Daily Blog #53- “Short -N-Sweet: a quest for peace”

Sunday Night

I blogged on Friday, but after a long week and a long weekend, I really didn’t care for any of it, nor did I feel like stressing myself out trying to find a blog topic or to scramble to get something online.

I don’t owe anyone by myself a blog, but for those who do enjoy the daily blog, this is my brief update.

Last week was rough and I have no intention of repeating it so I am working harder than ever to avoid any of the problems. I can’t short myself sleep, I need my six hours, and I need my time in the morning to wake up. I need time to decompress because right now my day job is stressful. My plan this week is to be as productive as I need to be, but also make sure I don’t short change myself like I have been doing. I need peace.

A quest for peace

My “Aunt Flow” is due this week, so I need to focus on me and be kind to myself, something I struggle with frequently, I need to be kind to myself to allow me to in turn be kind to others, because when I am refusing myself kindness, I refuse it to others too, which kind of sucks for everyone involved.

Last week, for the sake of being productive and doing everything on my monthly tracker and my daily to do list, I wasn’t doing the little things I need to do for myself, like the reading of not only Medium articles, but blog posts, books, and yeah, even the odd goofy post about what to do when the zombies come.

I didn’t get to enjoy my working out, at all, not even a little, because it was just checking off an activity on a box. I didn’t enjoy blogging, writing, and of course I didn’t enjoy cleaning.

So, this week I am keeping these items as goals, with some things as “to-do’s” but I am encouraging myself to do things for myself and be happier, because I can’t stand another miserable day, so I will make sure I don’t have them.

Because of these things, I am finishing this blog now, and reading a book.

Hope you all have a wonderful week, and have enjoyed this short blog.


P.S.- I just opened this blog page and typed, so this is a true stream of consciousness blog. Let me know if you enjoy that sort of thing, regardless I may start including a few of these to take some of my pressure off and leave more time for my writing. Let me know.


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