Daily Blog #64 “Happy Fri-Yay, writing plans, and the victory in being positive”

Thursday Morning

Thus far, it has been a fairly chill Thursday. I did forget my entire bag of breakfast, snacks, and lunch, but then my wonderful partner, Bret, brought the bag to me, so the day is back on track after my everything bagel.

So now I am working on the blog and catching up on my reading in between being on hold.

I reread the Molly on the island story yesterday, the first half of the story of her on that island, to make sure all the work I do in the second half pays off. 

In the second half, Molly’s isolation is broken by the arrival of Gordo, after her best friend dropped him off. But the best friend that dropped him off was from another time and so is Gordo. Molly is about to learn many things, like the nature of time, but also some fundamental truths about the world around all the rest of the characters in my universe, including Amy, Kiblah, Adare, and even the Flake City people.

But there are a few nuances I am working on, so it helps to have it all recent in my mind.

I am also about to do another rereading of Flake, starting today (but it is quite long, so I may not finish reading the 70,000 word file that is that main portion of Flake City)
So that is what I will work on now.

Early Thursday Evening

Still at work, but I am mostly waiting for the rain to slow down so I can walk home.

Friday Morning

Well, I went home and worked exclusively on Flake City until my eyes were kind of blurry and my brain hurt a little.

All in all, I am very pleased with the amount of effort I put into the first draft of Flake City, but I want to make sure I don’t get lost in editing the entire project, because as a solo little enterprise, it is all me doing this crap, and putting in all this energy, so I like to make it easier by doing it in shifts.

If I work on getting the first 3/4 of the first section of Flake City, and I turn that first draft into a “ready for final edit” draft, then the final 1/4 of that section isn’t as hard to come together, it has been planned meretriciously while editing for content, structure, and grammar, from the effort of the first 3/4th s.

Basically, I am not having to attack the entire project in its roughest form in it’s entirety.

I edit the roughest parts while working on the most fun/full of activity parts, so I don’t get too bored, and have the groundwork details fresh in my head for those more intense scenes in the later part of this first section, which is full of action, or at least much more than before.

When writing action packed scenes, I like to have the information I am building on fresh in my head, not on notes all around me that I still have to keep searching through. I want it readily available in my brain, so I can write without hindrance.

So, I was reading Flake, making small edits, until my eyes couldn’t focus on the screen.

The downside to staring at a screen all day for work is it is harder to do so in the evening, but I made good effort to at least go as long a possible, and then turn in early so I could be well rested for today.

And I am. So I am finishing up this blog so I can publish it not in the early AM hours, but later, as I suspect this may be a better posting time for me on a Friday, and i have been wanting to check. All in all, I have been able to make it a good thing, which, considering how this week has been, I think I can be proud of that.

Making bad things a good thing, finding the positives and staying happy, is not easy and requires tons of energy, but I always feel better for my efforts.

Which I suppose is as good a lesson as any for a Blog. When you try to find the positives in things, and try to make the world better with a positive attitude, even if it doesn’t work, you have the sense of accomplishment that you were your best self, that you didn’t give in to the zombies, you won.

The world, and all it’s crap, is not a reflection of you. The way you deal with it, is.

Anyways, Happy Friday, may today be awesome for you!




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