Daily Blog #50 “Some things never change and you have to make changes to see changes.”

Tuesday morning

Face you make when the day keeps trying your patience!

Remember on Friday when our internet was down all day?

It still is.

So, I was finally able to get a technician to agree to come out and look at our stuff and now I’m blogging on my phone whilst I wait for connectivity. Literally 100% of what I must do today for work depends on Internet.

So, I’m on my phone using my app to blog and listening to some predownloaded music, trying to not bemoan my missed work.

I will probably pull out a USB and work on one of my creative stories while I wait, to make good use of my time.

Some things never change. Sure, this internet being down thing could be a good catalyst for that conversation but I’d wager it’s the other things, the other lack of changes that irritate me.

Everyone wants to have the world no one wants to work for it.

This could be some philosophical point but really I just hate when people won’t make the changes they need to for the things they want. They want to talk, and I want action. That’s why I’m obsessed with time management- all the actions!

Oh shit this is what that enneagram test meant!

I’m trying to keep my irritability to myself, but I’m under a fair amount of stress right now and really want to just vent, scream, and fix the problems with magic. Sadly none of these seem likely given the circumstances.

If you look past the dark clouds you just may see the light. Such a much more poetic way to say, stop bitching and try to fix things.

Rather than rant and complain on my precious blog, however, I will ham some music and write. Writing is a wonderful escape, as is reading, so I may also read and catch up on other people’s blogs.

The important thing is to not wallow in my stress, but instead to be productive.

I’m not going to say you can’t fix things by complaining I’m just saying I’ve had better luck putting my mind to the task and taking action.


Well, I worked hard, once our internet came up I was able to do some stuff, but not the rest of it, so I am glad for the work I did do. Now I am home, but it is late, I have about an hour before midnight. I made dinner, did dishes, cleaned up, took care of the cats, worked out, and do some more creative writing. Now I am hoping to finish up the blog, do a face mask, edit the blog, and go to bed!

So, my day was really quite productive and even though I am cramming a whole bunch into every day and it allows me really very little time to breathe, I am glad to be making progress and making myself happy. I am also glad to be forcing so many good habits into my rotation to grow in the direction I want to grow in.

So, back to the point I was making earlier, I was stressed, but instead of wallowing in it, I took action. I am now less stressed with better things to focus on. Sometimes just staying productively busy (not just mindlessly busy but really actually productive, busy) can help work out that stress. Chances are, the things stressing you out will be somewhat handled, because the things stressing you out are the things you need to do.

I am fairly pleased with my results, even if I am a bit tired.

I am also a little sore, but that is to be expected from the work out. Our bed is rapidly not working for us, and we need to at least get a new topper for it, but I think a new bed is in our future.

A new bed, some more lighting in the apartment, various pieces of gear, and a few vacation trips I am trying to plan, have me looking at our budget in an aggressive way, and since we spend an actual fuck ton on food, which is ridiculous, I am going to be cooking at home, and cooking cheap meals at that, so we can save money to make all of these purchases happen. I am also rededicating some Poshmark time once I get the rest of the schedule sorted this week, I will probably add a List/share rotation to my daily schedule again, so we can grow that and get some more money that way.

Make changes to see changes has been a reoccurring theme for me and this blog, so it should come to know surprise to see me applying it to our budget and spending. We need to spend less and earn more, so I am working on hacking away at the budget, and supplementing the cash flow.

I have considered setting up a tip jar type thing somewhere on the blog, but I honestly have no idea how to do that. I will probably ask my online friend Jeni, who knows this stuff, how hard it is to do that. She is awesome, her name on Instagram is @Jeniburns and she does YouTube stuff the is REAL as fuck.

Not that fake “Hi guys welcome to my channel, make sure to like the video, subscribe, and hit the bell for notifications!” but like “I’m gonna go live while I play a video game and we are gonna talk about some real shit” kind of real. Dope lady, and she knows WordPress, so I may ask her.

Either way, I am making some major changes this month, which, involves time management, as we have mentioned and discussed extensively, which is why I am so pumped that I have managed to get so much done today.

Alas, now it is late, so I need to wrap this up, so, consider it a present.

I try to be clever sometimes.

Fun fact, this is Daily Blog #50. Big 5-0.



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