Daily Blog #56 “Chill weekend, and the chill blogs that are born from them.”

Sunday Afternoon

This has been a pleasant weekend, I worked on a bit of my creative writing, watched some TV, did some cleaning, and left a small amount for me to do today so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed today.

Which is fortunate, because true to brand, I am lounging around with bed hair and a robe, using my stone cold undrank tea as an excuse to not get dressed.

I’ve put on socks. That is it. But I also rarely do more than sweats and a baggy shirt on the weekends, more so when I do laundry and other assorted cleaning.

So, blogging about needing to get dressed got me to put myself in motion and start getting dressed. I am now rocking a Half price books t-shirt and a pair of Bret’s joggers, because 1.) I need to buy some more joggers for myself because 2.) I only have one pair and 3.) that pair is dirty.

I am also super hungry and need to make some breakfast, more so because it is damn near one in the afternoon.

So, I need to make some food, and I need to make some progress on my day, so I am not desperately trying to finish the blog late at night, super grumpy, totally out of time. Be right back, I need to look for food.


Well, I am currently waiting on some French fries in the oven that I plan on melting cheese over and tossing a fried egg on top. Not the healthiest, but it’s easy, satisfying, and I can get on with my day.

Still have to do dishes in the bathroom sink, so I am trying to keep it to the smaller pans, and minimize the amount of dishes I make, to keep it easy on me. I also want to work out tonight, and I still have to worry about making us dinner, so I am trying to keep from getting from too distracted with other stuff.

The blog I want to write is for a series I am working on, “how to clean your….” and I need to work on the first one, “How to clean your makeup brushes”.

It was delicious. It may not look like much but it was fantastic.

So, while I eat my delicious cheesy fries and fried egg with hot sauce, I am going to work on typing up that little blog, so I can finish my photos for it and get it all scheduled. I wanted to have them start being released on Sunday Evenings, so maybe, if I hurry, I can do this.

Till later-

Well it’s later and I am on the stationary bike after a quick dinner. I managed to get my Sunday prepping blog: “cleaning your makeup brushes” up which feels awesome and now I’m working on the rest of my to do list. I did dishes earlier and only have a few dinner dishes to do.  Now I want to work out and continue binging “Fear of the Walking Dead”. 

After the work out I’m hoping to finish this blog up, clean up, and get to bed early! Tomorrow is Monday and I have a large amount of work to do at work.

I don’t want to be blindsided by Monday. 


Well, it is now a little before bed, and like I mentioned earlier, I do not want to be blindsided by Monday and I still have my face masking and other assorted night time stuff to do before bed.

I also want to do some more creative writing before bed, however I may not get the time, regardless, either way I need to wrap this up. So, let’s talk about this weekend and any takeaways I have from it.

I feel like largely every weekend I will have things left that I wanted to do, but I prefer to focus instead on the things that have been good, or have made me feel accomplished.

All weekend, I have done dishes in the bathroom sink. I did laundry on Friday so I am ready with clean clothes for the week. I have some leftovers for lunch tomorrow. The apartment is reasonably clean, and I even washed our linens and towels.

On payday, the plan is do just go ahead and fix the faucet, which works well as I needed a taller faucet that doesn’t make washing big pans a pain in my ass. I also want to grab a different shower rod, a curved one, and a new shower curtain. Looks like it will be a mostly spent around the apartment kind of pay check, but I also want to try and budget for a new keyboard for Bret.

Much of my efforts with cooking more at home have been to help us save money, namely so I can treat him to a special birthday celebration. His birthday falls on the weekend of Halloween, and I want him to have an extra special day.

Additionally, this week I am hoping to get a few parts of my upcoming project worked on, which means a lot more balance in my work life that I honestly don’t see coming.

I need my job to need me less. Like, thirty hours a week would be perfect, because that extra ten hours would be perfect for the extra efforts I am putting in elsewhere. But, work is looking to be even more busy than usual, for the next couple of months, and those months ALSO coincide with birthday celebrations for both Bret and myself, as well as holidays.

Stress, is coming quickly, so much of my plans involve trying to make the upcoming months work for us, not against us.

And, to these aims, I have been reanalyzing my time management, in my ever evolving methods of getting the most out of my day, and this weekend, I spent more time being mindful of my down time, and getting things done in big spurts, to get the stuff done and allow myself to relax.

My cleaned makeup brushes, featured in the linked blog.

I got the blog up that I wanted to get up.

I washed many smaller loads of dishes in the bathroom sink, but I also didn’t do dishes for so long I was annoyed by them.

I swept a few times, but I did much of my major cleaning on Friday, so I wouldn’t have it hanging over me all weekend.

Earlier, I made sure to squeeze in a work out, since I had shortchanged myself one this weekend, but I also made sure to dance around a lot all weekend, because just being active is a good thing, in the big picture.

All in all, I was able to be mindful of my time and accomplish enough goals to be proud of myself and the work I put in, even if I do worry that I am rapidly running out of time, all of the time

I always seem to need a couple extra hours for the art, and I keep trying to find those extra hours. Even if I find them, I won’t stop looking for em, because the more time the better.

Now, with all this stated, and the blog duly updated, I will log off, go slap on a face mask, edit the blog, schedule it, and get to bed. I want to crush tomorrow, and make sure I am my best self for my coworkers, because Monday can be a real jerk sometimes.

I hope Monday is going well for you, and that you rock your thing, all day. This day, this week, it is all for us.




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