

We use our one bedroom as a studio space for our Poshmark reselling, and at this point, just storage, so I am working on making it a better studio for a few more things, including vlogging. We need an AC for that room, but we found one at Walmart for a decent price that we will be able to pick up in the coming months.

You may be thinking that in the coming months we hit the cooler months of autumn and winter, and to that I would say, yes, but I live in Texas.

Also the bright studio photography lights get very hot.

I would like for us to get a better bed and return to sleeping in the bedroom, instead of in the living room on our convertible sofa, but due to space restrictions and the lack of an AC, we have been forced to adapt.

Now that we know that we will probably be staying at this small place, we are looking at what changes can be made to make us happier with being here. I think an AC, a proper bed, and the studio space in better shape, will help the living/office areas of the apartment not be so cluttered, and also keep the entire apartment a little more tolerable.

So, to these aims, I am working fairly diligently in the bedroom to get old stuff tossed out, things we are keeping organized, and things we are selling ready for selling. Of course, the later involves getting the photograph area back in order, which is where I am now.

I need to move some heavy furniture and trash from that room, but it is late (dark) it the stuff is heavy.

So, I am blogging, vlogging, and considering what more cleaning I can do. Of course, I may end up watching “how to edit vlogs” classes, or how to start a podcast videos.

Who knows. I don’t, but I am sure I will update soon enough, and you can find out, so keep reading.

Later Saturday night

Kinda Sunday morning, as it is 12:18AM.

Got to a stopping point on the room, but was noticeably hungry so I am making some oatmeal to munch on while I write. I need to get some creative writing done, but I am pretty tired from my work earlier today so it is likely I will only do a little. I am vlogging, as well, and before bed I want to drop these videos. It is the FIRST of the month, and I have several new habits I plan on trying to incorporate into my life this month, since Septembers are normally kinda shitty anyways.

And the odds are not in my favor for the month, while I am discussing it. We have some massive changes happening at work, and this month looks to be pretty damn busy and exhausting, so I feel it is pretty ambitious to add so many goals to my daily and weekly output, but I also know that if you want to see big results, you have to put in big work.

I made some oatmeal for snacking, I did half my usual serving, but I may make some more later, I am pretty hungry, but in the mean time I need to figure out what I want to write on…But I think I know.

Anyways, I am going to get to that.

Happy Saturday.

Sunday Afternoon

Well, I am a little low on creative juice this morning and afternoon, but I am forcing through that. Also at my disadvantage is a terrible pain in my right wrist, on the outside part of my wrist, which seems to be agitated by typing, or any sort of usage.

Thankfully for me, cannabinoids are wonderful. Two gravities, and my vape pen sitting next to me, I am able to type once more.

So, my creative juices are low, but mostly I have also entered into some dense parts of my writing that I don’t want to mess up, timeline wise, so I am working at that slowly, and carefully. I am also working on some of the newer things I can work on in my writing app, instead of opening up my other laptop and working on existing documents. That laptop, while set up with Microsoft word, hurts my wrist more, and I like this keyboard, so I am doing the writing I can do in my app, instead of the existing files…But I will have to start writing soon, and that will mean opening the other laptop and working from that one…

So I am updating the blog, which I can do on the MacBook, with the keyboard I like that hurts my wrists less.

Monday night update!

While working out.

I realized at some point yesterday evening I wouldn’t get everything done if I kept stopping to blog, much less vlog, so I put both down and got to work.

Now it is Monday evening, after the holiday off, and I have been working pretty hard to get ready for the week. Now I am trying to get through the rest of my todo list, and my daily check list. As you may recall, my goal is to work out more, cool more, all that healthy crap, but also keeping the place clean, writing more, and blogging everyday. I took some time yesterday and today, so I am behind on this, but I’m also setting myself up for success and doing what we can on a very limited budget. We had some bills come in that after the vacation were unexpected but we are getting through them- the major bummer is being before a pay day so being unable to do a full meal prep this week, which was my intention, but I will do a mid week one- my recipe book has several ideas in mind, and with us working on side projects so much, having prepped meals on the weekend are encouraged so, a mid week prep it is!

Anyways, as mentioned I’m on the stationary bike, trying to get back to working out, and also getting back to my doing a bunch everyday roots, to prepare for some projects I have coming up. I don’t want to be one of those people who says “big things in the works” but I am excited enough about them to cook at home more, do dishes by hand, and work out everyday, so, suffice to say they must be a little exciting.

Anyways, here we are, I’m working out. I’m doing this blog update while I warm up, and then my plan is to read some of my ghost book from New Orleans while I crank it up- until I go so fast I can’t read the words.

Then I’ll finish up, do a cool down while I read or blog, finish up some dinner dishes, grab a quick shower and exfoliation, skin mask, edit the blog, oil my hair, do any final clean ups, and, hopefully, get to bed by midnight.

It’s nearly nine so while doing everything is possible, I question getting to bed by midnight.

First step starts now however, so I’m going to wrap this up for now so I can bike fast.


Well, it’s a quarter till midnight and I still need to mask and edit the blog, as well as wrap it up, but, I am closer to done than I thought I would be, which is what makes it being late and Bret and I both being ravenous not so bad. I’m making us some edamame and then I’ll go brush my teeth, mask my face, edit the blog and schedule this one for tomorrow.

I didn’t post this blog today, I honestly forgot today wasn’t Sunday so much that this never got edited and scheduled. Sorry for anyone who looked for it, I truly appreciate that you came looking for today’s blog. To those who DMed me on Instagram to check on me, thank you. I’m fine, most forgetful and a little distracted from all my efforts.

The room still isn’t done but I have enough space to take pictures and I was able to organize some of the clothing I need to photograph.

I still have some work to do for a photo area but it’s achievable now from my work this weekend.

The apartment is reasonably clean, my bullet journal is set for the month, the dishes are done, lunch is prepped for tomorrow…

All in all I’m doing okay, and if I’m diligent this week, I may get Bret and I back on track after our time out of town, the funeral, etc etc.

Which is good, because I need to have everything working well to make sure I get some projects off the ground.

So, as I finish making this edamame I’m going to draw this blog to a close.

The weekend was spent working hard to build a better life for us, as most are, but this one also included getting things better sorted for my art, like cleaning off my desk and getting my MacBook all sorted.

Now I have to eat, take care of my skin and the blog edits, and get to bed ASAP so I’m not tired all day tomorrow.

I hope you all had wonderful weekends that made you happy and that you all have a fantastic week!


PS- No pictures on this one, testing out different styles and reactions. Let me know your opinion if you have one on including or not including pictures.


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