Daily Blog #60 “Friday with a peaceful work arrangement, Self Publishing/Producing musings, and saving for ‘producing’ a better life.”

Friday Morning

Happy Friday, you wonderful people!

And happy 60th Daily Blog to me!

I came into work today, despite having Fridays off now, because a large number of people on in our company are at a trade show, and if I am in, and at my desk, I can help answer phones and such, and answer some questions.

So, I came into work, but I am sitting off the clock, and I think I may just write and work on some create writing and blog catching up, and then I’ll clock in for the time I actually spend working, to keep our overhead down.

For example, just a moment ago, a coworker needed help folding some fabric for a customer, so I helped. I will add a few minutes to my total worked and log that later, guaranteeing I get paid for work done, but that I don’t take money I haven’t earned.
It’s like a half day, or working my writing from a professional office, which I love.

I much prefer my work desk for my writing, the monitors are set at a better angle for my neck, I have a full sized keyboard, I have two monitors so I can stream my local/independent artists playlist, or stream YouTube videos/vlogs for background noise, and work on my writing.

The chair isn’t the most uncomfortable, although it isn’t great, and while I do need a better chair and wouldn’t say no to a better desk, I much prefer writing from my work desk, so, taking a semi working day for my Friday is, I think, helpful to everyone.

So, I am currently streaming YouTube videos and working on this blog, but I do plan on turning back over to Flake City so I can keep working on that. I need to find a target stopping point for this “section” of Flake. I say section because I honestly have no idea the format I would ideally like Flake City to be done in. Truth be told, I would probably enjoy a serialized show, but with the rise of shows like Walking Dead, I doubt that will be a possibility.

Although, I do have a few YouTube friendly format shows for Flake City, so maybe that would be a route?

The character, George, is a YouTuber, in Flake City, he is actually a YouTuber who is a little obsessed with Zombies and is a nurse inside the Flake City Hospital. His channel could be a whole thing, and I have written and accounted for him and his fellow nurse, Lissa, to have a few episodes on a YouTube channel at least, so the precedent is there for a few characters to have channels, so maybe just producing Flake City myself and hosting it on YouTube is an option.

2019 is wild, because that is a sentence I can say and not be talking out of my ass. Like, you can literally produce your own show.

Sure, I would need to do a lot of money saving, probably would need a kick starter or some investors, but, ultimately, I could produce Flake City myself. Amazing.

So, that is my current update, my plan is to work as needed and bill for that time, catch up on my blogging, and work on Flake City, while trying to find an end goal for this section of the story.

I am also brainstorming for my NaNoWriMo project, as I mentioned in the last blog, and I think Bret helped me figure out the project I will be tackling, so I am also jotting down notes for that to make sure I am well suited for NaNoWriMo come November.
Am I preparing early? You bet your ass I am, I want to succeed.

Friday early evening

I am nearly ready to leave work. I have worked more than I intended today, and later too, but now it is nearly five and i plan on leaving here soon.

We need to go grocery shopping this evening for a few things, and I have plenty of cleaning to do this weekend, as well as any writing I want to do, so I guess I am going to get to that.

Friday evening before bed

Well, I was able to make us dinner and do dishes,  but we didn’t make it to the grocery store. I did, however, get a bunch more writing done on Flake City, so I was pretty happy about that. 

Now I am getting ready for bed and all I want to plan for tomorrow is posting this blog, working out, and Flake City writing. 

So, it’s 1:00AM, and I am going to turn in so I can kick ass tomorrow. I don’t have cream cheese for my bagel but I have eggs/ let’s see if that leads to something awesome in the morning and not some weird morning metaphor. 


Saturday Morning

Woke up late, but it’s Saturday so that’s to be expected.

Big plans for the day include writing, grocery store, and a little tidying up so the cleaning doesn’t build up for Sunday. I would also like to maybe play some video games or at least watch some TV. We’ve been watching “Fear of the Walking Dead” and I wouldn’t mind watching more. 


Well I made us a late lunch, but not before making myself feel old. 

I coughed and pulled a muscle in my back so now if I move in a certain way, or bend over or put pressure on a spot on my back, crazy pain. 

This is on top of the cyst, which has a fun unique pain shooting through my body and making the backs of my thighs hurt.

So, here I am, updating my blog on my phone because when I fired up my laptop, it was finishing updates. 

I am running low on wax for dabs but I’m also in a large amount of pain. 

