Daily Blog #54 “Short blogs are okay, good Mondays are even better!”

Monday Evening

Had an eventful day, but in that boring, accountant kind of way. Regardless, I am quite pleased with the results. By in large, the day went smoothly, and, to make things better, Bret did the dishes, I got to work out, and I have done a small amount of creative writing. I have a bit more to do, so I will be brief in today’s blog, but I am also working on a few new blogs, including some of those classic “how to” style blogs proper bloggers do so well.

Fresh Start Monday is all about perspective, just like this picture.

Today I meant to start working on one of them, and even took some photos for one of them blogs I am planning to write, but I never got a chance to put words to the page one it today. Work was busy. Monday is busy for many people, hence the “case of the Monday’s” joke so common on this day, but as you may know from my past blogs, I am pretty good at Monday’s, and I am always looking for fresh starts to try, fresh takes to try, new ways to improve and grow, and today was no exception.

My goal was to stay happy, and calm. Work has been very stressful, as it was again today. Within my first hour, incredibly tense conversations and tasks were at hand, and I had my hands full. I had taken some efforts to stay calm, cool and collected, including my music choices, picking an album with a mellow vibe, and already had a cold brew prepped before I walked in the door. Work was stressful, but I kept going, working, and literally, when I looked up, it was three in the afternoon.

The day flew by, and I was able to leave just a little after five, and have a lovely evening. Bret was helpful, and gave me a chance to get some of my stuff done, which I am thankful for, and now I am able to blog.

Another type it all at once blog, just updating and blogging in the evening, instead of blogging during the day and finishing it off in the evening, adding the edits so on and so forth.

My goal for the blog today was to talk about getting some help, staying positive, and realizing that sometimes short blogs are more than fine. They don’t all have to be incredibly long blogs. Many bloggers consider my 1,500 words to be too much for a daily output. I don’t find this to be a problem, but I do know I have many more words need to get out with my creative writing. The point was, short blogs are okay.

It is better to make quick use of my time, instead of drone on and on about my lack of time. More so when I have so much extra crap going on, and more stuff I am adding to my schedule every day. It is hard to put in tons of effort to make sure you get everything done, while also waxing poetic for 2,000 words about the importance of a clean home and a happy attitude.

I can blog about what is going on, namely getting stuff done, kicking ass, and having more to do, and keep a positive attitude, hell I can even blog about it to tell you, but I can then say, hey great effort team, I have a bunch of writing with Amy going on, and it is pretty interesting to me, so I am going to go write.

Consider the blog a windoor (which is what this was) to the rest. The social media you are welcome to follow me on is the window. 😉 @AbbiGrasso

Because a small blog is well worth the satisfaction of getting writing you done, more so with all the creative efforts you are making everywhere. All of my creativity ties together, this blog ties to my most random of short stories, to Flake City, to Amy and the entire magical war… It is fun, enjoyable, and I love it. But it takes work.

Big goals, big effort.

Small blog. (For today.)




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