Daily Blog #52 “Manifesting a better tomorrow, today.”

Thursday Morning, late morning.

Good morning and hello! As you recall, I went to bed late last night, and I am understandably tired. I came into work a bit later than usual, but earlier than needed, and I wanted to take a moment to update the blog and introduce today’s blog, and the main thing I think I will be discussing today.

Gary Vee, who let’s face it, most know about, if not, google him, but, he posted a thing earlier on Instagram, as he does because he puts out content like a damn monster. The text said: “Don’t use yesterday to determine tomorrow”.

With all due respect to Mr. Vaynerchuck, I am using yesterday to determine today.

And yes, you would be right.

“But Abbi, your day yesterday was kind of trash. Busy, stressful, a total exercise in trying hard all day to only be slapped around by fate.” You may be thinking, and you would be right.

Yes, it was, kind of awful and long. But it made me think that maybe this week my “Thursday Curse” was set to happen on a Wednesday, I don’t know why, maybe the holiday weekend threw it all off, or maybe Thursday curse is an excuse I use for bad days that generally fall on a Thursday but sometimes happen elsewhere. Either way, I have decided that this week’s “rough” day was Wednesday and therefore the rest of my week will be awesome.

I have decided, and I will manifest that, or something. I don’t believe I manifest the bad days, because I try to make every day good, but when I already have had one day, I try to REALLY force the manifestation of good days, and with an empty office, working internet, and my major project done so I can do the rest, I think I have a chance for a really good day.

So, sorry Gary Vee, but I will use yesterday to launch me into an awesome today, and even better tomorrow, because mindset is a powerful thing, and I want to be happy, therefore I do what it takes to be happy.

A message I am sure he would be happy to see.

Anyways, to guarantee my day tomorrow is even better, I need to kick ass today, so, I will be back on my next formally known as smoke, and now a blog, break.


I have wrapped up most of my work for the day, but not all of it. Some will be left undone until tomorrow. Such is life though. I can’t try to force everything in one day, no matter how much I push myself, human is human.

I want to stay in a good mood and also get my own personal stuff done, so I really can’t justify staying late. If I stay late it will delay everything I have to do by however long I would stay. I skipped lunch, so I may leave in ten minutes, or maybe stay till a little after five. Either way Bret and I need to go grocery shopping, I need to cook us up a meal, clean up, work out, blog, write, edit the blog… if you have read one blog you know, I have plenty I try to get done every day and rarely have time for any of it.

Wishing for video game time.

I also would really like to play some video games tonight, like, hard core wish, but with a grocery trip, a work out, and the writing alone, much less the cleaning, I doubt I will have the time.

Incredibly unfortunate, but maybe this weekend I can get some gaming in. I know I plan on writing for much of it, I have a nice little list of projects I want to write on this week, some are blog related, more are creative based.

So, back to the topic of today’s blog, my goal for today was to have an awesome day and set up for an even better tomorrow, which I think I have done.

I’ve had plenty of reasons to not enjoy today, but I have had one good reason to enjoy it.


I hate being in a bad mood and I hate when my day job does it to me, so I am glad I have worked so hard to have a positive attitude today. It has helped when dealing with the assholes, the rude people, and the complicated problems I don’t have answers for. It has been nothing short of a very long and tiring day.

So, now the work day is over. Bret is going to meet me at the office, so we can run by the apartment, then go over to the store, get groceries, etc.

I have no idea what I’ll make for dinner, but I do have a grocery list.

Woo. I even broke the list down to make it easy to find everything.


Well my list was cute but I needed to relax after the grocery store because it was hectic. Bret and I went out to eat even though we shouldn’t have, but it was late, whaddya gonna do, and instead of being productive we chilled and played one short level of Left 4 Dead, now I’m blogging and probably going to try and go to bed ASAP.

If the theme is making tomorrow better with actions today, I think sleep is smart.

So, I am going to bring this to a close, go toss a face mask on, get ready for bed, and get some rest.


PS- Looks like I manifested a good day and a good tomorrow too, even if I didn’t realize it until now. Looking back I really wanted to play my video game, and I got to. Plus the other stuff i got done. It is worth it to be happy.


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