Daily Blog #55 “readjusting my schedule, stress sucks, & a very Happy Friday the 13th.”

Thursday Afternoon

It has been a very busy, highly stressful, week.

I had decided earlier in the week to be more mindful with my time, to be okay with shorter length blogs, but I also told myself it would be okay to miss a few this week, if I made sure to do tons of creative writing, and also blog a bit this weekend.

I see so many people on the blog sites on the weekends, and despite not posting, I frequently see views on the weekends, so why not post a blog on the weekend, to really capitalize? If someone wants to read my blog, I believe I would be an asshole to not oblige them.

So, let’s catch up from the week, shall we?

When last we blogged, it was, (opens new tab, goes to wordpress.com, checks what happened on blog) was Monday evening, which went live Tuesday morning.

It is now Thursday. I have been working out every other day, and even fit a trip to the grocery store in, so we could cook our meals and be healthy.

Our sink, broken. Ugh.

Then, as I was washing dishes, the faucet to our sink broke.

Literally, broke. Like right off. So, waiting for the apartment people to come fix it, or for pay day to arrive so we can go buy a new faucet and fix it ourselves.


So, that leaves me washing dishes in the bathroom sink or bathtub, neither of which is overwhelmingly set up for that, which is plenty annoying.

But I suppose they don’t leak, like the faucet was, so that is something.

So, currently I am wondering if I’ll have a kitchen sink this weekend, but, I refuse to let it get me down if I do.

If I do have a broken sink all weekend, no big deal.

Get your smudge sticks, candles, and stones, spooky stuff is coming!

Because I was able to get Friday, tomorrow, off of work, giving me not only a four day work week, but a three day weekend, a three day weekend that kicks off with a full moon Friday the 13th.

As someone who has lived in haunted houses, believes in the spirit world, and overall adores that whole “world”, a full moon on Friday the 13th sounds amazing.

More so when I have historically had very good days on Friday the 13th, and being off of work makes this likely.

My plan is to get some laundry done, but also to write my ass off. I have about ten thousand words or more that I want to get written for Amy, Kiblah, and Kent, and I also have a large list of Roxy stories to get written out.

So, now I just have to finish my day at work today, and avoid my Thursday curse. When I get home, I’ll need to wash more dishes in the bathroom, which is annoying, but then I think I may play some video games, just do it up big for myself, since tonight is “my” Friday.

I love a good three day weekend, and I plan on doing all I can to ensure I have a great one.

But that starts now, so I do need to make sure I finish some stuff at work before I keep blogging, so, until later, bye!

Later, that afternoon

I have been very stressed lately, between work, some projects on the side, a leaking, now broken, sink, an apartment that never wants to stay clean…It has been a lot, more so with work being so crazy.

I know plenty of people have harder, more stressful jobs than I do. Hell, my mother works in home health, so I know all too well how much harder work can be. But we did just buy another company that we are merging with our own, we have a whole new location we are having to split energy with, and I don’t know any of these new people. I have no idea what they are like as people, as workers, or even how to get a hold of them when people in my building have questions about things, like their paperwork.

It adds more steps. It adds more people. There is an increase in work required, there is an increase in the stress, to the money needed for operation costs…It all adds up.

There is just the one person doing my job, it’s not like there is some team or anything so… It has been stressful.

As I have mentioned, Bret and I have several projects we have been working on together and separately, which adds to it, and then the rest of being a grown ass woman just piles on.

Stress, she is a real bitch.

But, I am making it work. But, the stress has been a lot. I have smoked a few cigarettes, to help cope, because it seemed healthier than allowing myself to keep stressing.

But, I have been careful to not make it a habit either.

So, stress is a bitch, which is another reason why I am glad for this three day weekend of productive cleaning and tons of creative writing.

So, that is the update for the week. I managed to stay on top of some of my obligations, despite tons of stress, and I am now looking forward to a three day weekend.

Thursday Evening

I am so over joyed to not be working tomorrow.

I don’t know if I will sleep in or not, but I do think I will be cooking and writing, maybe doing some laundry.

I am very excited for tomorrow’s writing though, more than anything else, so, that is something I know I have planned.

Anyways, due to the extra stuff I have been cramming into my life, I have decided to not feel obligated to post every single week day, not just because of the pressure, but really the sustained stress, and the way it avalanches my week. When I add that extra thing, and I force myself to do everything every day, I end up dead on my feet by Wednesday, holding on for dear life as I enter into Thursday, and completely dead by Friday, unable to do much in the way of my goals for the weekend, because I am too tired. Then it all starts again.

But, I don’t want to be a hamster on a wheel, so I am hoping to fix my problem by not blogging every single day, but still sticking to my dedication to blogging, by also blogging on the weekend, and hopefully using my extra time and peace of mind to organically come up with new topic and find even better original pictures.

So, my goal has been to have a bit more balance, because as much as I love my blog, no one benefits from me forcing myself to blog and taking away from other parts of my life.

And the results have been pretty great. I have had a very stressful week, and I think I would have snapped had I had the extra pressure, and I know I would have slept that much less as well. I have also been able to brain storm a new little blog series, possibly for Sunday blogs if/when I do them.

Now its nearly midnight and I am munching on some cereal. I meant to get a work out in, but got distracted, but I worked out yesterday so, whatever.

I need to know finish my cereal, maybe do a face mask, get ready for bed, and probably just turn in. I like having tomorrow off but I don’t need to get my sleep schedule more off than it already gets on its own because my body prefers a nocturnal schedule. I had gotten very good at waking up in the morning, maybe I can do that as we approach autumn.

We are nearly in autumn.

Walking into the spooky season like….

In fact, because tomorrow is Friday the 13th, and a full moon, I am marking it as the official beginning of the Halloween season which means…it’s clearly autumn.

Let’s get spooky.

I am going to end this here, but I hope you all have a wonderful Friday, a fantastic Friday the thirteenth with spooky full moon vibes, and an amazing bombastic weekend.



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