Daily Blog #51 “Goals, reality, and loving the process, or something.”

Wednesday, late morning

Good morning, wonderful blog people! Or, good whatever time of day it is when you read this!

It is late morning here, for me, and I am at work, working as hard as I can to still squeeze in five to ten minute breaks for writing.

Yup, basically instead of going outside and smoking every couple of hours, like I did when I was a smoker, I am taking the same time every couple of hours to do blog updates. Creative writing is really too tricky to try and squeeze in on the small breaks, but blog breaks aren’t as hard.

Today I am trying to do all the things left undone from our phones and internet being down on both Friday and Tuesday, with a three day holiday weekend in between.

I am super excited about having met all my goals yesterday, and to have continued my energy this morning.

For example, I am trying to have us eat at home more, to save money, and this morning, despite having been paid, I actually made breakfast.

Admittedly, we have to go grocery shopping, so we may order salads and pizza tonight, but, every victory makes me feel better about the changes we are making. I am working on that grocery list so we can continue to cook at home, and as always, trying to squeeze more time into the evenings.

Blogging on my previously known as smoke breaks, I think, greatly helps.


Time for another much needed break, nearly four hours after the last one.

Needless to say, it has been a VERY long day.

Incredibly stressful, full of emergencies I couldn’t help with, but I needed to find solutions for.

Just…A seriously long day and the day still has so much left. Normally I try to leave close to five, but it may be closer to six today. Later if I’m not careful.

If feels like much of the city, if not the state, country or world, are having a rough day.

I know some banks went down earlier, I know several vendors are having bad days, and I know plenty of people have been rude to me accordingly.

–phone rang- update below-

I am on the phone, and I have been, for the better part of an hour…mostly on hold. Thankfully Quickbooks Intuit has dope ass hold music.

Like, seriously, it’s super good, which is fortunate, because it got stuck in my head.

I wonder if it’s fair use. If it is, and I can use it, I may use it for podcast music or something. Some great sound! Jazzy!

Later still

Now it is after hours, and I am still at work, so instead of walking around, I figured I would try to blog a little bit. Of course, I have no idea how much I will get done while on hold with Quickbooks/Intuit, I just know I have spent over half my day on the phone with them.

Oh they are back!

Oh I am so close to done on the phone.

This massive project I have been talking about at work, the main thing I have needed done since last week, is nearly done!!!



I need to get home. But I still have work to do. *cries*


Well, it’s 11:00PM. I’m on the bike. Have to finish work out, wash up, tidy up, do some creative writing, and finish this blog, also edit it.

That’s a lot to get through, folks. So I think I’ll have to make some cuts, more so because I’m exhausted.

Post Workout

Well I am done with the workout, it is nearly midnight, and I have no idea what the big point of this particular blog is, but I do know that my day may have went sideways but it was all pretty okay.

So, I was super happy, as you recall, with the day going so well yesterday, and I was hoping to find a way to do it again today, but I also mentioned how for days the internet was down and also I had a major project to handle. That project was getting a Point of Sale software loaded onto a new location, which makes it sound very simple, but it isn’t. Thankfully, I had wonderful people, the sales person, Amy, was amazing, the merchant services support team, Chucky, and the Point of Sale support, Anne, rocked it so hard and even though I spent a GIANT chunk of my day listening to the Quickbooks/Intuit hold music, I am pretty happy….

Even though I was at work until 8:00PM, and I chugged cold brew, leaving me tired and wired, which, as most will agree, sucks. I do feel like I did well though, most people would have not worked out, but I did. I like to give my brain a chance to process before I edit my blog so I will do some brief cleaning once I finish this blog, and even though I didn’t work on the blog while working out, I did spend some time talking to Bret, and spending some time with him, so, at least I multi tasked.

Anyways, today was largely a study in putting on a positive face and proudly marching into derailed plans, while stubbornly insisting on accomplishing everything on my list.

I’m not saying I hate my bullet journal monthly tracker, but it has been hard to keep up with myself.

Overall, I am tired, frazzled, kinda irritable but faking it, and just over it. But, I got a lot done, I met some major goals, and tomorrow I can hopefully have a chill quiet day, or at least one with less crap. I have to remember to trust the process, but also love it, and the journey, even the bad days.

Great team or not, I spent a lot of time on hold, and the brain gets pretty wrecked when trying to do your main job, and desperately invoicing, answering questions, solving issues, taking payments, when you are also on hold, or not on hold, but always on the phone.

The weird limbo of unable to do anything, and also you can’t pee.

Anyways, I don’t want to be behind tomorrow and I don’t want to be too late tomorrow, so I am going to wrap this up. I guess the moral of the story is keep trying to be awesome for a better tomorrow, or something cheesy like that.




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