Daily Blog #66: “Weird Monday, “some people are assholes”, and a perseverance for a decent day.”

Monday evening

Well, it’s been a weird day.

Well, it’s had weird parts anyways. So, found out Bret is gonna have to be in Austin for a few days, so I came home early to get him all sorted for it.

Which was fortunate, because the fumes from the new flooring was giving me a massive headache, and was making me sick and dizzy.

So, that was weird, getting to leave and be productive and also not die from the fumes was highly unlikely and yet it happened…

Story Time

So I came home and did laundry only to have the weird continue.

Alas, it’s time for a story time on the blog.

So Bret and I are super hungry so after putting the clothing in the washer we make some food and eat.

As we finish up I realize our clothing is probably done.

So we have had people leave clothing in the machines for DAYS, entire DAYS, and I didn’t want to be one of those people so down we go. Ahead of us, I see this weird little lady we have seen around the complex, we have talked to her, had basic conversations. She’s ahead with stuff in arms for what looks like the dryer.

Bret’s like “well we aren’t getting a dryer.” Ha, if only he knew how much that wasn’t the issue.

We walk in to ALL OF OUR CLOTHING on the table.

So I’m a little livid but also shocked. The MAX the clothing could have been left after the dryer stopped was a half hour. This, by the way, is the same time frame we were given for “how long it had been sitting.” But, sure, yes, we were wrong. Less wrong than others, and not in violation of any POSTED rules, not arbitrary probably made up nonsense, but sure, I can be mature and admit fault.


So while Bret and I are like “ooookay….” And I say “sorry, got distracted with dinner, we were hungry” because like, hey, that’s awkward, I begin to sort and put them into a dryer.

The weird lady starts to “talk” I say “talk” because her “voice” is REALLY LOUD LIKE IMAGINE IF SOMEONE LEFT CAPS ON. BUT FOR THEIR VOICE.

Which has my brain all shocked. I don’t like loud voices in small echo friendly places. So she “explains” in this screaming talking that management has said if anyone is waiting for 30 minutes you can take their clothing and just move it to the table. Like, again, as she had just done, but she does it again.

We are like “oh okay thanks, didn’t know, would have come in handy the many times we couldn’t do laundry for days.”

She keeps yell/talking about how she was within her rights to, and it’s better then having your stuff stolen, (which I don’t see how that plays into it and looking back it feels like a threat) and maybe we don’t know how things work around here…proceeds to tell us how long the machines take. She tells us incorrect times, by the way, this psycho with no concepts of how loud she is, that the washing machine is 30 and the dryer is 45, by the way, the actual times are 44 and 60. I would sneak down for pictures to show but this lady is insane and I may never do laundry again, keep reading. “I guess y’all are new, but it’s 30 and 45” Bret at this point is like “we’ve lived here a while, we’ve had entire conversations together?” Like, what the fuck lady we’ve talked before.

She stops, the first time she’s actually stopped talking/yelling.

“What?” She asks, dumbfounded.

I finally speak up, but my voice is pretty quiet because I’m just totally shocked, and say “it’s two years in January.”


“We’ve been here two years in January. Also it’s 44 minutes and 60.”

She then rambles on about having never seen us before, and how we must have an upstairs apartment, and leaves, while I realized Bret and I must not make much of an impression at all. Because we’ve talked, like several times, to this person.

So, I set an alarm, for 60 minutes, and I come down five minutes early because I’m thinking, no, fuck that, not having my clean dry clothing getting all dirty on this nasty ass table because some loud ass, clearly unstable, white lady feels entitled.

She lives next to the laundry room, and I guess considers herself to be the goddess of the laundry. So, we come down, and this timing matters. We end up literally a step ahead of the laundry nuttso, and I beeline STRAIGHT to my dryer like “no bitch it’s been less than a second you will not touch my clothing with your nasty ass fucking hands”.

She THEN has some weird looking white guy who looked late for either a klan meeting or a meth heads meeting or fuck all maybe they are the same meeting.

“Is this the washer?” He says all weird.

“Yeah, give me a sec” She says, dismissing the meth/skin head

She then tells us that “someone stopped my machine. My clothes are all still not washed, someone opened my machine.

Literally, guys, this isn’t really possible; anyone who knows a laundry room machine knows that once you put the coins in and select a cycle, they don’t open, they tend to stay locked.

