Daily Blog #58 “Probably a multi day blog (That Abbi is bad at updating)”

Wednesday, Late Morning

Well, it is late morning on Wednesday, and I think this may end up being a multi-day blog, because I have a large amount to get done this evening, including the grocery shopping we didn’t do yesterday, the work out I desperately need and want, cleaning around the apartment I would like to see done, some creative writing, and a bit of baking for some coworkers, that i need to start tonight or tomorrow.

Additionally, the project I have been hinting about in past blogs, is looming. I want to have that project go line to tandem with this blog hitting 100 posts. I am currently at 94, and this blog is number 95. Total blogs, not just the “daily blog” style I have developed.
In total, this is blog #95, and that means I have five blogs to get that project up and going. I also have another goal that is very similar to the main goal, and I want that done by the time I hit 100 Daily Blog posts, but preferably before.

I am very excited about these projects, as they will provide better accessibility to my writing, but also is something I have been wanting to do for a while, but it all takes energy and work.

Because of all of this, I am going to work on this blog, and do my blogging in my app, so to ensure I am working on the blog, but this one, despite being written on Wednesday will probably not be posted on Thursday. Probably more like Friday or Saturday but who really knows?

Fact is, the websites I have seen that can make something I am willing to tolerate charge between $50-$100, and I would rather give that to a freelance artist, not a major company.

Anyways, in addition to this, I want to take some more pictures for the blog. As you may recall, after our vacation, I decided I wanted to use more of my own original pictures for the blog, so I am going to use this extra time to try and get that sorted, get some more pictures. I have a list of pictures I want to take, and I am brainstorming more. I am always making a list of things that I think represent me, which is all so I can figure out what my “branding” is and then give that information to a graphic artist or designer for some logo work.

If you do this kind of work and don’t charge a small fortune, hit me up, I don’t get paid to do this, but I want to make sure I pay for fellow artists using their skill sets.

We all need to work harder to actively support artists. Don’t ask for free favors, ask for discounted rates and PAY ON TIME, hell pay early if you trust them and such, or at least half up front, which is standard.

I am so sick and tired of seeing huge threads on Twitter of poor artists who can’t get paid for their work done, or can’t get any of their so called friends and clients to agree to even pay for the work in the first place.

They are doing work for you. Even if you yourself are a broke ass artist, if you need help, work a few extra hours at your bill paying job and pay your friend. I don’t expect everyone is able to pay what maybe a big company could pay, but at least pay the rate your friend quotes you, c’mon.

And, to those very free lancers and artists, don’t charge your broke ass friends the same fees you would charge strangers. Sure, if they haven’t talked to you in a few weeks, months, years, and they slide in asking for free or discounted crap, ignore them, but if they are your friend, maybe hook it up. Friends, make sure you fucking pay. So, if anyone wants to do some simple graphic design work for me, I am willing to work some extra hours at my job to pay for your work. I won’t say what I want is simple because frankly, I don’t know your craft.

Okay, I have some work I haven’t been able to get to and I am working on it now, so I need to finish that up.

Be back later.

Thursday Morning

So later never came for blogging yesterday. We didn’t go grocery shopping, the rain was too strong a deterrent, but I did work out, so that was pretty amazing.

I arrived at work a little late and got hit on all sides from people, so it has been a hectic  morning, so while I wait on hold, I figured I would do a quick update.

Once I finish with this, I will hopefully finish by first bottle of water, so I can justify by cold brew, eat my bagel, and hopefully rebound from a crazy morning.

The rain has made for some great pictures.

Thankfully for me, the rain depresses and slows everyone down, and I like the rain, so I am hoping to catch up while everyone wallows.

So, that is what I will do. More later, and hopefully I mean it this time.

Saturday Evening

I did not update. Ha. Practically a theme for this blog.

Anyways, I spent yesterday puttering and working on some writing, and today I baked, did some cleaning, and blogged. I just finished the first pass of my giggle doodles recipe blog, which is what I baked this morning. I made the dough last night and I was up till about three AM, so I am pretty tired, but also, have enough energy to keep going, thanks cold brew.

So, I made my cookies, and I am waiting to hear if my friend wants to come and get some. I hope she likes them, they are super tasty and most people LOVE them.

I wrote that blog, and now I need to edit and load the photos for it, and schedule it to be published.

I also need to finish this blog and schedule it, which I would like to do soon, as it has been few days and I didn’t do much daily blogging like I should have, so I need to write the blogs I have planned and get back to my daily blog schedule. I have the recipe blog and also my next “how to clean your” blog, which will cover how to clean a bong.

So, it is Saturday night and I want to have a nice movie night with Bret, and I still have a blog to write and two sets of friends who want to hang out, so, I will wrap this up, and get working on my evening.

I have been working on some stuff behind the scenes, as I have mentioned, but I don’t want to ramble on about it, I have to get stuff done instead.

I hope you are all having a wonderful Saturday night, a fantastic weekend, and I hope you all check out some of my upcoming blogs, that should be dropping tomorrow and this week.

Sunday Evening

I never posted this last night, and I have spent most of Sunday feeling pretty lethargic. Normally, before my fertile window, after my period, I deal with this phase in my cycle, so I am chalking it up to that, and I have taken great efforts to try and make myself feel better by doing something productive and also good for me, so I did my nails, cleaned the apartment a little, did dishes, and did some laundry. I have a busy week ahead of me, but my evenings, I am hoping, will be relatively free, so hopefully I will be over my lethargic period and able to get more blogging stuff done, as well as a few other of my projects.

But, I need something to blog about tomorrow so…I will wrap it up here and get this one scheduled.

This should be up by Monday morning, so I hope you have an amazing week.




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