So I may dab. I’m also planning for a small improvement in my bathroom. This apartment, as frequent readers to my blog can attest, drives me crazy, but I’m hoping if I can make some small improvements it will be more tolerable and we won’t mind staying here longer while we save up money. 

Okay, took a dab, pain is helped a bit. So I need to wrap this blog up, and then I have some things to get done. 

My plan is, I can get up, get dressed, clean up the kitchen a little (ugh), and start cleaning the bong to take pictures for the how to clean your bong blog. I need to insert the cookie photos for the baking blog and schedule that, and I want the how to clean your bong blog to go up tomorrow, so this daily blog should go up today, so tomorrow’s events are blogged and go up Monday…and of course all of that puts me closer to the big 100th blog. 

I think I may opt for my big thing I am working on to be announced on my 100th daily blog, because life and work are very stressful and I don’t want to put out bad content. I also have lots of writing coming up, and I don’t think it is fair to myself to make myself add another project when I  have two massive projects coming on top of the holiday season. I have NaNoWriMo, and Blogmas, in addition to Bret’s birthday and mine. We also tend to try and celebrate the holidays in our own way, so for Thanksgiving, I cook a nice ass spread and we smoke and eat, enjoy company of friends. for the winter holidays we just kind of decorate in honor of as many as possible and give each other thoughtful and useful gifts as often as our budget allows. We are young, in the scheme of things, and we have been slowly building ourselves up from less than nothing, so we haven’t truly developed our own traditions for holidays yet, but I like to have energy to put into making good food and a clean home to socialize and be happy with those we care about most. With all of this, it seems hard to add more to that, so my goal is to get through the holidays before then announcing the big project i am working on behind closed doors. 
I am also hungry, so I will probably make some food in all of that. We are going shopping this evening after the sun goes down. Even though it is late September, it has been in the 90’s all day so we are waiting for the sun to go down to go to the store and get a couple of cheap groceries to get through until Tuesday or so, when we will do another shopping trip. 

We have been working hard at eating more at home, to allow us to save money and break the pay check to pay check cycle, because it isn’t just about having multiple streams of income, it’s about not spending unnecessary money. 

This has been tricky, as we have a small kitchen, no dishwasher, and currently a broken kitchen sink, so for me, I have to come home, cook, clean up without the use of a dishwasher or working sink, and then work out, work on the blog, etc etc etc. But, the effort has been worth it, for the most part. For me, it is worth it because I am hoping to buy a new camera and do a light remodel on the bathroom. 

I don’t want to spend much on the bathroom, just some paint, peel and stick floor tiles, new shower curtain and curved rod, maybe some shelves, some rugs and towels.

Nothing overly expensive, but nothing super cheap either. 

The camera will cost at least $300.00, so we have to eat at home and eat cheaper foods, as well as save money elsewhere, because we are also trying to save for trips out of town, not just for birthdays but for our own happiness. 

This money all comes from somewhere, so, I am looking into ways to simplify and improve. 

A cleaner, neater bathroom takes less time to clean, and I can do more blog photos for my skin care segments I am thinking of adding. It also adds peace of mind and happiness. 

A cleaner kitchen allows for less time cleaning, and a place for shooting recipe blogs that isn’t a constant struggle. 

Having the bedroom better set up and organized allows us to maybe buy a proper bed and get better sleep, and also streamline our reselling. Storage in this room and also the living room will be more important if Bret or myself add any merchandise to our income, records for him, books or Flake City stuff for me, or whatever else we may end up adding to diversity our income, all will require a better organized space. So, improvements also cost money, as does everything we have coming, so, I am trying to save us money. 

So, without spending more time ranting about trying to cook at home to save money, and find other ways to save, I will continue. 

So, we are going grocery shopping later, and I want to write the how to clean your bong blog, and I need to tidy up. So, I need to eat, get ready, clean up, take pictures, clean the bong, write some, then go to the grocery store, come home, maybe clean some more, write some more, and then maybe chill, watch some TV or play video games. But, before all of that, I should wrap up this blog an post it. 

But I think it would be more fun to try and finish part of this day and post it this evening. I haven’t posted on a Saturday night before, so it will be fun to see the stats on it. 

Late Saturday Evening

Well, Now it is late Saturday night, so I wonder if I should post this blog, but I don’t want to post this on Monday, so I think I will. 

Hope you are having an amazing Saturday, or whatever day it is that you are reading this on.



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