“Did you two see anyone?” and at this point I’m beyond over this lady. I’ve seen her around the place and I’m already convinced she’s insane because she’s always yelling something to someone and she seems like a noisy, annoying, many words I don’t want to say, person. Never has once presented as a stable, normal, well adjusted, productive member of society.

“No? We literally came in one step before you?” Like, what the fuck are you even trying to say, lady?

Bret says “Well which machine was it?”

To which this hot mess tells us that “it’s the same one you used”

So she’s huffy and pissy, bitching about her washer, tells Bret and I that she has no idea how anyone did it because she can see everyone as they pass by (remember, she lives by the machines). At this point I’m like “what the fuck is this bitch saying, is she implying….” and I’m ready to scream.

She obviously didn’t bother turning on the machines.

I saw her, remember, she left the room before we did. She didn’t put any quarters in, she just kept yelling about imaginary times she doesn’t have right.

So, Bret says “well, it wasn’t us, obviously, you would have seen it.”

She then goes on about how some people are assholes and finally leaves and we finish the laundry- sorting the things we hang dry from dryer dry, and begin to make our way upstairs.

“What the fuck? Should I never do laundry on a fucking Monday again? Some loud neighbor is going to harass us if we do?” I say, by her open window because I’m a petty bitch like that, Bret says “Well, like she said, some people are assholes.”

I honestly think she is one of those people who like… fabricates things to create drama. You know how some older white women can be, that privilege festers and they need to always be the victim and hero in their own memo dramatic lives, and when they can’t get it, they literally make it up.

It truly felt like she was trying to bully us and be mean on purpose, and then make up even more crap to keep this saga going.

We Accept The Love We Think We Deserve Quote GIF - WeAcceptTheLoveWeThinkWeDeserve Quote Love GIFs
Perpetually to my sister.

I don’t know. If you have ever dealt with those kind of people, you know. We were forced to live with someone who would do whatever they could to cause drama even if it meant doing things and claiming people did it to him. My sister, who can’t love herself, is still dating him.

Anyways, WEIRD MONDAY but we kept trying to shake it off. Last thing I will allow is that…creature… to ruin my day. Next time I’ll work harder to avoid because triggering people isn’t safe and if Bret hadn’t been there, I would have probably gotten defensive in my special offensive way, and that would have sucked.

“Some people are assholes”

Never Harry Potter GIF - Never HarryPotter DanielRadcliffe GIFs
Laundry on a Monday? Never again.

And I won’t be doing laundry on a Monday ever again.

Tomorrow Bret leaves bright and early for Austin. Not overly early but I suspect he will be running late, so I need to pause here to catch him up on stuff. He is currently laying down next to me, with his clothing, fresh and clean but not put away to the other side of me.

Bret did good trying to help more around the apartment but he still hasn’t mastered it. He offered to split the dishes last night and I did one half and then he offered to do half of what’s in there which has now doubled, and still he’s lounging on the couch so…I need to stop blogging for a minute and get sorted.

Washing someone’s clothing is one thing but he has two capable hands and legs he can fold some clothing. I have a ton of dishes to clean.

But then I have three days where I’ll be alone and lonely but only worried about myself.

Till later when I’m editing and running late for bed.

Later, Monday Evening

Bret and I went grocery shopping. I’m very glad for us working harder to eat healthy food all the time- namely snacking through fruits and vegetables. We didn’t have any food go to waste this time, other than crap I need to toss out anyways, so clearly we are doing something right.

We picked up bagels, cheese, spinach, grape tomatoes, purple grapes, apples, bananas, oranges, toilet paper and chips for Bret. Good little haul, quick and easy, now I’m pretty well sorted for the week, and Bret is too. Now we are into our “no spend” portion of the pay cycle where we paid bills, got groceries, and a few small purchases, and now really can’t buy anything else. It’s a cycle we are working on breaking, and part of that is eating at home more, as you may know from past blog posts, but also in how we shop in general, which we have also been working on.

Much of our issue was a lack of hours- which will not be a problem this time around. The ebbs and flows of Bret’s job made this particular beginning of the month tricky but my determination to give Bret and amazing Birthday has me working as much as possible and refusing to eat out to achieve those means.

I want to make his birthday extra special!

Anyways, it’s now close to the time we should go to bed and I’m no where near ready, so I am going to draw this to a close.

It was a weird Monday and a lot got thrown at me, but all in all, I’ve rebounded and I’m ready for an amazing tomorrow!

Or I will be! Tune in tomorrow to see if I manage to have a great day or just coast through with a positive attitude!



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